Here's a new story for you all - hope you enjoy...

"Why do you always insist on being a jerk?" Olivia asked angrily.

"What did I do?" Elliot retorted as he turned a corner.

"That woman is a victim of rape and you were treating her like a perp!" Olivia exclaimed as they pulled up to a traffic light.

"That's because she's hiding something – she's with holding information!" Elliot argued, accelerating again.

'Maybe she's just scared!" Olivia yelled.

"Oh my god, why can't you just accept that not all victims are innocent?"

"I'm not saying that all victims are innocent," Olivia growled, "I'm just saying that this one is."

Elliot didn't reply but instead increased the weight of his foot on the accelerator, not worrying about the non existent traffic as he did.

"Why are you so stubborn!?" He asked angrily, speeding through an orange traffic light, glancing at Olivia quickly. In the split second that Olivia looked up to meet his gaze his face changed from anger to horror.

All of a sudden the only noise heard was the screaming of metal on metal as the cars spun, meshing together to become one. Elliot yelled Olivia's name, knowing she had taken the full impact of the oncoming car. They quickly skidded to a halt in the middle of the intersection, Elliot hitting his head on the window as they went. All that could be heard was the ticking of the engine cooling as Elliot reached for Olivia. Only managing to just grasp her limp fingers, he took hold before everything became black for him as well as Detective Olivia Benson.


Riley Jenkins gingerly stepped out of his car, rubbing his head as he slammed the door behind him. Technically, it wasn't his car. He's not stupid enough to use his own car to do something like this. He quickly walked over to the other side of the street and opened the front door of a black, unmarked van. Yes, it was typical but it was practical and he needed something practical.

He turned the key in the ignition and put the car into drive. He slowly drove the car up to about ten metres form the sedan of the two detectives and removed the key, tucking it into his front pocket. He got out of the van, slid the back door open and headed for the mangled metal.

He surveyed the two detectives, looking through the windscreen and decided to get Olivia out first. He went around to her side quickly and began yanking at the door, managing to get it open after two pulls. Olivia half fell out of the car, her seat belt the only thing holding her in. Riley took hold of Olivia and unclipped her belt, somehow maneuvering her so he was over his shoulder. He watched her hand drop from Elliot's grip as he lifted her out of the car.

Oh, how sweet.

He carried her over to the van and threw her into the back. He heard her groan but she only moved slightly.

He headed back to the car and pulled Elliot's door open easily. As he had done with Olivia; he threw Elliot over his shoulder and carried him to the van. This trip was substantially harder than the first because Elliot was a lot heavier than Olivia. He also threw Elliot in the van and slammed the door shut.

Riley walked back to the cab of the van and pulled out a tin of petrol. He trudged back to the metallic carnage and poured the petrol over both engines and onto the back seats. He stepped back about five or six metres and pulled out his lighter. He quickly lit it and threw it at the petrol soaked cars which ignited as soon as the flame licked their sleek surface.

Riley hopped into the cab of the van and pulled out his mobile as he started the car. He punched in a couple of numbers and waited for the ringing to be answered.

"9-1-1, what is your emergency?" asked the dispatcher.

"There's been an accident." He said, trying to act scared and shocked.

He gave the dispatcher the address and started the car, skidding off into the night.


Elliot's head throbbed as he slowly slipped back into consciousness. His eyelids fluttered as he gazed at his surroundings. He tried to remember what happened and how he had gotten to this small room. The only thing he could remember was arguing with Olivia on the way back to the precinct.

Slowly, he began to remember the accident; in snippets at first then like a movie running in his head.

He sat up, now realizing he had been lying on a camper bed, and looked around the room. He spotted Olivia lying on a bed opposite him. He could only see her outline in the dark but he knew she wasn't moving. Elliot moved as quickly as he could to her side, without causing himself more of a head spin than what was already taking over his brain. She felt cold to his touch, clammy even. He checked for her pulse, making sure that his best friend was alive. He found it quickly but it wasn't as strong as it should've been. Elliot stroked Olivia's hair, only now realizing the situation they were in.


Cragen couldn't believe how late Olivia and Elliot were. It had already been an hour when he had received the call from a detective about an accident at some intersection. The detective had mentioned one of his cars and he knew it was theirs.

He rushed to the scene as soon as he could but what met him was something he never wanted to see. The vehicles were still smoldering and there were fire engines and cop cars everywhere. The whole intersection was closed and he couldn't get over the shock two of his best detectives - not to mention friends - could be in that mess. He got out of his car and numbly flashed his badge at a uniform who lifted the tape for him.

He was greeted by a woman, Detective Shonda. She could tell by the look on his face that there was only one thing he wanted to hear:

"As far as we can tell there is no sign of your detectives." She told him.

Cragen sighed, relieved that his detectives weren't burnt to a crisp but his stomach churning with the realization that he had no idea what happened to them.