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After the smoke clears.

Missing scenes form episode 13: 'The Hero.'

By: Ra'Ay'Mond

Episode notes. In episode 13, Det. Chano Amenguale shots and kills two bank robbery suspects after they have shot and wounded the bank's guard. They've also threatened to start shooting their six hostages if they are not allowed to leave.

In addition, this episode has a young Todd bridges first television appearance on a sit-com. He played an underage wa'na be mugger. He tires to 'stick-up' Liz, Barney's wife in an elevator. She grabs him and performs a 'citizens arrests.'

Chano arrived at the old one-two after taking a few days off after a shooting. He shot and killed two armed bank robbery suspects at Hamilton bank on 11th Avenue. After talking to the guys for a few minutes, he pours himself a cup of coffee and sits down to catch up on some paper work.

About an hour and a half later, Inspector Frank Lugar opens the door of the squad room. He is dressed in his usual grey dress jacket, grey Fedora, grey over coat and familiar bow tie.

He looks around the squad room, smiles and says hello to each of the detectives by name. Then he turns toward his right and spots the reason for today's visit, Detective Chano Amenguale. Lugar snaps the fingers on his right hand while pointing at Chano and saying, "Det. A-men-guale! Wha-da-ya-do? Wha-da-ya-say? So, how was your time off A-men-guale? Restful, I hope?"

Chano prepares for another clumsy, ham-handed yet well-meaning speech from the inspector. He silently sighs to himself as he stands, shakes the inspector's hand and says, "Good morning Inspector Lugar. He apologizes to the inspector for raising his voice and storming out of the office the other day. He did this after the inspector told him he would personally recommend Chano for the April Medal of Valor, for shooting and killing those two hold-up men. He also tells the inspector, "I had a lot on my mind that day."

Lugar pats the Detective on his shoulder, winks at him and lowers his voice as he replies, "I understand. In fact, that's why I'm here. Lugar then turns toward his left and says, "Hey Wo-jo, give Barn a buzz and ask him to come out here for a sec. Thanks."

Wojo replies, "Sure inspector."

Seconds later, Barney steps through his office door into the squad room. He smiles and says, "Inspector Lugar! To what do we owe this pleasure?"

The Inspector tells Barney, "I'm here to steal one of your Detectives. I'd like to treat Det. Chano A-men-guale here to a steak lunch. Have a little talk and give him the rest of the day off. If that's all-right with the two of you that is?" The inspector looks back and forth between the two men to see their reaction.

While all of this is going on, Detective Fish looks left of his desk to where Detective Yemana is currently standing. Fish shifts his eyes toward the on going conversation between the inspector and the other two men. Yamana, not having any idea what the three men are talking about merely shrugs his shoulders to Fish and returns to retrieving files that he needs for this months manpower request.

Chano looks a little nervous as he looks back and forth between Lugar and Barney. He seems to be speaking too both men at once as he asks, "Am I in some kind of trouble?"

Barney suddenly gets a little agitated as he takes a step closer to Lugar and says, "Inspector, It was a good shoot! Those guys already shot the banks guard and were threatening to start shooting the banks customers that they took as hostages!" Barney is so angry at the thought of head quarters sending someone else to give one of his men bad news, he takes a second to calm down before continuing. "If there's a problem, why hasn't any one called me about this?"

Lugar raises both hands defensively, palms forward toward Barney and responds, "Woh, hold on Barn! Chano here is not in any kind of trouble. And you're right, it was a good shoot." Lugar takes a steep closer to Barney and gently elbows him as he says, "Besides, you know the way I look out for my guys at the old one-two. If any one downtown had a problem with this, you wouldn't need to be notified by phone. You would have heard me raising high-holy-hell down town back at head quarters, all the way up here!"

"I just want have a talk with the Chano, to give him the benefit of my experience in these matters. Once again, if it's all right with the two of you?" Lugar once again looks back and forth between the two men, trying to gage their reactions to his question.

Barney finally relaxes. He looks from Lugar to Chano, then back to Lugar and says, "Sure, it's kind of slow where today. I suppose that I could survive just one more day without Sergeant Amemguale." Barney then looks into Chano's eyes to let him know that he'll back him up if he does not want to go. "If it's OK with Chano that is."

