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Chapter Two: Take Me On

Stranded, that's what Jericho was. Not only that but he was stranded wearing tights in a city that was confusing and crowded. Shoulders collided hardly against his with enough force to knock him to the ground. The world was in a hurry and taking no prisoners. Where was the common courtesy to say 'excuse me'? What a day, two teammates officially hated him. Of course Robin had a completely valid reason while Raven just seemed overly moody.

Streets were crowded to the brim with people; everyone was wrapped up in their own world. It was intimidating. It was up to him to fend for himself. Now where to begin? If only he could see over the millions of heads that were trailing before him. All molding into one large blur in front of him. An overly muscular, bald man slammed into him almost forcing him to wander aimlessly into a nervous looking girl clutching an unbalanced tray of coffee in her hands. An impatient grunt sounded from the man and Jericho smiled meekly now following the crowd.

How ridiculous, he was being bullied into walking forward.

Calmly he slipped into a nearby alleyway, clutching his hand to his chest. His breaths were quick without their normal rhythm. In his mind he was cursing his temperamental teammate for indirectly forcing him into an alleyway. A sigh escaped him as he began to feel hopeless. The personality he possessed was not one of a superhero. Superheroes were brave, confident, and didn't allow anyone to push them around. Shy Joey couldn't be like that. His back slid slowly down the side of the building until he felt the cold asphalt below him. Perhaps if he was more like Robin then this would be easier.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, this all wasn't new. All along he knew deep down that becoming a hero with the upbringing he had experienced would be difficult. Siblings before him had cracked under the pressure following obediently and blindly in their father's footsteps leaving Jericho alone.

"Joey," a soft voice called. It belonged to a beautiful, kind woman with wavy brown hair that fell beneath her soft shoulders.

Bright green eyes looked up at the woman from behind shaggy blond bangs. There was a gentle, naïve spirit behind those eyes. "Yes, Mother?"

It was a soft voice that briefly belonged to Joey. Little did he know that voice would escape him a few months later leaving him silent. The look on his mother's face was soft and foretelling tough times ahead. Her brown eyes softened while getting on one knee before him. One of her hands moved slowly brushing his golden curls out of his face.

That day was one that would forever remain in the back of his mind. The two were standing on the front porch of their house located in a suburban neighborhood. There was sun shining brightly in the sky and Joey had been playing alongside the other kids in the neighborhood for hours on end. Dirt covered his body from head to toe. A small cut was forming on his right cheek from running past a tree branch carelessly.

Nothing was said. Instead his mother licked her thumb then began rubbing his cut gently to clean it of the invading dirt. A soft smile spread across her face, leaving a young Joey confused.

"What's the matter?"

That little spot of concern seemed to derail his mother's expression. For some reason he could always read his mother like a book. Something had happened a couple of weeks ago that's what he knew for sure. There was yelling and names being tossed around from each side. That's all he could recall at this moment.

Shaking her head, his mother continued to clean off his fair cheeks. "Nothing… Just promise me that you will stay the gentle soul you are now."

Was a promise of that nature even something he was able to keep? Genetics before him proved that he would end up walking the same line that his older brother before him had walked. Sometimes it seemed easier to twist off of the path he was walking following obediently of what was expected for his family. The term 'like father like son' came to mind whenever he looked in the mirror. Even at the age of five he seemed to comprehend that his family wasn't all too normal. The so-called father figure was barely around and when he was there was always a fuss over his older brother, Grant.

A crash sounded only a few feet away snapping him out of thought.

If there was one thing he didn't want to get involved in right now, it was a fight of any kind. Snapping to his feet he ran as quickly as possible out of that dark alleyway. It's not that he couldn't easily possess any person who popped up at him, well unless they were armed with a burlap bag, it's just that he didn't feel like dealing with anything or anyone right now.

He was having a bad day.

Something soft collided with him. Okay maybe he should've been watching where he was going. Whatever he collided with was stable enough on their two feet to knock Jericho right to the ground. Small cuts now cluttered the palms of his hands as he looked up with an apologetic expression to the person he had just bumped into.

