Chapter 3: Megan's Interference

As much as it pains me to say… I don't, or will I ever, own Drake and Josh.

"Josh, I still can't believe you get to watch free movies!" I cried as we entered their house.

"Well, Maya," he countered, "I can't believe your brother's really in the army!"

I shrugged. "He has to be. It's Israeli law… everybody has to at some point."

"Well, then I guess you have a lot of good looking, muscular guys wandering around there, huh?" Drake asked, looking depressed.

I smiled, and lightly touched his arm. "Just because they're in the army, doesn't mean they necessarily do any fighting," I said.

Drake smiled smugly, and said, "Then maybe-"

But he only managed to get that far, until Josh stopped him. "Drake, you look tired," he said suddenly, "Are you tired? I'm tired! Let's go get ready for bed."

I watched as Drake was forcefully dragged upstairs by his brother. I looked at my watch. 11:02 P.M. I guess I'd better get ready, too. I slowly trudged up the stairs, but never made it to my room. I was yanked inside a room, which I recognized as Megan's. "Megan?" I whispered into the darkness.

"Sit down," I heard.

"Okay…" I muttered, and felt my way to her bed, so I could sit on it.

As soon as my butt hit the mattress, the light was turned on. Megan stood in front of me, dressed in black. "Explain this," she demanded, and brought up the panel with all the little TV screens on it.

She zoomed into one square, so that it filled the whole screen, and I gasped when I saw that the room she was showing me was the guest room. I looked on in shock as she rewinded the tape, and then played out my entire conversation with Bob. When it was over, I was speechless. Megan glared at me. When she saw I wasn't going to be opening my mouth anytime soon, she said, "Fine," and brought the screen back to all the mini screens, then zoomed in on a different one.

This time I saw Drake and Josh arguing. "She likes me, I know it!" Drake was screaming, "And besides, you can't like her, you have Mindy!"

"I can dump Mindy," Josh yelled, "You should know, you dump girls all the time!"

I laughed triumphantly on the inside, but on the outside I stayed stiff and calm. Megan turned off the screen, and looked at me. "So, Karma, you gonna talk, or what?" she asked.

"Look, Megan, I'm sorry, but…"

"Save it!" Megan said, "I'm not looking for a sorry."

"You're not?" I asked, confused.

"Nope," she told me.

"So… what do you want?"

"If you don't want everybody to know your little secret-" Megan paused.

"Yes?" I said expectantly.

"You have to let me help you."

I sighed in relief, then looked up at Megan and laughed. "I'd love to have you as my partner!" I cried, "Megan, you could totally help me! I mean, you live to make them miserable, don't you?"

She smiled, "Yeah, I do."

Megan turned the screen back on, and we watched Drake and Josh arguing for a while. When they went to sleep, Megan smiled at me. "That was the best entertainment I've had so far!" she laughed.

"Yeah," I sighed, "It's classic."

"We should probably get to sleep now," Megan pointed out.

"Uh-huh," I agreed, and got up.

"Karma?" I heard just as I got to the door.

I turned around and saw Megan already under the covers, with her eyes half closed. "Yeah?"

"Am I really on TV?"


"That's nice," she said dreamily, and closed her eyes all the way.

I chuckled softly to my self. "Goodnight," I whispered softly, and quietly closed the door.

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