Title: Roses Are Red

Fandom: Bleach

Pairing: IkkakuKenpachi, sort of but not really :D

Rating/Warnings: K+, I thought it was funny, but it's really just kind of stupid and fluffly and just for fun.

Summary: Yachiru writes a poem for Kenpachi.

"You did a what?" Zaraki Kenpachi asked gruffly, scowling slightly. The small girl in front of him smiled brightly, unperturbed.

"I wrote you a poem and drewed a picture, see?" Yachiru fukutaichou explained, thrusting said articles into large, scarred hands.

Madarame Ikkaku had to stifle a snicker at the confused look on his captain's usually formidable face. Kepanchi-taichou eyed the slightly crumpled, pink paper suspiciously. On the front was a pack of barely legible words written in red crayon. On the back, the rest of the crayons appeared to have been mashed into the paper.

"Read it, Ken-chan!" Yachiru urged.

Kenpachi reluctantly did as he was told.

"Rozes ar red

Violets ar blu

Bunnies are cute

And Ken-chan is too –

"Now wait just a second, Yachiru!" he protested.

"Keep reading Ken-chan!"

"I but-"


"Rozes ar red

Violets ar blu

Rozes ar spikey

And Ken-chan's hair too.

Rozes ar red

Violets ar blu

Yachiru eets crayons

Ken-chan – I do NOT!"

"That's not what it says!"

The 11th division captain growled and continued reading through gritted teeth.

"Rozes ar red

Violets ar blue

Ken-chan has no eyebrows

Yachiru has 2."

Kenpachi's one eye twitched violently. Ikkaku thought he was going to die (laughing that is). Yachiru beamed on and encouraged him to continue with an impatient flap of her hand.

"Almost done, Ken-chan!"

"Rozes ar red

Violets ar blu

Yachiru loves Ken-chan…."

Kenpachi blanched at the next line.

"…Ikkaku doz too."