Tinted pink sunglasses stared directly down at him; blue eyes were concealed behind the thick magenta frames. The expression was unreadable, caught somewhere between annoyed, bemused, and pensive. A completely pink outfit adorned the girl's small frame even topped off with a pink headband in her blond hair. She lifted her sunglasses to her forehead, her eyes immediately falling onto his communicator.

"A Titan," she spat suddenly lifting him to his feet by the collar of his shirt.

Today was obviously not the day to be his collar. A closer inspection of her face revealed that she was intrigued by him. With no words to speak all he did was nod. Once again her blue eyes scanned him from head to toe, narrowed, before she placed him on his flat feet. Depending on the person, being a Titan could be extremely good or extremely bad. Right now he wanted the lesser of two evils but he hadn't been experienced either side enough to know which one it was. The girl before him seemed snobby so she couldn't be what Beast Boy referred to as a "fangirl", which the green-skinned boy said he had many of, but the girl didn't seem threatening enough to be on the other side of the spectrum.

The girl's head was now tilted to the side. "Can you speak? What the hell are you, a freakin' mute?"

Wow, what a sour interior on such a sweet looking exterior. Maybe she wore so much pink to disguise her obviously sour and tainted personality. He had a feeling that if he told her the truth by nodding then she would push him through the plate-glass store window next to them. Where all women this hostile? So far he had only seen the hostile side of the fairer sex. Raven and this girl should start a book club.

Sheepishly he nodded.

"Is that so? Well finding you was easier than I expected."

Huh?! What the hell was that supposed to mean? Before he could even protest through unwilling facial expressions and the failing of his arms, the girl was dragging him off by the arm into the nearest café. It felt like he was being abducted by someone the police would never expect to be a crazed killer. At this rate he was only going to get more lost than he already was. All he wanted out of this trip was a simple packet of guitar picks not to be thrown out of the car too early then dragged away by some pink nightmare.

The girl put her elbows on the table, resting her tan chin on her hands with an amused smile. Jericho sat there tensely with his hands glued to his lap. His eyes were darting around the room only to see a couple of waitresses running around to occupied tables. There was no one there to help him. Everyone was too busy wrapped up in their own lives and affairs. A small chuckle escaped the girl, her piercing blue eyes shot open. Panic ran through him with her eyes directly glued to him.

In some way the girl reminded him of Terra, only by appearance, maybe if the geomancer had cut her hair and paid more attention to applying makeup.

"Pull down your collar."

That was a crazy demand coming from an equally crazy girl. Normally people would ask you your name instead of demanding to see the skin of your neck. Maybe it was some weird fetish. Well he wasn't going to put up a fight especially in a public place such as this café. Drawing attention to the situation at hand would probably only make it worse.

With no complaints or protest he monotonously pulled down the collar of his white turtleneck, rolling his eyes in the process. There was nothing really special to show.

The girl leaned over the wooden table with full attention on his neck. Lazily she brushed her fingers alongside a gash-like scar on the front of his neck, near his vocal chords. So she was testing to see if his scar was real, that only added on the eccentricities of this entire ordeal. A shiver ran through his body at the girl's ice cold touch. It had been a long time since someone had seen those scars, and he had long forgotten they were even there. Another reminder of who his family was.

"Well, well. I never would've expected his son to be so cute."

Now she had retreated back to her seat with a cup of coffee placed in front of her. As she spoke she tossed a tuft of her shiny, blond hair over her shoulder and he could've sworn that she purred. Joey's nose wrinkled trying to figure out what she was getting at. A normal person couldn't possibly know who he was, at least not this soon after coming here.

An index finger was circling the rim of her coffee cup. "You fit the picture. Isn't amazing how fast word travels in a special circle of people? I mean if your teammates knew what I do then you would be an outcast, now wouldn't you, Joey?"

Chewing on his lip, Jericho was now avoiding as much eye contact as possible with her, knowing well enough what she was building up to. It was only a matter of…

"Don't you want to see your Daddy?"

Too late.

Instantly he stood up. This was becoming too much. There was no way he was going to see his own father, no way he was going to end up the way his older brother did. A promise was a promise even if it was the promise of a lifetime and extremely hard to keep. Being a hero meant that he had to fight on the side against his father and never lay eyes on him unless it was during combat. How ridiculous that this girl was trying to coax him into betraying a team that was slowly accepting him. The choice to fight alongside the Teen Titans was made the day the Brotherhood of Evil was disbar raged.

