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Behind Closed Doors 2

Jeff pushed the door open and strode into the classroom, Richard at his side.

Pausing at the familiar sight of his sons comforting each other, took him back a couple of years, to when he first broke the news to his children that their mother had past away. The memory froze him to the core.

Sitting on the carpet in the reading corner were four of his sons. Alan was cradled on John's lap, the two year old's face, which was red and puffy from crying was resting on John's shoulder. Alan's eyes were closed in exhausted slumber, and every few breaths the child would hic-up, due to crying hard for so long.

John and Virgil both looked up at their father as he walked in. The two older children both had haunted looks in their eyes as they waited patiently for their father to cross the room, which he did in a few short strides after Richard had gently put his hand on Jeff's shoulder to encourage the man to move forward. Jeff was pleased and shocked when suddenly Gordon threw himself into his fathers arms, crying out "Daddy! Scotty dead! Scotty dead!"

Jeff's heart stopped at the reaction his presence had caused in his sons. The solemn look of horror from Virgil, the pitying look of John and the grief stricken sobbing emerging from Gordon.

Jeff thank the lord that Alan was asleep in John's arms. He didn't think he could cope with the baby crying as well.

"Shh, Gordon. Scott's not dead. Its okay, you're ok now." Jeff looked over at John and Virgil again. "Boys. Are you all alright?" He asked quietly, pretty sure that they were both as shaken up as much as he was, but he was not really sure what else to say to them. "It's okay, boys, I'm here now. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. Daddy's here." He rocked Gordon close to his chest, ignoring his own pain of the sulleness of his normally happy and lively children.

Virgil spoke for the first time since he entered the room a few hours ago, "We're okay Daddy. Mr Kent said Scott was looking out for us." Virgil looked to Richard for confirmation, and the man smiled nodding his agreement, "But he's gone somewhere... Emma's gone too. She is talking to the people. Allie wouldn't stop crying, I got scared because Gordon kept saying Scotty was dead..." The young boy gasp back a sob, and stopped himself from crying too.

Jeff moved Gordon into one arm and opened his other arm so Virgil could fit into the hug as well. "Scott has gone to the doctors. We can all go and see him soon, son." Virgil hugged him tighter, glad that someone he trusted was finally there. He felt safe with his brothers, but Scott and his father were the two main figures in his life. He was confused and scared about what he didn't understand. It reminded him too much of the time when his mother had left them.

"John, how are you holding up over there, son?"

"I'm fine, sir." The blond haired nine year old was paler than usual, and Jeff wondered what had been running through his imaginative head for the last two hours. "Alan fell asleep a while ago, he cried the whole time. I don't really know what happened, no-one will tell us anything. What happened to Alan, Gordon and Scott, Daddy? Why didn't Scott meet me at the gate like he promised? Where's Emma?"

Jeff sighed.

Why did things always happen to his family? He looked to Richard, his eyes troubled, knowing he was going to have to answer his son's questions, but that he was also going to have to leave them while he talked to the police.

He probably should have talked to the police first, but he had to check on his boys. Just to make sure they were okay. It was selfish of him, but at that moment he did not care. All that mattered was that they were safe and together...except for Scott.

Richard moved past Jeff and squatted down on the floor next to John, he pushed a wisp of stray hair out of Alan's eye before looking up at Jeff. He answered what Jeff could not. "Johnny, I'm sure Scott was waiting for you at the gate, just like he said. But he needed to rescue your brothers..."

"From the cannibal?"

Jeff looked surprised. "What?" Richard smiled slightly at both father and son.

"No. John, I told you, the boy in the play ground was lying to you. There are no cannibals." He winked at Jeff, before continuing. "Some 'strangers' wanted to take Alan home with them, and Scott saw that Alan was talking to them. You know not to talk to strangers, right?"

John nodded, "Yes. But Alan is a baby, he doesn't know that yet."

Jeff felt relief that Richard was explaining things to his children in such a way that the boys would not be having nightmares - or he hoped they wouldn't. He was not so sure about himself though.

"Exactly. So Scott went to tell him not to..." Richard was cut off by another outburst from Gordon.

"But the stwangers killed Scott!" Jeff squeezed Gordon tighter. "I saw 'em make Scott bleed, he was dead!"

"No, no, no, Gordon. Scott is just asleep, he's gone to see the doctor to make his cut all better." Richard tried reassuring the youngest from what he had seen. He noticed that John started to look horrified by Gordon's words. "Jeff, I think you should go and talk to the police now. Then come back here and get these boys home. I'll go and check on Scott for you, after you come back here."

