I've watched another episode of Bleach, and was inspired. xD

Warning: This story containes M/M sex, blood, rough language and some twisted ends and turnes. Not for the faint of heart... Well, at least not for the younger audiance, this actually started out as a plotless smut story but I couldn't just leave it like that. So I'll probably throw in some more chapters, yeah. You are warned!

Other then that, enjoy! It's mainly Aizen and Ichigo.



Crude Belonging

It was dark, too dark.

I need to open my eyes.

The world slowly came into focus, bleary forms taking form and shape. A chair in front of him, a single source of light somewhere above, and then darkness all around. The air was stale, smelled old and used in his nose. There was a dull ache in his neck as his head hung forward, still unable to lift it, to command his muscles to move. Dammit. Feeling began to return to his limbs, a sharp pressure against his wrists and within the next breath he found they were bound behind him. Unable him to move his arms. Feet tied to the chair he sat on. He saw his own shadow beneath him, swaying lightly as the lamp above probably did.

There was a familiar reiatsu with him, somewhere close but he couldn't pinpoint where exactly. He flexed his fingers, then his toes only to realize they were bare as they scraped cold floor. It seemed like an eternity before he managed to shift, leaning backwards and lifting his head to glance around. Eyes squinting in the bright light, trying to see through shadow.

"Took you long enough Ichigo-kun"

He knew that voice. Glancing around he finally caught site of a shape in the darkness, just a shadow within the shadows.

What had happened? Where was the rest of the gang? Where was Zangetsu? Questions were spinning in his mind, trying to remember. They had been fighting the espada, that idiot loudmouth Jaggerjack when they were interrupted by... by what? There was a rift, a... No, that's not it. The memory just fuzzed up, like an old TV losing signal and going static. Nothing but static in his mind. He tugged at his hands, twisting and trying to get out.

"You'll only hurt yourself doing that, Ichigo-kun..."

The voice was mocking him, Ichigo could almost feel the smirk that followed that observation but none the less he stopped struggling. Already feeling sore from the binding, any more twisting and the rope would cut through his skin. Looking down he was glad to see he was still wearing his shinigami outfit, it looked like it'd seen better days. It was strange how his mind took such a long time to take things in. He tried to focus on the figure in front of him, or at least the shadow of whoever it was. But, he decided, whoever it was, wasn't an ally.

"You gonna stand there in the dark like some psycho pervert, eh?" he asked, snorting, glad that his voice held. His throat was dry, aching.

"Such crude language, not appropriate at all. Tsk, tsk"

"Like I give a shit, dick head..."

A short silence followed that insult and then came a loud laugh, a surprisingly light voice laughing freely out of the dark. Seemingly very amused by the hot headed teen strapped to the chair. The laugh drew closer, and out of the shadow stepped none other then Gin Ichimaru with a wide grin adoring his face as the laugh had silenced. The former shinigami tilted his head, tapping with a finger on top of the chair standing in front of the boy. Ichigo leaned back, glaring up at the captain who'd followed the betrayer Aizen and now was sided with the Arrancar. The enemy.

That meant that he really was in enemy hands, that somehow he'd lost the battle and ended up here. Strapped down like some dog. Worry filled him, worry for the others. Were where they?

"You are so spirited, how refreshing. It gets a little boring with all the arrancar just bowing to my every command. Yes, refreshing... but crude none the less. Do you remember how you got here Ichigo-kun? I imagine you don't, the effect was instant it seems. You look worried, don't worry. We left your pesky little friends behind, they are of no matter really."

The other paused to sigh happily, resting his head against the back support of the chair. Ichigo shifted, once more tugging at the restraints. He didn't like this one bit. A door slid open, bright light exploding and forcing him to shut his eyes. Squinting to see whoever had joined him.

"Aizen-sama demands your presence, Ichimaru-sama."

"Of course he does... It seems we were robbed of our time together Ichigo-kun, but I'm sure we'll talk soon, ne? Bye for now."

And just like that the other sauntered out, waving over his shoulder, leaving the two of them behind. Eyes finally adjusting to the change in lighting he racognised the expressionless face of the forth espada, staring at him silenty. It unnerved the teen, those emotionless, large eyes. Like some life less china doll, yet deadly. The espada was dangerous, he knew it, and he was in a very vulnerable position.