The reaction he had only seemed to tickle her.

"It's only a matter of time, he's looking for you. You can't run from it forever."

Once again he was running from a problem leaving the pink-themed girl at the café table. Right now he didn't care where he was going all he wanted was to get as far away from that girl as possible. What could she have meant by 'he's looking for you'? Jericho thought it was completely obvious that he never wanted to see his father again especially after the falling out his parents had. There was too much that he had tucked away in his subconscious that would only be flushed out again with a visit from his father. If he did appear then his cover would be blown, the Titans would never accept him and everything he had tried to do would be ruined. Maybe he wasn't cut out for this hero business.

"Why so glum?"

A raspy, indifferent voice, it could only belong to the girl who casually tossed him out of the car earlier. Jericho somehow ended up smack dab in the middle of the city's park carefully hiding out on a bench near the pond. This hiding spot proved to be ineffective when one of the few people he didn't want to see right now showed up. Instead of acknowledging her existence he thought it was best to remain in his position; looking down at the ground with his elbows on his knees. A feeling in the back of his mind mused to him that this pale girl would probably be yet another person who would castrate him for his name.

His eyes were dead locked on the navy shoes belonging to the girl still standing in front of him. Even if she wasn't saying a word he had the feeling that she wasn't going to leave without a proper response from him. After all he was mute, not deaf. A sigh escaped him as he looked up to see the hooded girl staring at him blankly; a book was clutched in her left hand. Any second he was anticipating the feeling of her rummaging through his mind.

"You pushed me out of the car," he lied in his thoughts feeling the fuzzy tingling of another person's mind mingling with his own.

"You stared at me."

Fair enough.

The fact she cared baffled him. Actually he wasn't fully sure if what she was doing was caring. Usually when people cared they didn't have an apathetic look on their face hidden behind the security of a hood. What kind of crazy person still walked around wearing a hood anyways? They weren't in the Dark Ages. He was one to talk, running around in tights and a purple get up. Maybe it was some subconscious way of trying to distinguish himself from his family. Purple seemed like a safe and happy color.

The girl standing before him was the first barrier to overcome before he could be a full member of the team. To the untrained person she would seem like a challenge but to him he knew the real difficulty was lying within his favorability with their leader. Starfire liked Joey, okay Starfire liked everyone, but that would probably help lean their masked boy wonder in his favor. Maybe he could get through this without the extensive background checks.

An awkward silence took over. Normally silences didn't bother him but this one seemed full of unspoken tension like there was something on the tip of their tongues they wanted to say but couldn't.

"Look," she began giving him a dead on stare, "I have to baby-sit tonight and since you have nothing better to do. Then you might as well help out."

Babysitting? This made him cock an eyebrow at her. The aura this girl gave off didn't seem like the maternal type. If he was a young child then he wouldn't want her to be his main source of care, even for a couple of hours. After the stunt she pulled with him in the car all he could see was her making the children do her bidding. Scrubbing the toilets, making her tea, destroying everything pink Starfire had accumulated in the house those all seemed like likely scenarios from his observations over the past few days. Also the fact that she was assuming he had nothing better to do made him a little huffy. How would she know? What a pain, she couldn't just assume basic things like that.

Even if they were completely correct.

Babysitting! It was turning out to be a nightmare. Who would've guessed that he wasn't too good with children?

Jericho wished his hands were glued tightly to his suffering ears, but then the blond nightmare before him would never shut up. Panic was running through his body as he continued to scour the empty Tower for the elusive, blue blanket that belonged to the screaming child across the room. There was no mention of babysitting freaky children with strange, annoying powers when Raven mentioned babysitting. Unfortunately he was the only sucker around to be doing this sort of torture. A note left haphazardly on the refrigerator revealed that Starfire plus the unwilling Robin went out dancing. Then it was added at the bottom in curly handwriting that Terra wanted to show Beast Boy another fair on the outskirts of town. Who knew when all of them would come back? Before they left Cyborg pulled up to tell them he would be spending extra time in the body shop. It was just him and the moody, witch girl.

