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Title: Vampire Chronicles chapter 3

By Uchiha-chan aka. Hayashi11

A stealthy shadow zipped left and right along the dim hallway.

Stop. Listen. Look. Move.

The short figure repeated that in her mind as she close in to her destination. She steadied her breathing to conceal herself in the spots unreachable by the lights in the hallway.


Not a twitch of muscle was felt…


Not a sound from the room…


Door's closed. Probably locked as well...


She cleared the last 5 meters with a forward roll and pressed her body against the wall just beside the door.

Not a sound heard, not a person in sight. Time for action!

The girl reached in to her sneaking suit's breast pocket and took out a lock pick. She inserted the tool into the keyhole and wriggled it around until she heard the distinctive click sound only detectable by trained lock pickers. She grinned at her success, her teachers would be proud. She readied her weapon and took a deep breath.

Everything was unbelievably smooth today…

One… Two… THREE!

"En garde!!"

The girl kicked the door open with her boots; cart wheeled herself to the middle of the room and got into a defensive stance. One would ask why someone would go all the way to sneak to her destination and burst in to tell her enemy to be on guard. Simple; One taught her to duel like a gentleman, another taught her to sneak and surprise her enemy and the third taught her the great ways to blow things up and kick some real ass. But no on told her not to try all three at the same time.

The room was quiet to her surprise. She surveyed the room and noticed that something was not right. Usually 'She' would be awake by now and would either be armed with a hanger if she was dressing or an extra toothbrush if she was washing up. The excited face broke into a childlike grin when she saw some familiar looking clothes strewn all over the bedroom floor.


Dressed in tight fitting leather suit that looks remarkably similar to what the Vampire Hunter D wore many years ago, she kept her blunt sword back in its sheath. Over the mountains of covers and rumpled sheets, she spied a mop of familiar red hair latched firmly to her 'Papa' with a.

Silently, she scaled the foot of the bed and surveyed her surroundings. The bodies under the sheets shifted. The red head now had an elbow in her Papa's side and one of her legs was in the motion of kicking her Papa off bed.

She giggled and crawled into the tangle of limbs and sheets until she was nestled in between them, not bothered by the fact that they were in various states of nudity. Well… this kind of thing happens all the time.

She used her small fingers and poked the sides of the two sleeping adults.

"Hmmm… Don't…"

The red head grumbled while her 'Papa' turned away to face away from the source of poking. The girl ignored her grumbles and continued with an increasing frequency.

"Hmm… Said don't…."

Nao grumbled again and grabbed the source of warmth beside her. Feeling a little different from what she was used to, she opened an eye and peeped. The blue head was right before her but somehow her lover felt a little small…

"Oh my god! Natsuki you've shrunken! "

Nao sat up and rubbed the sand out of her eyes. She then quickly grabbed the sheets to cover her exposed self after hearing another giggle. Hearing her name, Natsuki turned back in annoyance and hugged what's next to her.

"You're the one who've shrunk…"

She grumbled.

"Morning Papa!"

"Mmm… Morning…"


Nao scolded. However there was an amused twinkle in her eye. The red head greeted the world with a huge yawn and a contended face. She stretched and ruffled the young girl's hair.

Nina?...Ohh!... NINA?!

Emerald green eyes snapped wide open, all traces of sleepiness vanished in an instant.

"What are you doing in my bed? Your Mama will kill me if she knew I groped our daughter!"

Natsuki quickly let go and sat up. Unlike Nao, she was in a semi-dressed state, had an unbuttoned blouse and underwear on.

"Papa… What is grope?"

"It's a hug you give to the people you love."

Nao winked and searched for her shirt at the side of the bed.

"Stop teaching her the wrong stuff Nao! Nina, go have a light breakfast. I'll be with you shortly."

The young girl stabbed a finger into her Papa's stomach and laughed. The blue hair woman gave a slight "oomph" and fell back into bed again.

"I won!"

"Papa can I grope you?"


"Can I grope Mama?"


Nina stuffed the last corner of honey waffle into her mouth before asking again.

"What about Nao nee-chan?"

"NO! You can hug them but not grope them!"

Nao almost snorted her morning cup of coffee when the young girl started asking questions. Natsuki, not at all amused by this, slammed her glass of Bloody Mary on the table and glared at the red head. As scary as the name sounded, her drink didn't really come from a lady called Mary, It's just a normal bottle of A minus with vodka.

"Why not? What's the difference? Nao said it's for the people I love…"

Nina imitates her mother's teary eyes attack.

"Nao Onee-chan…"

Nao cuts in; slightly annoyed but laughing nonetheless.

"The difference is that I am the only one who can grope your Papa" Mama replied.

"Shizuru! W-Why! I mean, how come you're here this early?"

"Mama! Good morning!"

The child greeted her Mama with a grin that flashed her half chewed waffle to the bright and wonderful world.

"Manners, Nina. Finish before you talk."

