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Chapter 1

Sometimes pain is to much to handle.

That was the case of the Good Witch of Oz, Glinda the Good. Ever since the death of her best friend, Elphaba, the pain she felt never went away. Soon, she couldn't bare the fact anymore. The blonde started to believe that none of it ever happened; that Elphaba never really died. Glinda knew she was going insane from mourning so much. Some days, she could go by without care. Others, it was different.

One day, Glinda pulled out The Grimmerie, which Elphaba had given her the day of her death. She flipped through the book, desperately trying to find something that could reverse the horrible fate her friend endured. Coming up short, the frustrated woman flipped to any page in the book; and discovered there was actually something she could read. It said something about Memory, and Forgetting. Desperate for anything, the thought of not remembering this pain slipped into her head.

Maybe that would work, she thought to herself. She slowly attempted to say the words, then, the beat became faster and the tension around her became higher. Before she knew it, in the middle of the chant, she felt her eyelids start to fall, her vision going blurry. And before she knew it, everything became dark.

Glinda stood happily on the balcony, smiling at all of the Ozians below her. She waved at some of the Munchkin children below her, the blonde's face glowing in the sunlight.

The Good Witch raised a hand, and projected her voice. "Fellow Ozians, I must take my leave." A reply of moans and cries were amongst them, but the blonde simply smiled and bid farewell. "Goodbye, my friends!"

As a bubble formed around her, she slowly faded, the faces of the Ozians growing dimmer and dimmer in the distance. The blonde couldn't help but let a frown seep through; after all, holding a smile could be tiring after two hours. Even though the blonde was always cheerful, it wasn't unusually to frown now and then.

Glinda had a wonderful life. Oz was peaceful, there weren't any problems, and the best part, she wasn't there when The Wicked Witch as there.

Although, Glinda wouldn't have minded if she was there when that Witch was horrifying Oz. A little excitement would've been nice, she figured. However, a peaceful Oz was much more comforting than a wreck filled world.

Soon, she landed at her place in the Emerald City; though it was big, where all rulers of Oz lived, it was also quite cozy and comfortable. Covered with green speckles, she gazed at the walls before her and quickly made her way to the room.

As the blonde girl changed her clothes, she blinked and slowly sat down on her bed. The white silky night gown felt like water against her legs, making her shiver. Glinda placed her head down on the pink pillow, and pulled the covers up to her shoulders and let her arms lay across the top.

But the Good Witch found she was not tired.

Instead, she found her mind wondering onto subjects that never crossed her mind more than once before. Subjects such as school, her name, and more importantly, The Wicked Witch of the West.

One thing that bothered her deeply, was the fact that her parents demanded she be called Galinda. Yet, for some strange reason, she felt the name Glinda fit more right with her personality. To her parents disappointment, she continued to go by Glinda, though not her true name.

However, she did wonder how that name came by her. It seemed as though someone would call her that, but who? It may have been a nickname from years again, but who would dare not call her by her full name?

Needless to say, that flew out of her mind in a moment. Many adults came up to the blonde and started talking to her about some place called Shiz; what this place was, Glinda knew not until she finally went there and found out it was a school.

Unbelievable, people told her they had classes together. But Glinda knew they must've been kidding or something of the sort, because from what Morrible told her, she never went to a school called Shiz. According to her beloved friend, she went to school in a different part of Oz altogether; the girl thought it was a joke to say she went to Shiz, and simply went along with it.

Morrible was her secretary, a woman who'd once gone to jail because The Wizard sent her there for reasons unknown. Glinda had been requested to see her, and the two soon became friends in a strange way. The blonde believed every word she said; the fact that The Wizard lied, and that Morrible was innocent the whole time.

However, one thing that gravely bothered the Witch was the fact that no one in Oz chose to speak of The Wicked Witch. Glinda was curious more than anything; she wanted to know how she became so Wicked, how she could fly on a broom, and how, rumor had it, she was green.

All those questions floated in the back of Glinda's mind, never opening in public, never leaving her. She was determined to find out, secretly if afraid to ask. In a strange way, she almost felt sorry for the woman; such a Wicked person seemed impossible, but from what people have told her, which is very little, she seemed more Wicked than anything Glinda could think of.

But of course, The Wicked Witch's doings happened before Glinda's time, before anything in Oz was as colorful as it seemed. The blonde stood up out of bed and walked over to her desk, slowly opening a secret drawer that only she knew of. In it held a book, one that she had had all her life, but never knew what it could do.

She knew exactly opened the book, of course; even with the curiosity building up inside her. The blonde always thought it held dark magic, but chose not to show it to Morrible, in fear that it could cause problems. So instead, she ended up staring at the thick book, her fingers running over it's smooth surface. And of course, whenever she felt so close to opening the book, she came up short, and shoved it back the drawer.

Glinda headed back to her bed, sleep filling her body in a wave, and almost collapsing at the spot. She managed to crawl under her covers without falling into a deep sleep.

I'll find out more about the Witch tomorrow, she promised herself before sleep took over.

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