Summary: AU When Superintendent John Heaton thinks some people need a break away from Sun Hill to get offer rifts will it make or break the team?

Just in case you're wondering it's February because they don't do the Winter Activity week in July but I am SO going there one day!

Also Sam's still only a DS in this as well as many other differences.

This is something I've been working on, it's been on Laura & Emma's MSN group, I asked the people of P4S if I should put it up here and they said yes so here it goes. xXx

Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Chapter One: Dan's feet and Bob

"Attention please." Supt. John Heaton called out in the briefing, he'd called for a special briefing with CID and Uniform. He could already see that they were pretty divided. Not purposely though, just because of friendships. "I have noticed that there have been some 'problems' recently. Fight's …"

His gaze fell on to Phil Hunter who looked slightly guilty and then over to where Stuart Turner was on the other side of the room, trying to look back innocently.

"Supposed bullying allegations …" He looked over at Emma Keane, who was staring fixedly at her knees attempting to catch no one's eye.

"So I think a break away from here will be what some people need. You'll come back … refreshed."

"Middle of nowhere then." Sam Nixon muttered to Phil, a few people surrounding who had heard sniggered.

"Yes Sam, I'm going drive you to the middle nowhere and see who can survive the longest." John said.

"Sounds like fun." Phil grinned.

John rolled his eyes before carrying on. "Actually it is in Finland. A place called Iso-Syote just beneath the artic circle …" Everyone was absolutely silent now, no one was mocking the idea because they were in awe. "It's a winter activity break for seven days. Not everyone can go of course as some people still have to run the station but those of you who do go should remember in a way you're representing our station so don't go and show yourselves up. Jack and Gina are team leaders, they'll read out whose on their team."

DCI Jack Meadows stood up. "Alright on my team is Sam Nixon, Phil Hunter, Smithy, Honey Harman, Dianne Noble and …"

In the second it took Jack to read the name Phil looked across at Stuart who had an almost pleading face on him. Phil hoped he wasn't going, let alone on the same team as him and Sam.

"Jo Masters."

Sam was sat in between Jo and Phil, they all exchanged happy smiles at the thought of being on the same team.

"And on my team -" Gina began "- is Lewis Hardy, Zain Nadir, Emma Keane …"

Emma's smile dropped from her face and she groaned inwardly.

"Nikki Wright, Dan Casper and Stuart Turner."

Stuart looked mortified, which made Phil smile. Stuart caught Phil's eye and glared at him. Phil grinned and gave a finger wiggling wave. Sam slapped in down and held on to his fingers tightly. She gave him a killer look: 'Don't, it's not fair.'

"After what he put you through you still stick up for him and feel sorry for him?" Phil muttered in her ear. "He's taking you for a mug."

"No he isn't, but if someone like Jack see's you provoking him then he might put you on the same team." Sam said.

Phil thought about it for a moment, that would be truly awful. "Ok, thank you then."

Sam smiled at him before turning her attention back to John. "I'll give you booklets with all the information in. You'll have to pay a small amount but most has been taken care of. You'll leave here Monday morning at 7am sharp. So you can be at the airport for eight o' clock and you're aeroplane will leave at ten o' clock for Kuusamo airport. You may all leave now."

Everyone got up to go, people going on the trip went to the front to grab a booklet before walking back to their place of work. Sam was walking along slowly reading her booklet when Phil caught up with her. "Do you see how much we have to pay?!"

"I know, it is pretty steep but look how much it would have been originally." Sam said.

Phil read it and turned white. "Now that's a lot."

She nodded. "It should be good though, it sounds fun. I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights."

"Are they where we're going?" Phil asked.

Sam nodded. "Look at page five."

"Sarge, a witness has come in about that mugging we were investigating. He's downstairs now." Jo said, coming up behind them.

"Ok, I'll see you late Phil." Sam said, before following Jo.

Phil smiled, watching her go and making a mental note to be the who shows her the Northern Lights.

The day of departure was a hectic one, trying to fit everyone's luggage as well as the actual people into two cars. Jack was driving one and Gina was driving the other. Jo was in the passenger seat of Gina's, sitting on two suitcases so she towered above everyone else. Zain was behind Gina, Honey and Dianne were both squashed into the middle with Phil next to Dianne.

In Jack's car Dan was sat in the passenger seat, Emma was sat on the floor curled up by Dan's feet so no one would see her.

"God Dan! Get some odour eaters, you're feet stink!" Emma complained.

"I can't help it, it's the trainers." Dan moaned.

"I'm going to suffocate before I even get to the ruddy airport … won't be too bad actually, I just know Gold's going to give me a hard time because of the bullying accusation." Emma said miserably. "Gimme your feet, kill me now, kill me now!"

Smithy sat behind Jack, Lewis pushed over next to him. "What is that stench?"

"Dan's feet." Emma said.

"Honestly man, sort that out. What is wrong wit you?"

"IT'S THE TRAINERS!" Dan shouted insistently.

Nikki got in next, but when Stuart tried to push his way there was only a small amount of space. Jack turned back to them. "Stuart, you're going to have to sit on Nikki's lap or something."

Stuart looked horrified but he sat on her lap anyway, huffily. There was only Sam left with nowhere to go. Stuart was about to call to her when Phil stuck his head out the window. "What's up?!"

"I ain't got anywhere to go." She said, blushing slightly.

"Aww, poor Sam. You can come and sit on my lap." He offered.

"You'll have to." Jack shouted to her, who had been listening.

"She'll have to what?" Stuart asked.

"Sit on Phil's lap." Jack replied, watching to see if she could fit. Stuart glared out through the front windscreen at the back of Phil's head as Sam climbed in and sat on his lap. With everyone, illegally, in the car they set off towards the airport.

"Sam duck, there's a patrol car from Barton street." Gina called. Sam ducked as low as she could and they sailed past. She sat back up again. "How they didn't realise Jo was sat on a couple of suitcases I do not know." Gina muttered.

"Well personally I'm glad they didn't noticed." Jo laughed.

Gina looked across at her and smiled, shaking her head.

Sam moved her way along the aeroplane aisle, she saw Phil sat by himself she wondered whether he was testing if she would sit with him but she wasn't so sure as he was sat reading a newspaper.

"Sam." Stuart said. "I saved you a seat."

"Oh, I'm going to sit here thanks." Sam sat down next to Phil.

"D'you mind?!" Phil asked loudly.

"What?" Sam asked.

"You're sat on Bob!"

"Who the hell is Bob?"

"My imaginary friend." Phil grinned. "He looks just like me, but not as good."

"Fine, I'll go sit with Stuart then if you're too busy with Bob." She got up and he grabbed her wrist pulling her back. He pulled too hard though and she landed, laying across him instead. She started crying as she looked up at him. "Sorry."

"It's fine." He said.

She sat up, trying to compose herself. The seatbelt sign turned on, indicating that they would be taking off soon. Sam had a huge smile plastered on her face. "What are you so happy about?"

"I love flying, especially taking off and landing." Sam admitted, she blushed slightly. "You must think I'm well sad."

"No, you could never be sad to me." Phil said.

They began to take off, Phil put an arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer towards him so she could also see out the window. She bit her bottom lip excitedly as everything got smaller and smaller not to mention further away. She moved back to her normal position but Phil kept his arm around her. She read a magazine and rested her head on his shoulder. He had a small happy smile, this was what he wanted to be like everyday.

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