Immediately, the child's head drooped like that of her Papa in puppy mode when she receives lecture from the red eyed Vampire.

Like father, like daughter.. Nao shrugged.

"Ara.. I happen to be in the neighborhood, so I thought I'll stop by to visit. Is Natsuki not happy to see me?"

Shizuru brought a finger and dried the corner of her eye. Puppy knew it was coming, yet she never learn. Nao rolled her eyes and turned to let Nina entertained her with the happy faces drawn with jam, honey and butter on her last waffle. Suddenly, a tiny devilish Nao popped into her host's head and gave her a creepy mischievous grin. The redhead pulled Nina close to her and whispered into her ear.

"No my dear! No! I'm just surprised! I'm really happy to see you! But why would you be around here? The last time I visited… it takes me four hours to run to your place with vampire speed."

"There, you're using Hunter terms again. I had some business in the city actually."

The ancient vampire gave off what it seems to be a chuckle and hugged her blue hair beauty from the back.

"Get me one of this and we'll talk…"

Shizuru murmured seductively into the puppy's ear and felt her squirm in delight.

"I-I thought you'd prefer tea?"

Natsuki leaned back and nuzzled into the crook of her love's neck.

"I need something strong this morning.. And I suggest you get yourself another one too. It's not exactly pleasant news..."

"Oii! The room is available upstairs! Keep it PG pup!"

That stopped the couple's action for a bit. Nao crunched the last corner of her toast and shot them a look. Nina, who had just finished her masterpiece, pushed her plate a little more towards the center of the table and knelt on her chair.

"Look Papa I drew this!"

On what was supposed to be Nina's waffle on the plate, was a messy square of goo. But after pointing out that they were in fact people, the two cuddling adults walked closer to their daughter.

"See? This is Papa with blueberry jam hair and Mama with honey hair. Onee-chan has strawberry jam hair!"

Papa Natsuki could see the outlines of a family portrait drawn with various kinds of breakfast material spread out on the table, and all three of their edible counterparts wore suits made of chocolate sauce.

"Since I'm not allowed to grope, Nao says I can eat you to show my love!"

This child doesn't even know what she's talking about.

Natsuki stared in horror at her young adopted daughter and wondered if she was dropped on her head when she was a baby. Shizuru's usual mask of elegance and beauty cracked from the laughter that erupted from her. Nao gave Shizuru a badass smirk and shared mental high-five.

Nina thought her parents are enjoying her display of affection and continued to operate on the waffle with her knife.

"I'm going to eat Papa first because I love her best!"

The ex-hunter's eye twitched as she watched her chocolaty self being bisected and staked with a fork. Her brain finally kicked into damage control mode as she watched her daughter eat her. Literally.

"NO!! Don't eat that!"

Shizuru's laughter went from crazy to maniac when she witnessed her puppy exploded into many shades of red. Natsuki snapped.

"SHUTUP!! NAO! I'm going to KILL YOU!"

The said little devil had already slipped out of the room before the screaming started.

"Why not Papa? What's wrong?"

The blue hair vampire tried her best to muster her calm voice to reply her Oh-so-innocent child.

"It's so wrong! I mean… The chocolate! It has turned bad."

Nina wrinkled her little nose at the forkful of chocolate waffle dropped it on the plate.

"Maybe next time I'll use mayo. I'll draw a better picture with it!"

Before Natsuki could protect the mayo that she could no longer eat, Shizuru cuts in. Still struggling for breath, she sad down on the nearest chair and wiped a genuine tear from her eye.

"Y-Yes! Mayo and creamy white skin would definitely be delicious!"

Nina's eyes glowed with excitement as she learned something new that morning.

"Shizuru! Don't contaminate the child! One Nao is enough to make me an aspirin addict!"

"I'm S-Sorry Natsuki! It's just too funny!"

"Nina, finish up your juice and find Nao to teach you how to ride the new bike. I can train with you this morning."

"Awesome! Thanks Papa!"

The child downed her juice in a matter of seconds and dashed towards their basement. Natsuki pulled her love up from her chair and led themselves out of the room.

"As for you, let's head to the study and talk."

Next time on VC:

Events are unfolding, something old and sinister is lurking the land of the humans. This time, it takes more than a retired Vampire hunter to handle it.


Shizuru: Natsuki dear, a reader asked if you're having an affair. Well, are you?

Natsuki: I-er.. Shizuru… It's hard to explain.. I..er.. I like-

Nao: (Cuts in) THREESOME!

Author and Natsuki: NAO! (Ducks from scary hairpin)

Shizuru: Oh really? (Scary smile)

Nao: Kinky threesome in fact. (Hands a whip to Shizuru while cracking her own)

Natsuki: It's not my fault I get bitten by you!

Nao: And it's not my fault I get bitten by YOU! (Pokes Natsuki with whip)

Author: Noo!! Shhhh! That's my unrevealed plot!

Shizuru: Fufufu (evil grins)