"Where's my blanket?!"

Alongside three superhuman children…

What was even more mind-blowing was the fact that he was now crawling around on the carpet of the living room searching for the elusive blue blanket. A corner of blue fabric caught his attention joyfully he reached for it. All along it was hiding underneath their oddly shaped couch. There was something tugging on it, so with full force he pulled it out only to reveal another child attatched to it at the mouth.

This is becoming ridiculous. The blond-haired toddler looked up at him with huge eyes. Lying there on the floor he watched with full attention as the child detached himself from the blanket. Sweet relief, now he could make the other child calm down. Right now he wished he knew their names. Upon entering the door they were greeted by the agonizing screams without much needed introductions. Hopefully he wasn't this much of a nuisance when he was a child.

Jericho stood up, tossing the blue blanket to the screaming child. Now there was silence and he had never been so happy to not hear any noise in his life. If being a Teen Titan meant he would have to watch little, a super powered child, or three, then he wasn't cut out for this life. How could anyone stay calm during this? It was a little overwhelming, all he wanted to do was make everyone happy.


"What the…" Something soft and wet was chewing on his boot. His eyes fell to the floor to find the blond baby who had been chewing on the blanket to now enjoying himself with his footwear. Would this day ever end? The mute began shaking his leg wildly trying to somehow dislodge the baby from his boot.

"Your boyfriend sorta sucks at this, blue girl."

A small girl was standing next to Raven near the entrance to the main room. At that moment he could've sworn that he saw the girl's perfectly symmetrical pigtails move. Children always seemed to assume that older people were always dating each other if they were of the opposite sex. Instead of responding back all the mauve-eyed girl did was shoot the small child a warning look.

Jericho hit the floor with a thud. Once again the carpet somehow found contact with his chin or cheeks while the baby was still gnawing happily on his purple boot. Shooting Raven a pleading look he hoped that they still had a psychic connection. All she was doing was standing there watching while he was being mauled by a bunch of children with completely difficult special abilities. Her hood was pulled down and revealed that she had a slightly amused look on her face.

Was he just entertainment for her?

"Why aren't you helping me," he thought feeling whiney and helpless in this situation. Now this girl would probably think he was weak or something. Just because he couldn't handle children did not mean he was weak.

Her eyes rolled at his comment. Great their minds were still linked. There was a pout on his face, maybe he could appeal to her better nature. Footsteps echoed from the other side of the room, meaning that both Raven and her little companion were coming to his aid. How odd it was that he could help dismantle a major evil superpower but he couldn't take care of a toddler.

"Don't give me that look."

Jericho was watching her closely, still keeping the pout pasted onto his face to see what she would do. Prior experience told him that she had an extremely short fuse. His mind was no longer focused on the small child attatched to his boot. This girl made him slightly curious. One second she would have a hard exterior, then the next she would be making jokes. Women sure were confusing and he wasn't having any luck so far in this city with them. One had thrown him out of the car, another had kissed him eleven feet in the air, and finally a crazy pink nightmare brought him news about his father. If memory served him correctly, Raven was not a fan of his father either. Keeping up this cerate would be death of him.

"Don't fidget so much. It's a toddler not the plague," she commanded kneeling down at his feet gently tugging the child off of his leg.

How unfair, she could remove him with such ease. Maybe she had a secret soft spot for children. A small smile of gratitude appeared on his face when he came to his knees. A fuzzy feeling was nuzzling at the back of his mind; a pensive look was on Raven's face. It wasn't alarming but it seemed like she was curious to know what was running through his mind at that moment in time. Weird, she didn't seem like the type to dig through people's minds. Instantly he put a mental wall, blocking her from going in a little too deep. The expression she had changed, but they continued to kneel there staring at each other face-to-face.

"Ohhhhh," the interruption came from the overly excited blond girl with pigtails now a couple of inches away from each of their faces. "Bobby thinks there are sparks-a-flyin'!"

