Harry Potter and the family Project


Lady Razeli

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"After careful consideration the teachers and I have come to the conclusion that all sixth years need a crash course in child care and marriage. The Minister himself thinks it's a very nice idea to send you off with more than just the skills you need to perform spells. Now heading this project will be none other than Professor Snape who has graciously offered to do so," Dumbledore announced. Ron and Harry groaned more than anyone else did in the Great Hall full of sixth years.

"Professor is this really necessary?" Malfoy asked from his chair. No one was sitting at a table. Everyone was mixed together in different rows.

"Just back from Christmas vacation and this is the kind of welcome they give us," Raina moaned. "Just think if we get paired with some dork."

"Yes, it is Mr. Malfoy, now everyone was paired together randomly by my wand. But I will let Professor Snape take over from here. Professor if you will." Snape nodded and stood up. He cleared his throat and everyone paid close attention to him.

"Now during this project you will be paired with a spouse from a different house maybe not." A round of groans and near protests went around but they were silenced by a look from Snape. "Depending on what packet you have you will have a certain number of children, a job, and a cottage on the grounds in the little community we have created. You may not create a daycare."

"Oh now that's just cruel!" Raina exclaimed. Everybody turned to her. "I mean that's just lovely we should all take care of our children." Raina sat back down quickly and Snape cleared his throat venomously.

"Nice going," Genevieve teased. Raina pinched her and Genevieve returned it after rubbing her arm.

"You will attend class and your child or children must be with one parent or another at all times."

"Professor, how are we going to take care of children?" Malfoy asked. Snape sighed.

"I was getting there Malfoy," He said in an annoyed told as if he wished he weren't a teacher. He waved his wand and a box appeared. He pulled out a very real looking baby. "Although the child may look real it is in fact a doll that records everything you do to it, say to it, and your spouse. So we will know if you mistreat this child and if you are without it you will be marked down and it will effect you're end of the year exams." There was a startle of surprise and a new urgency to complete the assignment correctly. "I suggest you end any relationships you may have."

"Who are we being paired with?" Malfoy asked. Snape pulled out a list.

"Malfoy you will be paired with Ms. Granger." Malfoy looked furious.

"I will not be paired with her of all people, our children would be tainted."

"And I don't want to be paired with that slime ball!" Hermione exclaimed just as angry.

"Right receive you're envelopes from Professor Mcgonagall." They angrily marched up to Professor Mcgonagall and took their envelopes before returning to their seats.

"Blaise you will be paired with Ms. Blake."

"But I want Ms. Malfoy," Blaise said standing up.

"I don't care you will put with Ms. Blake." Blaise sighed and slumped forward and shuffled his feet to receive his packet with Genevieve.

"Ms. Brown will be paired with Ms. Abbott." They both looked stunned but glad that it could have been worse.

"Mr. Crabbe will be paired with Seamus Finnegan." Seamus started crying.

"If I had to get a husband Professor Dumbledore, couldn't you have given me someone smart?" Seamus asked. "I'll fail for sure."

"Ms. Patil will be paired with Mr. Thomas."

"Um…excuse me sir, but which one?" Parvati and Padma asked at the same time as they stood up.

"Can I choose?" Dean asked hopeful. Snape waved his hand. He didn't care and the parchment didn't specify. "Sorry Parvati, but I know you, not your sister." Parvati nodded and sat down again next to Lavender.

"Ms. Patil will be paired with Mr. Goyle." Parvati groaned and shed many tears to Mcgonagall and back.

"Ms. Bones I'm sorry to say will be paired with the sad Mr. Longbottom." Susan Bones seemed all to happy it was Neville and Neville seemed pleased with her.

"Mr. Finch-Fletchley will be paired with Ms. Midgen." Justin frowned and stared at her pimples.

"I hope our kid doesn't look like you."

"They will be a mixture of the two Mr. Finch-Fletchley," Mcgonagall scolded him.

"Mr. Macmillan will be paired with Mr. Smith." They groaned.

"Why are there all these guy pairs?" Zacharias asked.

"Shut up," Snape replied calling several more couples that consisted of two girls. "Mr. Weasley will be paired with Ms. Parkinson," Snape read off in a monotone voice and at this point he stopped ignoring the protests as he reached the very last name on his list.

"Ms. Malfoy you will be paired with Mr. Potter." There was silence throughout the room. Raina stood up and accepted her packet as did Harry who couldn't believe his luck.

"Now if you will all open your envelopes," Dumbledore said as Snape sat down.

Dear Raina,

You and your husband will need to do several things:

Decide on a last name. You may combine names or take his name.

Manage your funds

Buy a home



And actually be a married couple

Decide on names for your child or children

Other things will become more obvious as you go along. A successful marriage will get you a good grade and a failed marriage will effect you deeply on your end of the year exams no matter how well or bad you do in the first place.

