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Warnings: AU, hint of slash (boy/boy love), and overdose of sappiness…/gags/. If you don't like, don't read. You were warned. Onward on the story.

Graduation. Ryo looked around, listening half – heartedly to his… friends. Yes, friends. In those years, he had lived in Duelling Academy; his close acquaintances became his friends. All of them were here, chatting about past adventures and future plans. Sho had grown up into a confident young man, who was capable of taking care of himself. He had certainly walked a long way, the blue – haired duelist mused quietly. Asuka was beaming at him as if she were in love. Only the two of them had known that it was a farce, as of late time. He felt it was… wrong. But for the sake of appearances, Ryo let the charade continue.

He groaned. And groaned once again. Usually, he wasn't much of a drinker, although last night they surely drank a lot. The party was wild; with charades, laughter saucy games and so on. After a refreshing shower and a towel around slim hips – just for modesty sake – he stumbled into a small kitchenette. Usually, he ate in the hall with others, but this morning he much preferred the quiet. Drinking his coffee, he noticed a small white envelope on the table. Blinking confusedly, he looked again.

His eyes didn't deceive him. It was a letter

Curious now, he set the mug down on the table, and picked the small envelope. It wasn't closed slender fingers opened the white piece of paper.

At first, he didn't understand. Letters danced in front of his eyes, but he just couldn't comprehend, he read the letter again.

Totally sober now, his eyes widened.

Hi, Ryo!

You're probably wondering why I wrote to you. It's nothing special, anyway. I just wanted to thank you for all the good times we've had together. Umm… remember when we pranked Chronos – sensei? I, of course, do. We switched his shampoo conditioner with orange hair dye… oooh, was he mad. But the punishment was well-worth of belly-hurting laughter we've had.

I am rambling, aren't I? So, I will be short then. As you are reading those lines, I am already gone. I left the last night. Don't worry, okay? And please take care of Sho. He was really good friend to me… others too, I explained them in their letters. Anyway, I wish you luck with Azusa.

Be happy

Your friend, Juudai Yuki.

PS: I enclosed some photos for you, to remember me by.

There is something that I see,
In the way you look at me,

The small piece flittered down from Ryo's nerveless fingers. He stared at the evenlope numbly, finally comprehending the message.

'He left.'

Slowly, he pulled the photos out of the envelope. And there was Juudai, smiling cheerfully, in his signature Slysheen red jacket that was rumpled as Sho and Chazz were tackling him

And then one with pissed – off Chronos - sensei with horribly orange – dyed hair chasing the naughty brunette. Those warm, mocha – colored eyes twinkling with laughter. Ryo smiled at the memory if incident, but he sobered at the last photo. There were only the two of them, locked in one of their mock-duels. He with his Cyber Dragon and Juudai with Winged Kuriboh. And Juudai smiled at him. Small, warm smile. He was expressionless as always.

There's a smile there's a truth in your eyes.

His eyes were always so warm, so trustful, Ryo mused to himself. Always, when Juudai looked at him, his unusual brown eyes were warm. He had always found a smile for Ryo, even if the Osiris duelist never reflected it back. When he had announced his love with Asuka – or more, told Juudai that, the younger duelist was… shocked and sad, even upset. Still, the brunet boy helped him to get her…

Ryo's eyes widened.

What an unexpected way,

His fingers tightened around the photo, crumpling it slightly.
On this unexpected day,

"And he had been so sad when we got together", he whispered, shaken. "I must have been so blind…"

Could it be, this is where I belong.
It is you I have loved all along.

He had been so confused as of Juudai's behavior, even feeling guilty for spending his free time with Asuka. Their friendship was secret; they met at night on the shore to talk, duel, whatever. Outside, they remained only allies and rivals. After he had gotten together with Asuka, he had forsaken their nightly meetings ion a favor of being together with her. Since then, Juudai become more quiet and withdrawn, so much, that even Chronos – sensei became concerned. But his dueling was superb as always, and he still bantered with Sho and Chazz. When asked, what ails him, Juudai answered he'd just miss the Academy. And he, Kaiser Ryo, the ever observant, hadn't even noticed…

There's no more mystery,
It is finally clear to me,

Ryo gulped. "And now, he's' gone," he whispered hoarsely. "Why?"

You're the home my heart searched for so long.
It is you I have loved all along.

Azure eyes shimmered with unshed tears. There was never Asuka. Only Juudai, he knew that now. But it was too late.

There are times I've ran to hide,
Afraid to show the other side,

He had been so cold, the Ice Prince of Osiris dorm. Even with his brother. And Juudai stood up for Sho to him…

Alone in the night without you.

He had missed their nightly chats about everything and nothing. Juudai would talk and talk, prodding him into the dialogue. Sometimes, they would be silent, listening to the waves and looking at the stars.

Even with Asuka, he had been alone…

But now I know just who you are,
And I know you hold my heart,

More memories; one with Juudai battling one or another villain, fighting for their lives. His determined face, silky auburn hair which fell like lion's mane around his face. Juudai, talking with Sho and encouraging him, boosting his confidence, something he had never managed to do…

Finally, this is where I belong,
It is you I have loved all along!

And another one, when he, Ryo, fought the vampires allowing her to score the finishing blow, for the sake if his little brother… Those wide eyes, horrified and enraged and sad…. Juudai, talking with Kuriboh and laughing at the comment his soul Guardian made.

No more mystery,
It is finally clear to me,

Each memory was a bitter-sweet for the azure – haired duelist. "Juudai, "he whispered.

You're the home my heart searched for so long.
And it is you I have loved all along.

He chuckled a small, butter chuckle. "Isn't it ironic? I've loved you all along, not knowing it. It had to be your departure to get my heart right…"

Oh, over and over,
I'm filled with emotion,
Your love, it rushes through my veins

"Wait for me, Juudai," he whispered. "I'll find you soon." His heart felt a little bit lighter at his quiet declaration.

And I am filled with the sweetest devotion,
As I look into your perfect face.

"Wherever you are, Juudai Yuki, I love you," he murmured, looking at the photograph one more time, before standing up and heading to his bedroom.

The sun's rays illuminated the photography, and just for the moment, it seemed that the stoic duelist on the photo was smiling.

There's no more mystery,
It is finally clear to me,
You're the home my heart searched for so long.
It is you I have loved,
It is you I have loved,
It is you I have loved all along