Chano looks off into the distance. Rolls his head and eyes slightly left and right as he says, "Sure! Why not! I mean, who can pass up a free steak lunch, huh? Chano then jokingly points his finger at the inspector and says, "As long as you don't try and give me any more medals. OK inspector?"

The three men laugh as Barney pats Chano on the back and says, "Same time tomorrow then Chano?"

Chano answers, "OK Barn." As he goes over to get his hat and coat and says good-bye to the guys.

The other detectives and Barney say their good byes to both men as they leave.

Inspector Lugar and Detective Amemguale are driven up to town to 938 8th Avenue. Between 56th and 55th Street. The Inspector's driver stops right in front of a Bar/Restaurant named The Shandon Star. From the out side, the place looks a bit run down. However, it does have a new looking green awning, as well as a new and polished brass awning railings and door handles.

It has two gigantic picture windows on either side of the green double-door entrance. The window glass is almost completely fogged-over. However, in the left window you can just make out people lined along the bar, near the window. Toward the right window you can see food lined up on steam tables to keep it hot. Roasted Chicken, Turkey, Ham and Roast Beef etc.

As the inspector opens the rear passenger door to exit the car, he turns to tell his uniformed driver, "Take the car and go get your self some lunch. Pick me up here in an hour. If I need you sooner, I'll call down town and have them radio you on your Walkie-Talkie. OK."

The diver says yes. They then get out of the car, and the driver takes off seconds later.

It's a cold April day. Chano can see his breath as he tells the inspector, "It must be nice to have your own driver."

Lugar shrugs as he responds, "Just a perk of the job. It gives me more free time to think as I'm going from place to place."

Chano cannot resist the urge to ask Lugar, "What have thought about since you've gotten a driver inspector?"

With out missing a beat, Lugar smiles as he turns to Chano and answers, "I was thinking that I should have requested a driver years ago. Stay on the force Chano and I can see you being driven around like that, as well as other good things coming your way."

Upon hearing, this Chano feels a wave of relief roll over him as he thinks, At least I'm not getting fired. Chano asks the inspector, "If you don't mind me asking inspector, why didn't you let that patrolman eat in this restaurant? Even at a different table?"

"I wanted to talk to you alone, Amemguale. With no other cops around."

Chano looks down 8th Avenue. He then tells Lugar, "But Manhattan North is right down the block. Won't some of the cops there come here for lunch?"

Lugar looks down the block. He then rubs his un-gloved hands together for warmth as he walks toward the entrance and says, "No. Most of them order in, or eat some place else. I was assigned to Manhattan North years ago. I would come here to eat after my shift was over. I almost never saw any cops eating or drinking here. I get the feeling that they don't like eating around tourists. They must think that someone's going to walk up to their table and ask for directions or something."

Lugar continues, "I don't know why cops are so worried about tourists interrupting their lunch. They should do what I used to do when I was still in uniform. Give them wrong directions and send them to the other side of town. Heh, heh, heh!"

Chano looks a little shocked at the inspector's confession.

Inspector Lugar notices this. He stops laughing and says, "Come-on Chano. It's definitely in bad taste, but no laws were broken. After I did it a few times, people stopped asking me for directions during my lunch break, or any other time for that matter. I guess that I started sending out some sort of vibe that I am not a friggin human Sub-Way map."

Chano just nods his head yes and asks, "So, you like this place so much you still come back even though you no longer work around here huh?"

Every now and then, I come up here to get away from it all. Come on Chano, I'm freezing my tail feathers off out here!"

As both men enter the place, the food scented warm air reminds them of a Christmas dinner. The place looks a little timeworn. However, the food smells great. The place is on the dim side as far as lighting goes. However, with the large picture windows on either side of the door there is enough light to see what you're doing.

Both officers quickly scan the place for trouble, or trouble makers. No apparent danger here. A few businessmen, sectaries and tourists types eating an early lunch at the tables in the rear. A few OTB types lined are up against the bar. Must be regulars. Mainly old timers.

As they walk a little further into the place Chano notices that the floor has a slightly worn black and white checkerboard floor. It looks like it's the original floor. No cheap linoleum here. The bar is the classic solid oak variety with a brass rail running along the bottom as a footrest. If Chano had too use only one word to describe this place, that word would be relaxed.