Jeff felt both Virgil and Gordon hold him tighter, and once again, he found himself wishing Lucy was still with him. How was he going to convince the boys to let him go and talk to the police before he took them home? He wanted to see Scott for himself. He needed to see that Scott was alright. He wanted to find out why Emma had left his sons alone.

But there were only so many things one person could do.

"Jeff. Give me the boys. We'll be here when you get back." Richard was now standing next to him. "Come on boys, Daddy will be back after he has had a little chat to the people next door. Then you can all go home, ok?"

Jeff smiled at Richard his thanks, and gently eased Virgil off himself and the boy turned and held on to Richard, once again putting on a brave face.

Gordon was not so easy. "No. I want to stay with you, Daddy! Don't go! Emma left us too, and then stwnagers get Allie, Don't go! Plwease!"

Jeff felt his heart constrict with sorrow, and then anger.

If Emma had been doing her job properly, his boys would never have been in this situation. Scott would be in the park with John, and the others should have been playing happily at home, while he would be at work in his meeting. A flash of guilt pierced his stomach, he should have been at home with his children. He should be looking after them, not spending so many hours in the office.

The look on his face must have given away his thoughts, as Richard gently pulled Gordon off him and gently said to him, "Go. You are doing the best you can. Everything will be alright, you'll see. So just answer the police's questions and get back here as soon as you can. None of this is your fault, Jeff."

Jeff pulled himself together. Now was not the time for blame, it was time for answers and family. He ruffled Gordon's and Virgil's heads before turning and leaving the room, Gordon's restrained sobs echoing in his ears. He could feel his son's eyes all staring holes in his back as he left. He would make it up to them later.


Scott blinked slowly as he began to wake up.

The eleven year old frowned as he came more aware of his surroundings. He tried to think where he was, and why he fell asleep. But the thoughts kept escaping him.

Scott looked around and he saw that he was in a white room.

Hospital, was his first thought. He hated them. His mother had died in one, they were always so white and clinical. It brought memories back, and Scott made an effort to push them away.

But they kept coming.

Scott had been one of the last people to talk to his mother before she past away that night a couple of years ago. She whispered to him that she wanted him to look out for his little brothers,and he'd given her his promise instantly. She smiled at him before closing her eyes and then the monitors started beeping loudly and he found himself whisked out of the room by someone.

Placed once again in a waiting room, looking after his baby brothers. He knew straight away what his father had come to tell them when he saw his fathers face as he pushed the door open, Jeff saw them sitting on the carpeted floor with books scattered around them, opening his mouth to speak...

Scott pushed himself to a sitting position, he was not going to stay in this hospital a moment longer. He needed to find his brothers, and then it hit him.

Alan being dragged into a car by a strange lady, Gordon shouting out, then everything had gone black.

Scott began to panic. What had happened to his brothers? Where were they? Where was his Dad? Scott slid to the floor and held onto the bed as a wave of dizziness washed over him. Steadying himself, he walked over to the door and peered out.

There were a few nurses walking about, and he could see some people talking heatedly to a receptionist. He knew no-one would pay him any attention, just like before. That was how he had managed to get in to see his mother...

Scott sneaked out and found the patient white-board. He saw his name written, but none of his brothers.

Looking around, he wondered why he had been left on his own?

Scott swallowed his disapointment that his father was not there for him, but he thought there was proberbly an important meeting that he was attending, and that his father would come over afterwards.

Scott wondered where Emma was, and realised that she was most likely at home, with his brothers. Jealously swept over him, but he pushed it away, guilty that he was feeling what Emma said he would.

He didn't want to believe her, but she was right. No-one was here for him. No-one cared that he was in hospital. He was alone, the family could manage without him.

He felt tears threatening, but he pushed them away as well.

"Hey lad. Boy, what are you doing out of bed?" The male nurse had walked up to Scott from behind and put a hand on his shoulder making him jump. "Come on, kid. Back to bed." He let himself be manovured back to the room.

Scott never said a word, but stayed quiet until the nurse was about to leave the room. "Where is my family?" He asked in a quiet voice.

The nurse felt a pang of sorrow for the boy, and walked back over to him. "You came in alone, son. I'm sure your folks will get here soon." The nurse gave him a smile as he turned to leave.

"How long have I been here?" Scott was afraid for his brothers, if they had been taken, he needed to get out and help his dad find them.

The nurse turned back, sadly. "Just over three hours. Get some rest, kid. The doctor will be back again shortly, now you're awake. We just need to ask you a few questions."

Scott lay back down on his pillow and let his mind drift as to what could possibly have happened to his family, and why weren't they there yet? Three hours was a long time...


