A/N: In the recent past, this charming beauty was known to be a lover of all things Boq and Nessa, fairy tales, and all around happy things. But after a terrible period of torture and many near death experiences, she is finally taking her baby footsteps back into where she once called home. Can this broken orchid rise again, or is she due to rest her ideas in her heavy head? Until this question is answered, please welcome the ever lovely...Dresden!

Type: Musical

Elphaba entered her dorm room to a hideously ugly site.

Galinda. Cooking.

Galinda was over the little stove with a big pot, the fumes surronding their small shared space. The fog was a mist of pink and sparkles...Elphaba had to stop this.
"No, Galinda, no!" She screamed and flew across the room. 'Please stop! You dont know what you are getting in to!"
"Silly Elphie!" Galinda smiled and took the pot off and poured some in a glass. 'I'm just cooking! I call it 'Mashmellow Berry Rainbow Delight! Here, taste."
Elphaba took in a deep breath, fear gripping at her throat. She knew what would happen now. The same thing that happened last time. And the time before that. And the time before that.
But she couldn't deny her friend, so she took the mug, and took a sip. Her eyes opened wide. It was worse than she thought...

By the end of that week, every single student on campus was raving about the new drink. Galinda succeeded in once again making a trend.