Chano gets in line with the others waiting to order at the steam table under a sign that says, No table service. Lugar taps him on the shoulder and says, "That sign don't apply to us." With that, he lifts his chin and points it toward an empty booth in the rear of the bar. "That's us, over here."

As they walk to the rear of the place, Lugar see a familiar face tending bar. A tall, slim, slightly balding man with red hair. He has rosy red cheeks (probably from the steam tables since he no longer drinks) and a smile for everyone that he sees. Lugar returns the smile as he says, "Hey Vinney!" The tall bartender responds in a deep Irish brogue, "Hello Frank. Always a pleasure to have ya back!"

Inspector Lugar then turns back toward Chano and points his thumb in the direction of the bar as he says, "That, is the world's greatest bartender! And an all around class act! Now come on. Let's wash our hands before we order." Lugar then replaces the smile on his face with a scowl as he tells Amenguale, "When I think about all the flot-sam and Jet-sam that's walking around this city. None of them washing their hands after using the toi-let. All of them touching doorknobs, pay phones and elevator buttons just as sweet as you please. They don't give a tinkers-damn that normal, clean living, tax paying citizens like our selves have to use these things and deal with their germs once they're done."

Inspector Lugar shudders as he continues, "And the human waste and filth that accumulates under their dirty, filthy, finger nails. Ugh! Why it just makes me want to puke!" As he is talking, he closes both hands into tight fists near his face. He then opens them up too emphasize the word puke.

The inspector's tirade is over heard by two women who were just about to place a fork full or food into their mouths. After hearing the inspector go on about dirty doorknobs, they lose their appetites. Both women drop their forks with a loud clang, back onto their plates.

The inspector notices the women suddenly stop eating. He turns to them, and lowers his voice as he says, "Oh, not too worry ladies. I'm sure that every one here has washed their hands after using the faculties." He then looks toward Sgt. Amenguale and quickly nods his head in the direction of the men's room.

After this, neither woman has the stomach for any more food. They just get their coats and prepare to leave. As both men wash their hands in the men's room, Chano notices something odd. The urinal is full of ice. He thinks that this is strange, but he says nothing to the inspector.

After they leave the men's room, Lugar walks toward the left rear corner booth. It is right next too the currently un-plugged jukebox. Chano takes off his hat and jacket. Lugar removes his hat and over coat, but leaves his jacket on. Chano thinks that the inspector must be wearing a belt holster and doesn't want the world to see his service


As Chano looks over the place, he notices that the paint on the ceiling is dark green. The walls are lined with wood paneling, and have a wall-mounted lamp over every booth. These wall lamps all have a golden colored glass shield over the bulb. Between the dark ceiling, the wood and the sunset colored wall lamps, the entire rear of the place has a calming, amber hue. He also sees that the hanging ceiling lamps on the other side of the room are painted black. They look old, dusty and worn. However, the ceiling lamps on his other side of the room are stained glass, and look brand new. Now that he thinks about it, the cushions on the booth seat that he is on also look, smell and fell brand new. On the other hand, all of the booth tables seem somewhat older. It seems like this place is slowly but surely getting a face-lift. Must be some kind of increase in business.

Chano thinks too himself that this place is lucky. A lot of bars and restaurants in the city have had to shut their doors during the past few years. This place has the good fortune of being right in the middle of a residential, tourist and business district. Because of that, they will usually have a certain amount of foot traffic. That's probable helped to keep them open. Maybe the new customers are from other local places that had to close up shop. I guess it true what they say. Location, location, location.

Lugar sits with his back against the rear wall. He's facing the front door. Chano sits opposite him. He's facing the rear of the restaurant. His seat gives him a view of the doors leading too and from the Men's and Ladies rest rooms.

Each man then pulls out a pack of cigarettes and lights up. Just then, a short man wearing white pants, white shirt, white apron and a thick pair of glasses that makes his eyes appear larger than they really are walks over to their table and says, "Inspec-ta Lu-gar! How ya doing? Long time, no see!"

Lugar looks towered the new arrival, smiles and says, "Hey Bus Boy! How ya doing?"

Chano looks on and thinks to himself, 'The Bus Boy? Maybe Sixty years ago. But now he's more like the grand father of all bus boys!'

