A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

Story 4: Just You

"What's the best part about a sunset?"

"You tell me," came Speedy's amused tone as he watched her looking out over the sea.

Violet eyes turned to him blandly and inquired. "I'm guessing you don't give much for sunsets."

He grinned. "You guess wrong. I do have a fondness for sunsets, just like your average sap."

She nodded, a ghost of a smile tugging on her lips as she gazed over the horizon. "They are overrated aren't they?"

"Terribly so."

He watched through the mask as the dark girl's hair seemed to billow around her face, strands of hair tangling around her like spider webs, the bright light from the setting sun reflected in her amethyst orbs. Why did he want to kiss her at that precise moment in time?

"You never answered my question."

He frowned suddenly, slightly disoriented as he shook his head and asked her, "I beg your pardon?"

Sitting down across from him and pushing her hair out of her face, Raven intoned again, "What's your favourite part of a sunset?"

Running a hand through red hair, the toned boy leaned back and whistled lowly, thinking deeply. He didn't know much about sunsets. He supposed they were fairly attractive when you took the chance to look properly. But it wasn't as amazingly romantic as people made it out to be. The archer turned then towards the sea from where he sat atop the T-Tower. The sea seemed to bleed at the point where the sun touched it.

Or perhaps it was liquid fire. So…it looked like blood. Or it sounded better anyway. Much more poetic, he decided. After the sun came the golden oranges and lemony yellows. Sunsets always seemed nostalgic to him for some reason. They reminded him of nights out at the jazz club with the titans, going in just when the sun began to set and walking out later half drunk when the sun began to rise.

They reminded him of when the titans had gone out last weekend and he'd come over to keep Raven company. She had actually chuckled and let him in when he stood at the door, watching her sheepishly with that lop-sided grin of his.

He'd played a jazz LP that he'd just bought earlier that day and she'd complimented him on his good taste in music. And then when a slow little number came on, he had actually convinced her to learn how to dance. He almost died laughing at the look on her face. But she'd done it and he had held her close and he watched as she struggled with footwork.

And then he smirked when he had dipped her low and her eyes went wide with praise and shock. And then she had done something that almost sent him all the way into psycho land. She had kissed him. She had kissed him.

And from then on…well…

What was the best part of a sunset?

"You," he stated simply, turning to her and smiling.

Her eyes went wide and she almost smiled. He could see that bemused tug on her lips. "What?"

Deep, husky laughter filled the air as he sat up and walked over to her, extending his hand towards her and pulling her up. He smiled boyishly and put his arms around her, beginning to hum the tune they had listened to last week.

"Just you."

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