Title: Reflection

Author: Demonwing (c)

Date: 06-21-2007

Disclaimer: I do not own Shadow Skill or any of its characters. Manga Video and ADV Films are the creators and genius behind them. The story/plot contained within this fic/piece, however, is all mine!!! Bwahahaha!!!

Warnings: None.

Fandom: Shadow Skill

Pairings: Elle + Gau

Type: Drabble

Rating: General

OCs: None… Dammit!

Summary: Elle reflects on the war, and an unexpected question brought on by a jealous friend.

Beta/Editor: Sunsinger

Words: 297

I can't believe that I'm sitting on this boulder and drinking, rather than sparring with my little brother.

Little brother?

I run those two words through my mind, over-and-over, as I watch him polish his moves.

Can I really call him that?

Damn that Kyo! It wasn't too long ago, during the war in Kuruda, when Kyo asked me the one question that plagues me to this day. 'Elle-san, do you think that Gau is the sort of person that you could fall for? Do you?' At the time, I wasn't certain what exactly she was asking me, but now… I'm still confused on the issue.

After the war, I was exiled from Kuruda, for breaking the law of 'The Four Divas'. And Gau… Gau was sent with me, supposedly under the guidelines that he was to be my servant. Che… right. It was then, that her words started to haunt me.

I shake my head, then take a swig of the sake in my hand. Looking at him now, I do have to admit that Gau has become quite strong, and that his nickname 'Black Howling' suits him admirably. But he still has a long way to go. That, and he's still rather scrawny. Now, I know he's still young, so I hope that changes. Shaking my head, I stand up.

"Gau!" When he looks at me, I know that I've got his full attention. Those eyes, they're so clear, so mesmerizing. "How would you like a little one-on-one?" Coming to a fighting stance, I await his nod of consent, and watch as he readies for battle.

That question strikes me again. Could I love him? Perhaps. Or maybe, I already do, and all I can do now, is wait for him to make a move.

The End

Copyright © Demonwing