After some small talk, Lugar introduces Chano to The Bus Boy. He says, "This young man is one of the forces up and comers. I'm just showing him that all off his efforts have not gone unnoticed."

Chano is relieved that the inspector did not mention the bank shooting. He is also surprised with the inspector's sudden praise of him. The inspector was always a sort of cheerleader for the Detectives of the old one-two, but Chano knows that this sudden attention is a result of him killing those two stick-up men in the bank. He just hopes that he can put an end to it with out insulting and/or alienating the inspector.

The Bus Boy then looks chano square in the eyes and loudly says, "OK. If the inspec-ta says you're OK, that's good enough for me! Glad to know ya pal!"

Chano is about to return the greeting when The Bus Boy cuts him short and says, "OK fellas, I don't wan' a rush you, but the Lunch rush is about to begin. What can I get you gents today?"

"Inspector Lugar goes first and says "Two orders of stakes, mashed potatoes

and gravy with some corn on the side. And One…No, Two McSourley's Ales for each of us." He then looks to Chano and says, "Trust me, the steak here is great! And so is the Ale. I'm going to call it an early day today and you're not going back to work after this. So two drinks is OK."

Chano says, "Hey, you're buying and you're the boss. If it's OK with you, it's OK with me!"

The Bus Boy starts to walk off and says, "OK, I'll bring it right over."

Inspector Lugar says, "Oh, and one more thing…"

The Bus Boy interrupts and waves his hand as he says, "I know! I know, pretzels, mustard and pickles. I didn't forget you, so don't you forget The Bus Boy!"

Lugar watches him walk off and tells Chano, "That guy is a New York original."

What did he mean, "Don't forget The Bus Boy" Chano asks?

Lugar responds, "That's his gentle reminder for us to leave him a tip. You saw that sign when we came in, there's no table service in this place. His only job here is to clean up the tables. But if you're a regular, he'll go out of his way and wait on you."

"Some times a poor tourist tries to give him their order or they call him waiter." Lugar quietly laughs as he remembers some of those past events, "When that happens, that sweet old man turns into a monster. And the cursing! Drunken Sailors on leave have been known to cover their ears as they run out of here when The Bus Boy gets into one of his moods."

"Now, back to business." Lugar says.

"Earlier, back in the detective squad room at the old one-two, you apologized for yelling at me. No need for it by the way. You've been through a lot. Now it's my turn to apologize. I saw that you were going through a lot after the shooting, and what do I do? I offered to put you up for a medal for killing those guys. I'm sorry Chano. I wasn't thinking. I should have known better."

Before Chano can respond, Lugar continues.

"The other reason that I wanted to speak to you was to tell you about my first shooting, and what I did after it. Maybe it will help you to get through what I know you must be going through."

Chano starts getting that dark, depressed feeling coming back to him. He thought that he was through the worst of it. However, Inspector Lugar is bringing it all back.

He is thinking about telling Lugar that he's fine. and just skipping lunch. Going home and …crying him self to sleep… again.

Chano opens his mouth to tell the inspector that he is OK, and he would deal with this on his own, when the inspector asks him, "Do you know what I did the first time I shot and killed someone in the line of duty?"

Chano disinterestedly looks toward the rest room doors and answers in his heavily accented voice, "Yah inspector. You told me that you went to see The Radio City Rocketts and a moving picture show at the Music Hall."

Lugar Lowers his gaze toward the table, smiles glumly. He looks back up at Chano and says, "That's what I starting doing after my other shootings. But not the first one." Right after my first shooting. Got some thing to eat and went home. Later that night I cried myself to sleep. I think that you hearing about some of the things that I experienced that day just may help you get through…what I know you must be going through."

"If you want to hear what I have to say, I'll tell you what happened and how I got through it. If not, you can just finish your steak and Ale, and I'll have my driver take you home. No harm, no foul." "So wad' da' ya say Chano?"

Chano opens his mouth so wide his cigarette almost falls out. He thinks to himself, Lugar crying over his first shooting? Just like I did. I thought that I was the only cop whoever went through this kind of thing.

After several seconds of awkward silence, he tells the inspector, "OK. I'll stay!"

End of part one.

Part two is on the way.