Authors Note- Hi everybody. I've had this idea for a while, but I got bored today and just wrote the first chapter on a whim. Normally, I do a lot of planning, so I hope I can go somewhere with this. Well, at the end of the movie, Edward stayed the same age. So would he stay the same age forever? Would the world he looked down upon grow and change as the years progressed? Would he ever find himself in a future world where maybe, he could belong? Rated T for violence and swearing.

Disclaimer: Alas, Suburbia and Edward are not mine, but everything else is.

VertiCut: Chapter I

The Streets of New Suburbia, Year 2192

I push off the ground and kick the switch on my street skimmer. As my board lifts up into the air, the guys in the alley turn and see me.

"There she is!" one of them yells.

I peel down the street before I hear what the others say. They've been after me all day. I don't know if they wanna mug me, kill me, or rape me, but I'm smart enough to run first, ask questions later.

"Come back here you little bitch!!!" one yells.

I ignore it, and lean forward.

"Let the retard run. There ain't a place in the city we can't find her."

I spin around and face them.

"You know, I'm only ten years old, and you've been at it since nine in the morning. There must be someone easier to harass. Maybe a senior citizen?" I suggested.

"I wouldn't be smiling if I were you," one of the four says as they close in on me.

"If you were me, then I'd be you. And if I were you, I would stop chasing little kids and get a girlfriend." I said.

He reaches out to grab me. I stomp on the Verti Boost and clear their heads. My board skims across the pavement as the air packs spurt out air. I slip my foot out of the harness, and push off the ground. Back in the air.

"Eat my dust, fuckers!" I yell back, flipping them off.

I push forward as fast as I can, looking for a place I can take refugee. The tall skyscrapers, the run down old buildings...I take a left.

I've lived in New Suburbia my whole life. I know every street, every groove. Even though it's dark, I knew before I turned I was heading down a dead end road. But I have a plan.

As I approach the chain link fence at the base of the condemned mountain, I step down on the Verti Boost. I go up for almost six feet. I grab onto the fence and swing myself over. After pushing off the ground, I head steadily up the road to the haunted mansion.

The road wraps around the mountain, so I don't see the four guys hop the fence, but I hear their yells getting closer and closer. I push forward. I see a little gate, covered with dead vines. A tall white, dead tree trunk propped across the side of it. I use it as a ramp, and go soaring over the fence. I close my eyes as I fall. I feel my board skim some shrubbery or something, and I go flying forward.

I opened my eyes as my board and I crashed into a giant dark hand.

"Shit!!!!" I yelled as I was pushed backward.

I hit the ground hard. My Street Skimmer hissed from inside the giant hand. What the...? I went up to it and touched it. It was soft. I pulled it. Leaves.

I hear the boys yelling. I reach into the giant hand shaped bush and pull out my skimmer. I flick it off and run inside the mansion.

Inside, it's dark and cold. There is no place to hideā€”just a giant, empty room. I lift up my Street Skimmer and turn on its headlight. There's a staircase, and a few doorways. I head over to them.

It was then that I heard it. A snip sound. From up the stairs. I pointed my light at it. A shadow shifted. I moved to turn around, and walked right into one of the boys that was after me.

"You dirty little cretin." He hissed.

"It's Urchin, ass-wipe." I hissed back.

"She looks like an Urchin, doesn't she?" said one with an accent. He grabbed a handful of my dread locks.

I turned and kneed him in the crotch. He sank down. The other two boys grabbed my wrists.

"A wild thing, aren't you?" The accent boy said, pulling himself up. He pulled a gleaming knife out of his pocket.

"They wanted her alive, Kage." The one behind me said.

"They didn't say what condition she need be," Kage said, coming closer.

I pulled away from one of the boys and clawed Kage's face. He flinched, but smiled. He hooked the knife on the outer corner of my eye, and yanked downward. I screamed as the three boys pulled me to my knees. The one behind me covered my mouth.

"Besides," Kage said, a look of pure happiness on his face. "There are worse things we can do then kill you."

I heard a loud thump. Like someone walking heavily and slowly. The snip sound. I heard that again too.

"What the hell?" one of the boys behind me demanded.

All of us squinted into the darkness. A thin figure approached us, very slowly.

"...What is..." the figure whispered in a soft voice.

One of the boys picked up my Street Skimmer, and flashed the light at the figures face. A pale white face covered in cuts. A boy's face.

"Another street urchin. Back off buddy. This isn't something you want to intrude upon." Kage said, turning away.

"...What is... going on?" the boy asked.

"Fuck off, emo. This isn't your concern." Another one said.

I bit down hard on the hand around my mouth.

"HELP ME!!!" I yelled.

The boy looked down at me. I must have been cut up pretty raw, because he cringed and widened his eyes. He looked back at my captors.

"What are you doing to her?" he asked, walking closer.

Kage sighed and pulled out a gun.

"Don't make me use this," he said.

"Leave her alone." The boy said.

I struggled against the hands that held me. Most of the guys stayed fixated on the pale boy, but one elbowed me across the jaw.

The events that followed flashed by in front of me. I heard a metallic sound, one of the guys cursed, and the pale boy slapped the guy behind me across the face. He yelled.

"My eyes!!! MY FACE!!!" he cried, pulling himself into a ball.

Kage turned the light at him. His face was sliced into a bloody mess. Kage pointed the light back at the pale boy, and this time we could see all of him. He was staring at something he held, something sharp. He breathed rapidly. He looked us all in the eye, and pulled up his hand and spread his... fingers.

Knives. They were all sharp, like knives. Sharp and red.

"Leave her alone," he said again quietly.

Kage pulled up his gun and pointed it at the pale boy...the creature.

"Goddamn battle-bots..." he mumbled.

I jumped onto Kage's back and started to choke him. He fell back and fired two shots blindly. One hit one of his buddies, the other hit the ceiling. We heard a loud rumble as the stone ceiling cracked. Chunks of cement, wood, and dust rained down on us. I let go of Kage right as a long piece of wood flattened him to the floor.

I ran out of the path of the rubble. I stood breathing hard, looking down at the four figures. I heard a moan. I turned around.

The creature had been knocked to the ground by a large piece of stone. As he pulled himself up, I saw the red on his head. A portion of his skin had been scraped off, revealing a spot of silver skull.

Kage growled. His leg was twisted in a strange angle. He looked up at me.

"You're dead, Urchin. Dead." He mumbled as he tried to pull himself up.

I looked back at the creature. Our eyes met.

"Run." He said.

...Yeah. Run first, ask questions later.

I turned on my heels and walked over to the rubble. I moved a wood board and pulled out my street skimmer. Something clanked under it. Kage's gun. I grabbed it, and after shoving it into my coat pocket, I dropped my Skimmer, stomped down on it, and rode off into the cold night.

Like nothing had ever happened.

Well, I hoped you all enjoyed that. It was fun to write. Tell me if you think I should continue. See ya!