Chapter 1: Say Huh?

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I looked around at my surroundings. Not too shabby, I thought to myself, but definitely not my room. "Karma, can you hear me?" I heard.

"Bob?" I asked shocked, "Why are you a hologram? And why am I not in my room? And why do I have an accent? Ugh, and why am I a BLONDE??"

"I had another fabulous idea! It will rid the world of couples once and for all!" cried Bob, my crazy boss.

"That doesn't explain why I suddenly have curly blonde hair!" I screamed impatiently.

My natural hair is raven black. It's extremely straight and manageable, never a frizz in sight. This 'new' hair, on the other hand… "Numero uno, I am a hologram, because now we are in different realms, and this is the only way I can talk to you. Numero dos, you aren't in your room because you are temporarily living in the Nichols household. Numero tres, as an exchange student from Israel. Numero quatro, Maya is a blonde," Bob attempted to explain.

I stared at him in shock. "You said what now? Who the hell is Maya? And the Nichols?" I asked confused.

"You see, this is my greatest plan yet," Bob started, "You will break up TV couples, so you have to actually be in the show."

This was my cue to make a sarcastic remark. You see, Bob and I have a Drakken and Shego type relationship. He's the 'evil genius', and I'm the 'sidekick', even though ninety nine point ninety nine percent of the time I can think up better plans than him. Oh, and if you don't watch Kim Possible, you should. It's awesome. "Ok, B-boy, I don't know if anyone's ever told you this, but TV is faaaake," I said, stressing the word fake.

"I know that! Pphsht," Bob snapped, "but people get their ideas from TV. And if there's no love onscreen, there's no love in reality. Eh?"

This might just work, I thought. And so I told him. "That, my dear Karma, is the reason why I'm the genius, and you're my assistant," Bob said smugly.

I rolled my eyes. "So let me get this straight," I said, "My name is Maya, I am an exchange student from Israel, and I am in the world of… hmm… let's see… Nichols, that means Drake and Josh."

"Ding ding ding, we have a winner," Bob said happily.

"Now, who am I supposed to break up?" I asked, wondering why he still didn't tell me.

Bob giggled. Yeah, he actually giggled. "That's the best part," he cried enthusiastically, "I will give you a riddle. It will be a sentence or two, using a word that sounds like the name of each person in the relationship. Using that riddle, you will figure out the couple."

I raised my eyebrows, confused. Bob sighed exasperatedly. "Like Bob and Karma would be: I like eating corn on the cob at the farm-a."

"Cob: Bob, Farm-a: Karma?" I asked.

Bob clapped perkily. "Exacto, facto."

I winced. "Okay, don't ever say that again," I told him.

"The riddle is: The male's job involves selling minty candy."

I laughed. "Minty candy??? Why couldn't you just say mints? Or did you not know that that was a word?"

"I know that's a word, but if I had said mints, it would have ruined the whole thing!" Bob yelled, then calmed down, "Now, who do you think it is?"

"Josh and Mindy. Job: Josh, Minty: Mindy," I sighed.

As if it wasn't obvious. I mean, besides the parents, there practically were no other steady couples in the show. "Right," Bob said, "Now if you don't mind, I hafta go, and you really should join the family downstairs in the kitchen. And by the way, I thought you might get into sticky situations, so I gave you incredible acting slash lying skills."

"Wow, you thought of everything," I muttered sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

Bob just winked at me. "Bye," I said as he disappeared with a flash.

Here goes nothing, I thought, sighed, and exited the room.

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