Still pensive, Raven stood up pulling her hood back over her head leaving Jericho kneeling on the floor with all three of the children. A sigh escaped him. The look on her face wasn't exactly comforting, if she was prying around in his mind there was no telling what she could've uncovered. There was no doubt that she could easily bring down his mental wall, but she seemed far too detached emotionally to do such a thing. Children really seemed to be able to speak whatever's on their minds and that seemed to break up the slightly awkward situation. Right now he was thinking he owed this girl a cookie or something.

All Joey could see was the back of a dark blue cloak that was slowly turning his way. "So you have secrets?"

He began to chew on his lip again. Secrets were something that tore teams apart, now this girl realized that he was keeping something from everyone. Running a hand through his blond hair he was beginning to think he should come clean. If he did it sooner rather than later then maybe he wouldn't be in as much trouble. Again he looked up, it's like she was waiting for him to say, well think, something.

Glass shattered around him, his eyes widened in surprise. A green and black flash entered the Tower through the window slamming Raven onto the floor in what seemed like a natter of seconds. Instantly rising to his feet, he ran as fast as he could over to her side. There seemed to be nothing wrong, instead the witch girl was sitting up with an aggravated expression.

Her mauve eyes fell upon Joey as she commanded, "Get Melvin, Timmy, and Teether out of here, now."

With no hesitation he nodded looking around the room. Glass covered the floor while the group of super-children was huddled in the corner of the room behind a huge, stuffed bear. There hadn't been a huge, stuffed bear there before. Joey shook his head wildly hoping to open his eyes and see the bear vanished. Opening his eyes slowly, he found no such luck with the presence of the bear still in front of the group.

The flash swept by again cluttering the floor with more broken glass from the windows. None of this seemed to bother Raven, instead she maintained calm and composed manner floating up into the air with ease. Whatever this flash was it came out suddenly only to create chaos, not really targeting anyone in particular. The team was probably used to these sorts of ambushes so that would probably be the reason for her composure under this intense type of situation.

Alert, that's what he had to be. Taking a deep breath he began to cross the room to get to the huddled bunch of kids. Glass crushed underneath his boots as the flash kept whizzing back and forth across the room. A sharp pain ran through his body, something sharp had just slashed across his back. Blood trickled down the back of his shirt, staining the carpet. Wincing he kept pushing on to find himself unable to move. His eyes frantically moved around the room then finally moved to the floor. Thick black ropes were wrapped around his small ankles with something white attatched. The black ropes moved slightly revealing a head attatched to them. That meant those weren't black ropes; it was human hair. The head spun around swiftly revealing a grinning cat mask as Joey hit the floor with a thud. Glass cut into his already wounded back. The strange masked girl was only adding insult to injury with her vindictive smile painted on.

Eyes clenched in pain, he opened them to see the masked villain looking down at him, her body pressed against his. One of her claws was lifted up, ready to strike. If only he could see her eyes, then making eye contact would be so simple. Unfortunately body possession wasn't too useful when only fighting one opponent. The mask she was wearing was familiar. Somewhere in his mind he knew he had seen that mask somewhere before. The long locks of her sturdy, black hair had him tied down. What kind of person used hair as a weapon?

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" A part of the couch glided across the room knocking the masked girl off of Joey.

Sitting up he noticed the girl gracefully back flipping until she gained stable ground on the other side of the room. The graceful movements finally revealed who she was in his memory; Chesire. It looked like Raven was ready to hit her with another couch, already charging up another amount of black energy that was enveloping the piece of furniture. Pain shot through Joey's shoulder blade. Blood was still flushing from his body staining his outfit while his nerves screamed in agony. This was worse than having a burlap sack on your head.

The cunning Chesire pushed off of the wall becoming airborne releasing a manila envelope from her sleeve. It floated in the air for a couple of moments before he could read the fine lettering; Joseph. Without a thought he grabbed it, stuffing it into his shirt for safe keeping. There was only one person who would address him by that name, and he was becoming a nuisance. His eyes soon darted around the room again landing on the assassin. Obviously she didn't come here to kill him; she was merely the messenger this time meant to rile him up. Knowing his father this was his way of telling his son that he knew he was here.

