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Crude Realization

The following week Ichigo was left locked up in the small room, the only visit he received was a servant tending to his basic needs and the random visit of Aizen himself. Those visits often ended with him on his back or knees, earning a few bruises when the other deemed that he wasn't following orders or bending to his will. Slowly, the teen started to wonder if he would ever see his home again. It was a depressing thought, but the thought wouldn't leave him alone as hour after hour alone in the pale room left him with not much but straying thoughts and worries.

Today found him pacing back and forth, a hand rubbing his temple. The other night he hadn't received the usual visit from his tormentor and it was both a relief as well as a worry, wondering if something had happened. If something had changed. Was someone here? Were they here for him? His reiatsu was pulsing in excitement and expectation. His inner hollow clawed against his defenses, demanding that he do something. Anything. The servant will be here with dinner soon, it provided with a mental push and shove. Ichigo paused, the other was right. Even if there was no way to tell the time, according to the routine the servant would soon be here.

It was an opening.

Standing back he sucked in all his reiatsu, wrapping the energy around him. Tan fingers slipped up across his head, finding the hollow mask as it formed and pulled it down. Immediately he felt the surge of power, the change of the before calm flow. In the back of his mind he felt the other shift, easing back to linger just behind his eyes. For once not making a fuss.

"Now this ends..."

Yes king, about fucking time you do something other then taking his shit!

They waited, fingers itching as hands clenched and unclenched. The door opened, as always and the servant entered as usual without looking around. Giving him no time to do so Ichigo shot forward, delivering a powerful slap to the males head and watched him sail to crash against the wall. Slumping into unconsciousness. He felt himself grin and exited through the door, choosing the other direction from when he'd 'played' with Gin. He hurried on, stretching his mind in search of his zanpakut├┤. After a moment he noticed it flicker against his mind, somewhere far beyond him and these hallways.

He ran around long enough for his mask to disappear, and continued on. Avoiding every presence of arrancar, sneaking around corners and turns and doors. Finally he stepped through the door, feeling his sword on the other side. After the door followed a corridor, which led into a large room, a vast and strange looking throne room. His senses told him Zangetsu was up there, at the throne. Jumping up he landed on its edge, looking around and found it leaning against the back of the throne itself. Confused as to why it was here, but not pausing to think about it he gripped the hilt. A familiar feeling of pleasure as its weight rested in his hand again.

"Took you long enough to escape, I was starting to think you were staying because you were enjoying yourself Ichigo"

He whipped around, seeing the calm face of his captor watch him at the beginning of the stairs. Hands tucked behind his back, head tilted a little to the side and a soft smile playing over his lips. It almost looked like the other was just happy to see him. Maybe he is, Ichigo couldn't help the shudder racing down his spine. He moved to the front again, moving his weapon to point it at the other. Daring.

"In your dreams Aizen"

"And apparently in yours too"

The reply caught him off guard, sword quivering as the now familiar voice flowed up and over to him. Almost caressing in its manner, or maybe it was just in the teens imagination. He hesitated, letting the edge drop to rest against the stone surface he stood on. Fuck Ichigo, fuck, get a grip and kill this son of a bitch. The hollow clawed his mind, forcing him to find his resolve again. Swallowing. He pulled down the hollow mask over his face as it once more materialised, raising the sword once more. This time it didn't quiver. Yet the other just remained unmoving, smiling.

"I listen to you as you sleep Ichigo, as you whisper my name accross my skin. Clinging like a child to its mother. Will you hurt me? Will you be able to kill me?"

Anger coursed through his body like a sudden flash fire, his reiatsu flared and exploded throughout the room. Its force having the former shinigami captain take a step back to stay upright. Wasting no time on words the teen threw himself off of the platform with a howl of rage. Lifting Zangetsu above his head, bringing it down with all his might. Eyes burned as he watched the other remain standing in the same place, growing larger and larger as he closed in on him. Brown eyes locked with his. Just a little more. Kill him, rip him to shreds! Even Zangetsu vibrated within his hands, hungry and ready. In the last second Ichigos eyes widen, realization hit him like a cold shower and in a cry of desperation he deflected the sword. Tilting it and pulling with all his strength. The sword fought his pull.

It brushed against the others head, hair shifting from the energy brushing by, cutting through the white cloth on his shoulder and shattered the ground on their side. The whole room shook, floor breaking and bending beneath the force of the blow. Ichigo landed softly, feet balancing against the swaying floor. Watching it break just a foot to his right.

A single bead of sweat rolled down the side of Aizens face, from the temple down to his jaw before continuing down the side of his neck and disappeared into his clothes.

Ichigo was panting, hand still gripping the hilt so hard that his knuckles were white. He felt like crying, breaking down and bawling his eyes out like a kid. The ringing sound in his ears faded, leaving only the sound of his inner hollow cursing. He shut that out, hand lifting to touch the mask. It was still there. A hand closed over his own, caressing fingers and brushing against white bone. Their eyes locked.

"Its a fitting look on you, but I prefer you without it"

The mask shattered, crumbling and falling to the floor.

"You are mine Ichigo. You will remain here, as my bodyguard. As long as you can't kill me, you will protect me."

Arms wrapped around Ichigo, the larger male trapping him in a surprisingly gentle embrace. His hand slid off the hilt of his zanpakuto, the sword clattered to the floor with the sound of a heart breaking, and both of his arms hung limply down his sides. Lips pushed against his, warm and possessive. Hands crushed him to the firm chest, a moan passed between them but he wasn't sure which one of them it came from. Fingers rubbed his back, lower until they spread over his backside. Using the leverage to ground hips together. This time Ichigo did moan, breaking away from the kiss.

"Bastard..." he hissed between his teeth, finally gaining control of his body and pushed against the other.

"You never seem to learn, do you Ichigo, it would seem you need to be reminded yet again." the other purred, not seeming very sad by that at all. The teen shuddered, knees going weak from the promise of what was to come his way. The two disappeared, leaving behind only a buzz of remaining reiatsu.

From the shadow of a pillar the form of Ichimaru Gin stepped out, walking over to pick up the forgotten form of Zangetsu. Shifting the blade within his hand while looking around the empty hall. A grin spread over the fox like face. The boy would have to come to him for this, and then they would play again. I best find a good game for us then, shouldn't I?