A/N: I've had a very productive night, hehe. I've decided to do the Wicked 100drabble thing...or try, at least. I hope you all enjoy my little drabbles that go on in my head. I do.

Well now, this was a smart idea, wasn't it? You are standing there trying to wash all this horrid, disgusting poison off your face. What were you thinking, messing around with this stuff? Of everything you have ever done, this was the dumbest. Scrubbing as hard as you can, it seems as if you'll never be cleansed.

"Elphie?" Galinda calls in her usual high-pitched, bubbly voice.

No! She is coming! Oh, now look at the mess you got yourself in. She will never let you go for this one. It will forever be hanging over your head like a storm cloud. Too late, you can clearly see Galinda's smile beside you in the mirror.

"You are trying on my makeup." Galinda looks as if she was going to cry.

"No, Galinda, I swear!" No use, Galinda can obviously see through your lies.

You've been caught.