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The hot breeze blew across the black sandy beach side and tide rolled in and out. Tourist and local vacationers kept busy and focus on relaxing despite all the turmoil in the world. The Great Confusion was finally coming to an end three months after the death of Colonel Masashi Takeda. The Karisan government has attempted to overthrown the weakened neighbor but where greatly out numbered when Webstein's newest ally had shown up in defense of the poor country. The nation of Roses rolled in and setup parameter defenses and pushed the Karisan military back into there own country with ease. All the information was coming from various sources. The last newspaper was tossed to the side. The reader patiently waited for their companion to return and spoke out loud anticipating their approach.

"I think it is time we went back to Webstein." The husky voice said.

"Really, do you think it is safe?" An accented voice replied.

"We'll never know if we don't try." The husky voice said with confidence.

Elsewhere from the beach in the former Republic of Webstein a few days later the pair had arrived. The days seemed long after the Rose occupation of Webstein. It was true the nation of Roses pushed back the Karisan forces but they remained and also removed the President from power. The overseeing head of the government was the highest ranking officer from the nation of Roses; General Juri Arisugawa. She wasn't to terribly oppose to running a nation because she had done many times before. She hated her immortality more or less because it plagued her with the dilemma of true boredom. So when she finally had a position of power she became a violent warlord as a game to entice Utena out of hiding. However times had changed since then, how much time, she could never keep track, and it was always in the past though.

Juri sat at the desk in the president's office and went through another pile of forms pertaining to the ancient royal family of Webstein. She was given implicit direction from the pink haired one to place the monarchy back in working order. However when Juri arrived to Webstein the one individual she and Utena had in mind was apparently dead. Juri being a "prove me wrong person" decided to see the body and was in true shock when confronted with the sight of decaying shot up body of her young compatriot Natsuki Kuga. Youko confirmed her identity for the General on several occasions so the General found herself looking through the classified files of the supposed genealogies of the royal bloodline. Almost all of them dead ended thanks to the new government. The phone rang.

"Hello, this is General…." Juri was about to say when the voice on the other line about blew her ear off.

"This is the Chairwoman of the GGC! What the hell is the nation of Roses doing occupying one of its allies!" the chairwoman Haruka yelled only to be hung up on.

Juri rubbed her temple and threw the last folder down against the desk and walked away.

Meanwhile, Doctor Youko stood in her warehouse laboratory with her unfortunate assistant Midori. Midori blinked as Youko attempted to visualize a new invention when there was a sound at the front. Youko turned around to see what it was and Midori pulled her gun out of her hostler to shoot what it was. A nervous giggle came from around the corner.

"Hello, my name is Arika Yumemiya. I was sent down here from the newspaper agency to ask you some questions about the disappearance of the military officer named Natsuki Kuga." The young woman asked while fiddling with her hair. Youko sighed and told the girl to go see General Arisugawa on the matter of the former Colonel.

"Tell Editor Tokiha she can choke. Natsuki Kuga is dead." The General said with a gruff tone. Arika Yumemiya hesitantly bowed and left the room. Juri's brow furrowed as remembered her conversation with Utena in respects to Natsuki Kuga.

"It terribly disturbing that Kuga is dead. She was most likely a direct blood heir to the monarchy. I mean, didn't you see it Juri." Utena said sighing.

"Yes, your highness, I did." Juri responded like a drone.

Utena paused and slightly glared at Juri. "Stop the 'Highness' thing Juri. We're equals. You know that."

Juri smirked. "Forgive me."

Utena stretched her arms out behind her lifting her blouse up exposing her middle. Juri's eyes shot to the small scars everywhere across the exposed flesh. Utena smiled at her.

"Nope, I still can't remember where they all came from. But on another note. That Kuga, she looked exactly like Queen Saeko Kruger. However given the time span from the Queen to Kuga it makes sense." Utena said staring at the ceiling.

"What?" Juri questioned.

"Oh, the last names mutation over the last four hundred years. How the Krugers protected their family line but managed to keep a similar name. It is such shame she's dead though. She would have made an excellent monarch." Utena sighed.