"I am to take you to another room, Kurosaki Ichigo. Should you 'try anything' I am free to retain you."

That was the only warning he got before the other swiftly cut him free and pulled him to his feet. Stumbling he followed behind, rubbing wrists and wondering what the hell the idea of putting him in that room had been and what Gin would have done. He doubted it would have been anything pleasant. The corridors they now walked in were white and after a few turns and doors the boy was completely lost and realized it would take much more then luck getting out of here. He'd need someone who knew his way around. They finally stopped in front of another white door, the espada pushed it open and Ichigo stepped inside.

It was white, like the hallway, with a single large white bed, one black couch and a window. There was also a white closet standing in the corner, just to the side of an open doorway leading into what he expected was the bathroom. He turned around, facing the green eyed male.

"Well, it sure is white in here... Nice and white, eh Ulquiorra?"

A slim eyebrow twitched.

"This is where you are to be contained Kurosaki Ichigo, until something else is decided."

Then the door was closed.


A small eternity later found Ichigo sitting on the black couch, trying to will away the rising feeling of panic that kept building as the only sound he hear was the sound of his own breathing and heartbeat. He'd showered, searched through the whole room with no success, and redressed in his own shinigami outfit even though it was torn in places and a little dirty. The only set of clothing that was held inside the closet was those white, freaky espada outfits and he downright refused to wear those. He'd also found out the door was locked and wouldn't budge no matter how hard one through himself at it. It only resulted in aching shoulders.

Another moment passed by, slowly, and just as he started to feel like chewing his fingers off there was a soft knock and the door opened. The sound of someone stepping inside followed.

He opened both eyes, wearily watching as another familiar face greeted him. Brown eyes smiling pleasantly at him as the door once more locked with an audible 'click'. Mentally cursing he slid off the couch, knees bending lightly as he was ready for an attack. Anything. The man in front of him just seemed increasingly amused, lips quirking upwards in a smirk.

"Believe me when I say that If I wanted you dead, you'd be dead Ichigo"

Aizen Sosuke shifted closer to him, radiating a reiatsu that almost had the teen stumbling backwards from the force of it. His own was flickering, confused and worried at what was happening. It was lacking the usual passion he felt during a fight, this situation was nothing like those he usually handled. Then the other slipped out of his main robe, the white cloth pooled around his feet and Ichigo felt the confusion increase. Forgetting to be weary of the other he could only stare as the other drew closer, that same, sure smirk plastered over his face.

"Stay back you creep" he said, taking a step backwards.

The other caught his wrist, tugging him forward until he almost bounced against the former captains chest. A hand reaching out instinctively and grabbing a hold of the other to steady himself, gasping in surprise. He shuddered in fear as he could feel the others reiatsu shift in excitement, expectation. What the hell?

"You really need to be taught your place Ichigo..."


"Actually, I'm not but I'll show you just how much of one I can be."

The other punched him, square in his face. It hurt like hell, pain flaring briefly, and then there was warmth trickling down his face. Ichigo grunted and pulled back, cradling his nose with one hand. A second half punch, half slap, had him crash into the wall behind him. Crying out in pain as it felt as if his back almost shattered from the force of the impact. Glancing up he watched as the other stripped out of his clothing, only to stand naked in front of him. Proud and arrogant and fully erect. Despite the pain Ichigo blushed and looked away, scrambling up on his feet.

"Now, I suggest you use my given name when you address me." the other said, explaining in a tone of voice a grown up would with a child. The red head growled, but refrained from name calling. He supposed it wasn't very wise to go and irritate the man that currently held his life within his hand. The other seemed pleased, closing the remaining distance between them. Reaching up to caress the side of his face, trailing fingers along his jaw, lips. The second hand pushed in underneath his clothes, pushing the material down his shoulder.

"Stop it" he tried, for the first time feeling afraid. The hands didn't stop but instead made short work of his clothes, slapping away hands as he tried to keep himself covered. A painful rip on his shoulder had him yelp, crashing to his knee.

"No, obey me. The sooner you do, the better. Now lay on the bed."


