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Azure Monarchy

Final Chapter – The Night Falls and Eternity Rises

The masque ended in a timely fashion and all attending were in awe of the presence that the new Azure Queen displayed. The diplomats all about the ballroom knew that this new government had a chance under an ancient foundation of tradition mixing with new ideals and fresh love. The world needed a country to look to for change and the change would be born in a monarchy that was forged in the passion of love; both deadly and unending.

Love is always the villain and the hero was something the pink haired monarch mentioned to Natsuki before she left the palace. Natsuki spent much time in the study of her office before removing the complex wardrobe upon her agile frame. The country would need many things before she could truly set herself down to work. However her mind lingered on that message of love. How could love ever be a villain? I wonder what Queen Tenjou meant by that.

However the pink haired queen was all to right about loves dual qualities of heroics and villainy. The once proud immortal, Juri Arisugawa, sat in her office after the ball discovering the remains of her locket reunited and the picture inside was the same as it always had been. The immortal reminder that it took another world and time for her to find love and have it returned to her. Her mind twisted as her hands trembled uncontrollably. Juri dangled the albatross before her and undid the latch to hang it upon herself. The weight would slowly drag her down, but she would not break willingly. The immortal did not sleep she just waited as she went on as she always did. She existed without end and would occupy herself with whatever she could until this blip of time rolled by her. She thought she could wait.

"General, let's get to work." Natsuki voice soon rang into her ears as she brought in a box of papers.

The two labored endless over what may have seemed a paper load that was only fit for an immortal's schedule, and there was only one immortal in the pair. The azure haired monarch sighed as she sat across the orange haired general looking constantly from one paper to the next. The load really was something only the General could handle, and as of recent the fair skinned general of Rose had been working like maniac as if she had wanted to escape from something deep inside her soul.

"Why are you stopping? This paper work needs to be done immediately." Juri almost growled to Natsuki.

"This is a bit much and as it is I will have some time tomorrow to work on this. I am new at this kind of thing. This isn't the same kind of paper work I had to deal with when in the military General. There is much more here for me to look and consider and talk over with my advisors. Must I remind you I am new at this thing called being a monarch?" Natsuki said as she slowly stood stretching her back out hearing the littlest of pops along her spine.

"Get accustomed to it soon Kruger." Juri said with an abnormal bit of venom as Natsuki walked out from Juri's temporary office in the palace. The fiery emerald eyes of the General kept their focus on the young mortal as she strode out of the office and turned right into the hallway. Juri put her right hand against her chest and ran her fingers to the unbuttoned top of the blouse revealing a golden chain which she grasped tightly thinking of another azure haired woman. Right as Juri's thoughts collected and pooled into her soul her eyes which had remained on the doorway spotted an azure haired woman which resembled Natsuki passing by from the opposite direction. Juri's mind had switched off in that instant alone as her grip upon the chain tightened.

A lonely monarch stood elsewhere in the palace as she just got done trudging into her sleeping corridors. Natsuki went to nightstand and grabbed the bottle of wine she opened the night before and poured herself a glass. The azure haired woman walked to the closed doors of her balcony and opened them up to see the sun setting and the woman let out a frustrated sigh.

"I thought I had forgotten what daytime looked like…" Natsuki said out loud to herself as she sat down in her chair out on the balcony. "…Waking up before the sun rises and now getting back just into for twilight. I can't complain though it's not often I get to see a sunset as beautiful as this." Natsuki said as a thought rushed into her mind of her and Shizuru's first time back into Webstein standing on the wharf by Fumi's Café. They had become lost in the smell of the ocean breeze and were bathed in the warmth of an illustrious setting sun. Natsuki took sip of her wine as she fought her emotions. The one person she fought for with her life she could not be with as a decision of governmental proceedings. Natsuki's thoughts lingered on Shizuru for bit longer and she got up to go play some music suggested to her by a close advisor named Ojos. Natsuki smiled as thought about what Ojos said.

"Majesty, this music is so much better then what Papas listen's too. I think you'll enjoy this track. It is my son's favorite. The artist's name is Tyson."

"Okay Tyson, you must be good if Ojos's son says you are…It Ends Tonight huh? Well…" Natsuki looked back to the balcony and admired the horizon. "…the darkness is almost here." Natsuki pressed play and went back to her chair to admire the horizon as the opening lyrics slid into her ears.

Your subtleties…They strangle me…

The words of the song reflected something else other than a relationship for Natsuki as her emeralds slowly closed while another pair of harlequin eyes watched the darkness of the night rise while also shifting back to watch Natsuki. In another room of the office sat a tired wearier Shizuru at her desk going over more security protocols thinking always of Natsuki as she did them. The thought of her love made her push on for this work. It was Shizuru only way of truly being with Natsuki since all this finally settled down. Natsuki is the ruler of Webstein; Queen of the Azure Monarchy. The public had stuck with that title since it debuted that one faithful day on the Vlas Times. Shizuru found herself shifting in her chair and she began to hum a song thinking of the lyrics. Oh I never meant brag, but I got him where I want him now Oh… Shizuru dropped her pen and sat back with a frustrated look resembling the same one Natsuki had adorned just a few moment ago.