"She was a trained killer. That would have made her an excellent monarch?" Juri scoffed.

"No, her devotion to her lover would have made her an excellent monarch. Just like you…" Utena lamented.

"Highness…" Juri said quietly.

Juri's fists tightened. The world was definitely cruel, but the repeating cycle of events was too much to bear. At least Natsuki Kuga got to die with her lover. Although the circumstances of her death probably where very tragic; much like Shiori's. Juri had wondered why exactly Ms. Yumemiya had come to her office instead of somewhere else. She quickly walked outside and found the young woman on her cellphone pleading with a mad editor. Arika's head turned to the side when she realized someone was by her; it was General Arisugawa.

"Ms. Yumemiya, who told you to see me?" Juri asked impatiently.

"Oh, uh, that crazy doctor on the wharf." Arika said and she looked at her watch. "I've got to go and pick up lunch for the staff now. Please excuse me."

Juri waved her hand to let girl know she could go. The General was going to head to the wharf to talk to this doctor. She had heard rumors that Doctor Youko was mad inventor and an amazing healer. Of course any reports or documents praising the doctor had all been written by the late Colonel Kuga. Juri was at a loss for what to do. They had no right staying in Webstein. They had to reinstate a government in the next few months or it would be for nothing.

Arika Yumemiya walked out of Fumi's Café with two large take out bags in either hand. The sun was setting, setting the sky ablaze with wondrous hues of reds and purples. However Arika's eyes locked onto two women leaning against wooden railing on the board walk across the way. She couldn't really see their faces but the way their hair blew in the hot summer breeze captivated her completely. A beautiful almost blonde brown hair contrasted by a beautiful raven hair with a hint of blue hues. This, Arika found absolutely beautiful. She smiled to herself lost in the grasp of a hopeless romantic heart beat until her beeper went off reminding her she had somewhere to go.

The couple stood together looking out at the open waters and smiled warmly at each other before enterlacing their hands together before kissing. They broke their kiss and leaned against one another sighing tightly grasping one another's hands. The grip seemed so strong that it was as if the two had lost each other once and this was their symbol of devotion. The chestnut brunette wrapped her arm around the waist of the raven haired woman bringing their bodies closer.

"So, have you contacted Youko yet?" the brunette asked.

"No, I did something worse." The raven haired woman said.

"And that is?" The brunette said with a playful tone.

"I contacted your old boss and let her now that we're here." The raven haired woman laughed.

"How evil of you." The brunette scolded the raven haired woman.

"I own her. I really do. If I hadn't known Mai…I'd never meet you. Kissed you. Made love to you…" the raven haired woman said in a far off husky voice. The brunette blushed as she felt the raven haired woman cup her face as they leaned in for another kiss. Right as their lips met a cellphone ring went off making them stop short of a complete kiss. The raven haired woman gave the brunette an apologetic look as she answered the phone.

Midori hung up the phone after relaying the message for Youko. The warehouse laboratory hadn't changed much in the last three months with the exception of clean examination tables. There were no dead bodies or large amounts of blood anywhere. Youko sat in front of her computer staring as various lists of data. Youko rested her chin against the palm of her hand and sighed. Surrounding Youko were some of her bet inventions that had not been sanctioned by the government. They had impressive restorative capabilities, but they were too costly to maintain and build. The one machine Youko used most of her own money to sanction privately was the Regenerator which Midori spent the better part of six years in. The machine did its job though. Midori was kept alive and the limbs she had lost in the war had been regenerated. The suspension that her body was in had a specialized electrical current in it to keep all her muscles stimulated while in there. Midori was a miracle of medical science. However Youko's crowning achievement was just about to walk into the laboratory. The doors swung open and Youko swiveled around in her desk chair.

"So tell me, Youko, what do you need from me?" the raven hair woman asked as she and her companion sat down on the other examination table together.

"I just need some blood work and I need to do a brain scan." Youko said as she opened up a file on her computer.

"As long as I don't die and you keep my name out of it, I'll do it." The raven hair woman said as a hand appeared on her lap.

"Yes, I don't think I can handle you dying again." The brunette said staring into the raven haired woman's emerald eyes.


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