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Forewords: Random, shapeless fluff… The chronicles will continue!

Title: Never make her angry

By: Uchiha-chan aka Hayashi11


A loud feminine voice howled followed by a growl. The owner of that unique voice brisk walked past a long candle lit corridor to her room. Upon reaching, she heard fumbling sounds followed by a tumble.

Juliet who was also known as Nao Zhang, a resident of the Kruga mansion, was lying on her stomach on the bed reading thirty seconds ago before feeling the sudden chilling aura and had the sudden instinct to bolt. She didn't make it very far because the sheets entangled her legs and she landed painfully on the floor after much struggle.

The owner of the room gave the thick wooden door a hard kick right beside the door handle and made that piece of helpless wood swing back violently and hit the wall it was hinged to.

Nao winced at the noise and scrambled for the bathroom that's connected to the bedroom knowing that it would be kicked down just the same way shortly. At least there's a brief moment of safety from that wild beast; so she thought. Her wishes for a nice comfy cuddling session with the girl went up in angry flames from the blue hair girl's eyes.


Did she just say shoot? No No… Shoot is bad…

The red head decided that shooting is rather detrimental to her health and so she gave up.

"Hai Hai…"

Nao walked out with her hands in the air.

"What's up?"

"Don't 'what's up' me moron! What did you do to Duran!"

Natsuki walked to the girl grabbed her by her shirt.

"What the hell did you do to him!"

Ohh... That...

Nao remembered and smirked.

"Took him for a walk, he started rolling in mud. Kruga! You should thank me for washing him up!"


Natsuki pulled the girl up to her face and shouted. She wanted to shake the girl to vent her anger but Nao slapped her hands away.

"Mou... Seriously... Do you abuse all your girlfriends like that?"

Nao grumbled darkly before walking back to the bed to pick up the book she was reading half-way.

Too angry to blush, Natsuki continued to argue at the girl.

"I don't need a girlfriend who breaks things!"

A sudden thought flashed in her mind as she remembered why Natsuki came home so late today. It was the day for weekly visits to Countess Viola's Castle. Jealousy blinded the younger girl for a moment.

"At least I don't toy and break hearts like you do!"

Nao replied hotly and regretted when Natsuki's face went from angry to surprise, hurt and back to anger which went up a notch.

"So you've to do that to get back at me? I've told you that that is a business meeting!"

Natsuki held her self back from beating the girl to pulp and took a deep breath.

"I don't give a damn!"

Nao huffed and steered her glare away from Natsuki. The other girl took this timeout as an opportunity to cool down and get back into her rational mind. 'Easy there Natsuki… calm down…' After all she was partially at fault for neglecting her.

Taking the silence as a sign of her deep in thought or something, Nao threw the book rather violently onto the bed and headed for the door. Natsuki snapped out of her thoughts at that sudden action and went after her.

"Look… I know I shouldn't raise my voice at you…"

"Shut up and out'ta my face Kruga!"

Nao walked on without looking back.

"Will you accept my apologies?"

"You can kill me if you want but don't give me that shit!"

Nao snapped at her and had her hand on the door knob to slam the open door shut. And shut it was, but the red head didn't make it out in time. D closed the door and held it shut with one hand while Nao continue to stare at the shut door in shock.

"Oh… That just reminded me of something very important…"

Natsuki leaned forward and spoke softly and slowly for the effect to work into Nao's system. The coldness in her voice sent shivers to the red head. 'Oh no…ohshit… this is not happening…run…'

"You reminded me of ways I can make you listen…"

"Wait! I'll listen!"

Out of desperation, Nao surrendered. She wanted to turn around to face Natsuki but before she could even move a muscle, the blue hair girl had already pushed her up against the door. Natsuki dipped her head to a side of Nao's head and whispered.

"Too late sweetie… playing with fire got you burnt…"

Nao felt her heart clench and a breath of air gets choked in her throat. Her body squirmed to get away from the weight behind her back while her hands tried to push herself away from the door. 'Ohshit… I'm so gonna die…I'm gonna fucking hurt and die' However hard she tries, she couldn't win Natsuki's strength given her strategically weak position. Natsuki took this chance to pin those annoying hands above Nao and growled.

"I hope you've calmed down to listen to me…"

"You know damn well that I'm not calm!"

With the last bit of remaining anger, Nao turned her head to catch a glimpse of her oppressor. That split second look frightened her so much that she turned back immediately and pressed her forehead against the door. The green eyes that she loved were replaced by blood red ones and her sharp pointy teeth were jutting from beneath those pale lips. 'Ohhhhshit… This is the end of me…'

"Wait… Kurga! Hold it!"

"Hypnotizing you will make things much easier but I hope you'll listen to me as you are now…"

Nao's plea was unheard. Natsuki whispered into her ear.

"I'm wrong to neglect you. For that, I'm sorry… I'll make it up to you… Forgive me."

Nao hoped that her guess what wrong all along. 'She's not gonna bite me? That's rare…but her breathing…' From what Nao remembered, Natsuki won't stop until she gets what she want when her eyes turned red. Nao had noticed that Natsuki's breathing is not normal; it seems a little… breathless…

"But… you… you need to be punished for your wrong doings…"

Blue fringe brushed the nape of the red head's neck so lightly that it sent shivers down her entire body. The hand griping her wrist loosened up but Nao made no attempt in breaking free. On the other hand, she seemed rather distracted by the other hand that found its way to her waist and under her shirt. Natsuki pulled the younger girl as close to her as possible and Nao knew that she needed to stop her, she needed to get away. Natsuki had allowed her vampire instincts to take over. One wrong move to upset her would mean a very painful end for her.

"Natsuki… please…"

Nao whimpered.

"Duran and his mistress… were pretty upset… What must you do?..."

That scared her till her eyes start to tear. Getting bitten was not so much as a prick on skin, the pain in the neck would last for days and if she was lucky she would only be having anemia for three to four days. Nao was determined to do anything to stop herself from getting bitten.

"I'm sorry…please…"

"It's no use…"

Natsuki breathed down her neck and playfully licked it with the tip of her tongue. The invading hand drew feather light circles on her skin. Somehow, no matter how wrong this situation is, Nao couldn't help but to open her mouth slightly and let out a low moan.

"Hmmm… you seem to be enjoying your punishment…"

Natsuki looked at the red head slyly even though the owner's face couldn't be seen. Nao couldn't answer her; the stimulations were too great to prevent her brain to function properly.

"We can fix that…"

The tongue's next destination was her ear. This made the owner of the ear squirm and moved her head away from the source of discomfort. Seizing the chance of her victim's momentary loss of concentration, Natsuki bared her fangs and sank them into that soft neck. A sharp gasp followed by throbbing pain, green eyes snapped wide open with shock but lapsed back into waves of pleasure soon after. She squeezed her eyes shut as overwhelming sensation flooded her head. The vampire sucked gently on the wound that she had created, slowly savoring this rare delicacy. Her hand continues to massage the smooth skin under the shirt and leisurely traveled upwards.


Her breath hitched as she moaned the name of her love. Her body went limp from the climax and withered into the arms of the vampire; her vampire.

Natsuki stop drinking from her and gently scooped her up.Her eyes reverted back to it's usual colour. The loss of blood caused a sudden drop in body heat.

"I-I'm cold…"

Nao breathily whispered and tried to bury her head into Natsuki's shoulder.

"It's alright love… I'll take you to bed…"

Natsuki kissed her forehead lightly which warmed Nao's heart tremendously.

"I'm sorry..."

"You're forgiven..."