"I swear that Papas always listens to that damn song all the time. Now I've got it stuck in my head, and that Ojos is no better. Those two get on my nerves. Always laughing at nothing to the point of crying…" Shizuru sighed and smiled. "…But it can't be helped they're sisters." Shizuru looked out to her hallway and sighed again with the slightest hint of tears glistening just upon her eyelids. Shizuru's thoughts rushed back to Natsuki and she so wish that Natsuki would come walking around the corner and rest against that frame giving Shizuru that passionate stare that only a true love could give. Her fingers ran over her lips as her eyes shut and her hand drop down her chest.

"Natsuki…I miss you, but…" Shizuru opened her eyes and smiled. "…You are in my heart now…"

When darkness turns to light it ends tonight…it ends tonight…

The song played on as Natsuki stirred feeling a pulling inside her heart. Her thought were so preoccupied that she didn't even notice the song cutting out making the room silent. The silence soon fell upon her ears as she was at a full stand her thoughts for moment lingering on the last encounter she had with her mother. Natsuki took a quick breath and turned around only to see Saeko Kruger standing behind her with extending an arm forward with sword in her hand. Natsuki had no time to really react as heart beat twice the blade's tip easily tore through the fabric of her blouse and plunged into her left shoulder.

"You will not be the ruler of this country! I cannot let it happen. This is my country!" Saeko roared as the blade pierced into Natsuki's body.

"Shizuru…" was all Natsuki could say as she fell.

Shizuru lurched over her desk and grabbed at her chest as if she was suffering from massive pains. Her red eyes shot to the doorway and she ran to it and out into the hall of palace. My heart, my Natsuki…Natsuki…

At that same moment another pair of emerald eyes glistening with ancient wisdom were frame in foggy tunnel vision as they slowly walked from one end of the palace to the room where Natsuki and Saeko were battling. The sounds of running and the screeching of metal against marble echoed down each respective hall neither individual knowing what would happen next.

Natsuki pushed herself off the ground after rolling to the side avoiding getting stabbed by Saeko. Saeko cackled at Natsuki efforts and crazily grinned thinking she was in control of everything. Natsuki was panting hard and was looking for a flaw in Saeko's stance, but the way Saeko moved made it almost impossible for Natsuki to even predict a pattern. Natsuki grimaced at the option she was left with; she had to take a chance and run at Saeko hoping she'd get a hold of the sword. Natsuki followed her killer's instinct as she quick charged at Saeko. At first Saeko didn't know what to make of this move, but by the time she did Natsuki had firmly elbowed her in the gut with her injured arm and grabbed the blade from Saeko. Natsuki had the ability to stop herself at the point, but Saeko reached for another weapon from her side all with an instant stabbing Natsuki one more time in her gut which caused Natsuki to lash out the blade decapitating her mother.

Everything happened within those few moments Saeko's madness lifted from her face as the blade was half way into her neck. The green eyes met in that moment and Saeko smiled and there Natsuki felt a connection between them. The dying immortal lips moved and voiceless message crossed to Natsuki.

"I love you…"

And then the immortal's eyes shot over two the balcony as her life force began to exit her body and envelope Natsuki letting her see into veiled world. Saeko's lips again moved one last time, "My love…". There shrouded in an archway of light stood a man with passionate eyes that resembled that of Natsuki and his hand was extended to Saeko and then the vision of that archway was gone. The life essence of Saeko Kruger flowed into Natsuki and with that all her knowledge. Natsuki eyes watered as the last mortal memory of Saeko flashed into her mind. Before her stood a woman holding a sword out drenched in the blood of the man she saw in the archway. Then to the side of the woman was a horrified Juri who had suddenly realized that someone else was there right as the man was decapitated.

The green eyed monarch last flash of vision was Juri's face after the woman accompanying her fell; it was determined but sane. Natsuki then felt herself close her eyes and in her mind the image of a moon exploded and her eye shot open seeing Juri. The orange haired woman had her sword drawn and slack at her side with a golden chain wrapped around the hilt. Her eyes were drowning in the same determination as the memory, but now there was something else there. Juri's eyes were almost like Saeko. She was crazed and she widened her eyes as she brought her blade up to attack Natsuki. There was no way Natsuki could recover in time from her stupor to defend herself from this other attack as she watched helplessly as the crazed immortal walked towards her.

"No! You can't kill my heart." Shizuru said as ran between Natsuki and Juri. Natsuki vision blurred and she awoke upon the ground with Juri on her other side. A bloody chain still clenched in the cold hand of Juri's lifeless body. Natsuki slowly sat up as a hand extended down to her.

"Shizuru…" Natsuki whispered as her hand reached Shizuru's.

"It's over Natsuki." Shizuru said as she pulled Natsuki into her arms. "It's over."