You will start off with three thousand galleons in your bank account.

You have a just in case fund. Money given to you by your father just in case things does not work out. In that fund is only six thousand galleons.

You have Twin infants and a demanding three-year-old. You pick the sex.

You are a singer and a homemaker with long hours at the hospital.

Your husband is a Ministry official.

Thank you for participating,

Professor Flitwick

"What are you?" Genevieve asked.

"A singer and a homemaker, you?" Raina asked looking at her.

"A fucking waitress and a housewife. My husband is Quidditch player at least."

"Maid!" Pansy screamed in disgust.

"At least we're not her," Raina pointed out. Genevieve nodded her agreement.

"If you will please pair off with your husbands, you will go out in two straight lines to buy a home for four thousand pounds per month."

"That's a thousand galleons a week and you're only giving us three thousand galleons to start out with. We'll have to make a down payment and social security."

"Ms. Granger you would start off with less in the real world," Snape snapped. "Now go pick a cottage and you will all pick a home, I suggest you choose carefully."

"Let's go Harry," Raina said grabbing his arm. They were the first ones to leave followed by Genevieve and Blaise who glared at Harry angrily.

"Okay this is the cheapest cottage," Raina said. "Next to Genevieve and Blaise anyway."

"It's so small," Harry commented.

"Yeah well we don't have the money for anything bigger." They went inside and saw that it was completely empty of anything.

"Great no lights or water," Harry said.

"That's because you have to pay for it Mr. Potter," Professor Snape said walking in with a box.

"Where is our money so we can pay for it?" Raina asked. Snape handed them a bag.

"From now on you will go to Gringotts for money." They nodded.

"Now your down payment is two hundred galleons. Fifty Galleons for the water and heat and you will use candles and oil lamps like in the castle." Raina wrote that down.

"Do we buy our own furniture too?" Raina asked. Snape nodded as he looked around the cottage. It was only one room with three doors. One bathroom and two closets one for closes and the other for guests' coats and shoes. Raina gave him twenty hundred and fifty galleons. That left them with two thousand seven hundred and fifty galleons.

"When do we get our child?" Harry asked. He emphasized the word our to Raina. She ignored him.

"When you get back to the Great Hall, Dumbledore suggest we let you set up house first. What do you have?" Snape asked Raina.

"Two twin infants and a demanding three year old," Raina read. Snape wrote it down and left them. Raina checked the water to see it working, but rust came out first. She shut it off and made a note to boil anyway before drinking it. The refrigerator was of course bare as were the cupboards.

"I'm looking forward to being married to you," Harry said.

"Of course you are. Now listen you will go to the grocery food spending no more than a hundred galleons while I go to the furniture store."

"Anything for you sweet wife." Raina rolled her eyes as she gave him a hundred galleons and walked out with him. She bought a fold out couch, a dresser, table, and three chairs. She floated everything to the cottage by magic rather than pay for workers to do it. She arranged everything and she noticed both their trunks had arrived. She placed them in two separate corners. She bought linens and blankets as well.

"Where the hell is that boy I just sent him for food." Raina stomped off to the market. Harry was with all the other guys looking puzzled and lost with a basket full of junk food.

"Harry!" Raina exclaimed.

"Oh hey Raina, look I did the shopping."

"That's not shopping we can not survive on that." Raina sighed and made him put it all back. She got canned vegetables, rice, beans, bread, bologna, cheese, pasta noodles, milk, and bottles of water. It came out to exactly a hundred galleons.

"We need food that will last us until we start bringing in pay checks." Harry nodded as he carried the bags home and they put everything away.

"What's up with this water?" Harry asked seeing the rust.

"Let it run it'll clear, but don't use that water without boiling it first."

"Boil it in what?" Harry asked.

"Go buy some pots and pans." Harry did so for a hundred galleons.

"There was a sale." Raina nodded.

"All right so we've got three hundred galleons left, let's go put it in a savings account." Harry nodded.

"Wait we haven't chosen our last names."

"Potter-Malfoy," Raina said easily.

"I'm not taking Malfoy's last name." Raina stopped and turned around.

"Excuse me?" Raina asked. "Did you just go against what I said, because we can just go by Malfoy." Harry gulped he had never seen this side of her before.

"No, no Potter-Malfoy is the perfect."

"I thought so." They created a savings account and a checking account. The three hundred went into a savings account.

"Come on let's go back to the Great Hall." As they were leaving they noticed that there were various other communities called Seventh year village, Fifth year village, Fourth year village, and so on down the line.

"Looks like we aren't the only ones," Harry commented.

"I know." They entered the Great Hall with several others to see each table marked with a year.

"Sit with your spouses." Once the hall was full everyone was quote on quote married. Next everyone except first, second, and third years who were not present received their children or child. They were very real looking and their features altered to look like them.