It didn't take long before he laid on the white bed anyway, angrily facing down against the soft cover. Blood smearing against the pale sheets, strong hands gripping his wrists and legs pinning him down beneath the stronger body. He tried struggling, only earning himself a harsh bite against his shoulder. Teeth broke through skin and drew blood. He hissed. Stilling he shut his eyes, trying to keep silent and still. The hands shifted, leaving his hands bound to the wall. Ichigo had missed how that happened and silently cursed.

A finger pushed in, forcing itself up between his cheeks and up his backside. Pushing hard. He groaned at the feeling, it was uncomfortable and humiliating. Warm breath ghosted down his neck, caressing the wound just made by that same mouth. The other forced his legs wider apart, lifting his hips. Then came a second finger, forcing itself in with the first and scissoring. In and out, fast and slow. Fucking him. The breath against him was becoming unsteady, a hand snaking down and underneath to brush against his limp member. Caressing it.

Ichigo couldn't help the moan that escaped his mouth as the other found something within him, sending a shock through him with the twist of a finger. Flares went through his limbs and straight to his groin. The hands increased it's pace, forcing his body to respond, and he found himself hard and panting from the unwanted touches. Instinctively he parted his legs wider, arching into the touch. Lips touched his neck, just brushing against it but enough for goose bumps to spread like wildfire. A third finger joined in, forcing a gasp out of him. It hurt, yet it felt good. The hand now stroking his arousal squeezed gently, thumb running over the head. He tensed briefly.

"Ah... shit"

Control had long ago left him. The pressure up his backside left, fingers disappearing only to be replaced by something much larger. There was no hesitation as the other entered him, making small thrusting motions. Pushing in, a little out, further in, further in. Ichigo groaned loudly, tensing at the intrusion. Then hands rubbed his sides, words were murmured against his shoulder that he couldn't understand at the moment. Finally he relaxed, forcing his body. Then the other thrust forward, burying himself all the way in.

Hands reached in underneath him, angling hips and touching him. Stroking. Aizen set a slow pace, building it up with every thrust. Harder, faster. In and out, fucking relentlessly. Panting. Sweat trickling down their bodies. Ichigo moaned, unable to stop his body from meeting the thrusts. Pushing back, pleasure dancing inside his body and mind.

"Ichigo" his name sounded like sin when the other moaned it "Say my name..."

"S-Sosuk-he...Ah" he arched, growing closer. Feeling the release build steadily in the lower part of his stomach. He tugged at his hands, wanting them free. Wanting to touch. "Please...please let... me... ah." Surprisingly the other understood, pausing briefly to reach over him and release his wrists. Their bodies pressed together. With the brief pause the other pulled out, turning him over, and then plunged in again. Setting a fast and unforgiving pace. Rutting rather then fucking.

Ichigo reached up, tugging at brown hair until their lips met. A bruising kiss as their bodies ground together, rocking. Mouths fucking in the same pace as their bodies, tongues pushing. Then the other reached between them again, gripping his dripping shaft and within two strokes he came. Spilling seed between them, arching. Mouth gasping breathlessly, sound stolen and swallowed by the other. Muscles clasping around the other who made a few erratic thrusts and spilled himself hard within the teen, pushing as deeply as he could. Fingers gripped tight enough to leave bruises.

The orgasm lingered, leaving a haze.

Ichigo slowly returned to his senses, shame and guilt churning in the pit of his stomach. Yet he was spent, couldn't quite focus on that feeling. Sleep lingered in the corner of his eyes. Threatening to overpower him, he tried to fight it. Blinking.

"Sleep now Ichigo, I will be here tomorrow and the day after that... and the day after that..."

The heavy body left him, slipping out of him with a disgusting sound, yet he partly wished that the other had stayed. He didn't want to be alone, even if the other chasing away that feeling was Aizen.

"Souske..." he was unsure if he'd said it out loud or not, not caring to find out he let sleep overcome his senses and gave in to the dark. Beside him the former captain smirked, reaching down to brush orange tresses of hair stuck to the sweaty fore head. He hesitated for a moment, gazing down at the teen, but then proceeded to lay down. Pulling the smaller form up against his chest, wrapping an arm around him. There was still time left until he was expected somewhere, maybe resting an hour or so wouldn't hurt. Brown eyes flickered over the sleeping face.

You will understand that you're mine, Kurosaki Ichigo...