Deal or No Deal – The Finale

Noel: So we're back again for the last part of the show. A quick summary if you're just joining us: Zell has declined every single one of the offers he has been presented with and he is now facing a very tense moment. The 1 Gil and the 250, 000 are still in play but we must now open up Zell's box. –Walks toward Zell's box-

Zell: Ahh, I'm already a quarter Gil-lionaire. –Rests his feet on the table- Yep, it just all gets better from here on.

Tidus: How come you're so sure of your box? Did you rig the game or something?

Fujin: RIG GAME?

Tidus: Yeah you Final Fantasy VIII characters are all like that.

All the FFVIII characters: ...

Rinoa: Zell doesn't have the brains to rig a game.

Zell: Here, you can't say anything you had to be rescued.. What? –Counts on fingers- About.. Ninety times by Squall right?

Rinoa: Shut up porcupine.

Zell: -Grins- That's me. So go ahead Noel, open up the box.

Noel: Oka-

Bring – Bring – Bring – Click!

Noel: Yes, hello again? Okay. –Hangs up- Well, Gillionaire you're being offered the swap. I'll give you a few moments to think about what you want to do. –Runs away-

Zell: Hmm.. My box or Ultimecia's box... Yo Ultimecia your box? How's the vibe?

UltimeciaWhy would I help you?

Zell: 'Cause I'm nice and I'm loveable?

UltimeciaHmm. Right well I don't have any vibes.

Zell: Right. Noel? ... Brilliant. The host has split.

Noel: Sorry I was just uhh –Points to his hair- Yeah. Spray you know, the usual... So, your decision?

Zell: This box and I have gone through a lot of hard times together and well, I just don't think I could part with her. My baby so I'm saying no deal to the swap Noel!

Noel: Okay no deal to the swap then!

Zell: So go ahead Noel, I'm hoping, praying that this is the 250 so please, make my dreams come true!

Noel: Well I hope that you won't become the first Final Fantasy person to become a member on the one Gil club but even if you do Zell, it has been my pleasure to have you on the show and I wish you all the best with your future plans and stuff.

Zell: Thanks Noel.

Noel: Okay -Takes a deep breath- Here I go. –Rips of the wee sti-


Noel: What in the name...?!

Zell: The hell?!

Everybody: O.O!

The crazy EUGH persons voice is all broke up like they're crazy or something. :)

yoU – desTROyed – MY – RelAtioNShip – with – My – TIFAAA – IlL – MakE – yOU – PAY!

Rinoa: Is that.. Cloud? Cloud Strife?

Squall: How do you know it's Cloud Strife?

Rinoa: The sexy hair, the-

Squall: Okay.

Noel: Good God, Mr.Strife what in the world is wrong with you?

Cloud: AHRRRRGH!! –Starts acting completely insane, destroying the setting, the cameras, the boxes etc- StuPiD DEAl oR no deAl!!


Tifa: Oh my God!


Noel: Stop it Mr.Strife!

Seifer: That guy is insane, I'm out of here! –Runs away-

Tidus: Kimarhi come on, to Zanarkand!

Kimarhi: But Kimarhi thi-

Tidus: C'mon! –Grabs Kimarhi then they split-

Rest of the Final Fantasy VIII characters (excluding Zell): -Run away-

Zell: Wait my box! Cloud, stop this!

Cloud: AUUUG!H! –Punches Zell-

Zell: Ah! Damn you Strife! I will get to find out what is in my box, you're not gonna ruin this for me!

Cloud: -Grabs his Buster sword- AHH!

Zell: What the hell is wrong with you!?! –Cloud starts advancing on Zell-

Seifer: -Comes running back- C'mon Chicken Wuss, let's go! You too Noel! –Grabs Zell and Noel then runs-

Noel: Nooo my set!

Zell: -Crying- My box!! Noooooooooo!

Cloud: -Laughing like a maniac- HAHAHAHAHA!! No more Deal or No Deal!!! Excellent! BAHAHAHAH!


Several years later...

Noel: -Reminiscing on the past- My whole life ruined.. Just because of that Final Fantasy one of special game. They never made the show again due to it making people mentally ill. I don't have any money at all.. It's a sad time in my life right now but you know.. I'm Noel Edmonds, I'll return. –Starts wondering through the streets-

Some woman: Get out of the street, you lousy bum!

Noel: I need food!

Some woman: -Throws a banana at Noel-

Noel: -Sighs- I don't like banana's.. –Walks toward a garbage bin- Hey, some chicken! –Starts grabbing the pieces of chicken from the bin- Aww yes! Still warm... What the... DoND? –Grabs some red box from the bin, reading the side of it (ZD's box!) Zell? –Lifts box from the bin- This is his box! Zell Dincht's box!! Should I open it..? Aww what the heck, open it Noel! –Opens box to reveal... 250, 000 Gil-


Hey! I'm really sorry about the ending but at least Zell would have actually been a quarter Gillionaire if Cloud had never destroyed the place. But sure, that's it. Thanks for everything folks! Until next time. :D