Black hair constricted around his teammate's small body. With one small movement Chesire whipped the purple-haired witch into the ground, soon taking her exit in a green and black flash. Impulse commanded his body for him running through the pain to catch the falling Raven. Sadly the force she slammed into his arms with combined with her body weight caused his knees to buckle upon impact. They both lied there in a heap of purple and blue on the glass covered floor; Raven on top of his body. A moan of agony came from her direction while the children sat safe and sound in the corner. No other noise followed.

More broken glass was digging into his knees. A small amount of blood trickled from the corner of Raven's fair lips. The impact must have been a little too hard. There wasn't the steady rhythm of breathing. Oh man, she's not breathing. Trying to piece together his thoughts Joey laid her down carefully on the floor, seeing the trio of super-children still huddling in the corner waiting the command for them to move. He bit his lip knowing that he would have to use mouth-mouth resuscitation. So far he was making short work out of lip locking with his fellow teammates; next he was pretty sure it would be Terra or Beast Boy's turn.

Wasting time by overanalyzing wasn't what he should be doing. Taking a deep breath he crossed his palms together and pressed her abdomen, making sure to count in his head. Then he opened her mouth, pressing his against hers breathing his air into her mouth. A series of "oh-s" and "ah-s" came from the corner. The witch's mauve eyes shot open, narrowing slightly when she noticed herself connected with her teammate at the mouth. Taking her eyes shooting open as a good sign, Joey recoiled looking down at her feeling extremely relieved. Letting a teammate die wouldn't go well with Robin. A small amount of blood splattered on his face as Raven let out a hard cough, gasping for air.

Ew… that was something he could have lived without.

Not like it really mattered anyway, he was already covered in blood from the slash marks Chesire had landed on his back. There was also the matter of the shards of glass opening new wounds throughout his knees and back as well. At least Raven seemed to make it out without serious damage and the children hadn't even been touched. For all they knew, Chesire had just randomly attacked, but he knew the real reason why.

Indifferently Raven wiped her mouth with the back of her hand looking around the room to assess the damage while Jericho knelt besides her just waiting for her to say something. The damage wasn't extensive, a few broken windows, and a couch was misplaced but nothing too grave. It wasn't the assassin's mission to destroy the place, it was only Chesire's job to drop off the letter, shake him up, and toy around with whoever he was with for fun.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed Raven beginning to sit up, her eyes directly fixed on him with an unreadable expression. "Thanks."

A shrug was his reply to her gratitude; it was what he had to do. Anyone else on the team would've gladly done the same thing for her or the others for that matter. Maybe if he wasn't so weak he could've prevented the wind being knocked from her in the first place. A small amount of blood dripped to the floor, catching their attention. Great, he hadn't stopped bleeding yet now he was ruining their carpeting.

"Maybe I should help you bandage up." The offer was nice but she seemed to have forgotten about the children still located in the corner of the room. Also there was the entire chore of having to repair the Tower before the others came back.

On the verge of saying yes Joey noticed something peculiar, that the purple-haired girl has placed her hand subconsciously on his chest. The letter was snuggly concealed right underneath where her hand was on his body. Bandaging up would mean the letter would fall out in plain sight, so that wasn't such a good idea. And was he the only one a little unnerved by her sudden interest in placing her hand on his chest? This girl was complicated.

With a final decision in his mind he shook his head, slowly removing her hand from his chest with a small smile. "You should clean up, and take care of the kids. I don't want to be a burden."

Once more the look on Raven's face became pensive, taking her hand back a little harshly. Her words became distant and apathetic again, "Fine."

Ugh, now she was going back to being 'Miss Moody' again. Before standing up he watched her gracefully walk to the side of the room checking on the children, even if she tried to put up a front that she could hardly care less about them, it was evident that she never wanted anything bad to happen to them. The youngest one wanted up with tears brimming on the edges of his eyes, Raven picked him up gently, rocking him back and forth slightly looking at the other two who were talking with enthusiasm about something. Her free hand began to pick up pieces of fallen glass, formulaically using her black magic to piece them together.

Letting out a sigh, Joey exited the room into the empty, dark hallway. With relief boiling over inside of him he placed his beaten back against the cold, metal wall taking in deep breaths while he clutched his shirt where the letter was concealed. Even if there were other people present in the Tower, he felt a little alone.

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