Emma was released from the police, after telling them that she had left the two younger children in Scott's care whilst she had gone into the school to talk to Virgil's teacher about extra lessons.

She was shocked when they told her that Alan had nearly been kidnapped, and that Scott had been injured rescuing his baby brother. She found out from them that Scott had been taken to hospital, alone, and she requested that as the boys father was on his way to the school, that they allow her to go and see Scott at the hospital.

She arrived at the hospital just as Jeff went in to talk to the police.

They told him what she had said, and Jeff knew something was wrong. Scott played Baseball after-school, and should have taken John to the park after he got home from school.

And since when had Emma started seeing the teachers about his children, and when was she going to tell him about them having extra lessons?

Jeff had a bad feeling, and he went back to talk to his children. He needed to find out what had happened, and it was obvious to him that the police knew nothing.


The door to Scott's room opened.

He looked over, expecting the doctor, but hoping it would be his father. His face fell when he saw who it was.

Swallowing, he greeted her. "Hi, Emma."

She shut the door quietly, and walked over to the side of the bed. "Hello, Scott. Your father is not very happy with you, so he sent me to come and collect you."

Scott looked down. What had he done wrong? Had Alan been taken? "Where are my brothers? Are they safe?"

Emma frowned at him. "What's wrong with you? Didn't you hear me? I said your Dad's angry with you, so stop thinking about your brothers and start listening to what I tell you, brat!"

Scott looked back at her, his eyes narrowing. "I don't believe what you say, so why should I listen to you?" He retorted back, anixous for news of his family.

Emma looked furious, "How dare you speak to me like that! When your Father finds out about your lip, he'll send you away for good. And I say about time too!"

She grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him out of the bed. "Get dressed, I'm taking you home and I don't have time for one of your petty arguements.."

The door opened and in walked the male nurse from earlier, "I've got your clothes here, kid. Your mum did come, see, I told you your family would get here." And he put the bundle on the bed and left the room, not noticing the tension between the two.

Silence followed him as Scott and Emma faced each other off.

Scott felt that familiar anger rise-up within him.

Emma looked smug. She loved it that people thought she was married to Jeff Tracy, Ex-Astronaut. She never failed to name drop wherever she went.

"Get dressed. Meet me outside in two minutes -otherwise you'll be going home in your night dress." She walked out before Scott could think of a come back.

He put his clothes on quickly, he needed to talk to his father. He needed to know if what she said was true.

Scott opened the door and found Emma waiting for him in the reception area. She was signing the paperwork for him to be released. "Ah, there's the lad right now, Mrs Tracy. Scott, your mother is taking you home now. I know the doctor told you that you'd be staying in over night, but we're letting your mother take you home tonight. It's not everyday we get famous families come into the hospital!"

Scott had had enough. "She's not my mother." He ground out, his teeth clenched in anger, and his fist balled at his side. How dare Emma use his fathers name, and pretend to be their mother.

Emma glared at him, before putting on a fake laugh. "Boys! I swear he think's he's a teenager sometimes!"

The receptionist looked at them knowingly. "Scott, you shouldn't speak to your mum like that. Be good now, and don't get yourself worked up. I don't want to see you here again."

"Yes, mam." Scott answered, the gentleman in him not able to speak rudely to the receptionist.

Emma smirked and walked over to Scott. "Come on, son. Let's go. Thank you." She smiled at the other woman, who smiled and waved warmly as they headed around the corner towards the lifts.

Scott tried to shrug her hand off his shoulder, but she only gripped him tighter, digging her nails into his skin through his top. "Stop struggling, you brat. You're lucky that I would even come to live with your family. Your lucky I came, your dad and brothers need me. No-one else would put up with you."

They walked towards the lift, people were already waiting there for it to come.

Scott got out of her grasp halfway down the corridor, and put a hand on his shoulder, rubbing it. "Don't touch me! Just wait until I tell dad about you! You should have been watching my brothers! Alan could be gone for all we know!"

Emma looked furious, "I do know my job! You should stop sticking your nose in where its not wanted, brat! Your dad knows that 'you' were in charge of the boys today, why do you think he sent me? He can't bear to look at you!"

She moved forward and grabbed his arm tightly, twisting it as she pulled him closer so she could whisper in his ear.

Neither of them noticed the lift doors slide open and a tall figure step out.

"You will address me as 'Mother' in public from now on,just like your brothers do."

Scott rebelled quicker and more violently than she expected. "No! YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER!" He yelled, pushing her away, "Leave us alone! We were fine before you came along, we have a mother, and you're NOT her! You'll NEVER be her!"

Emma stumbled slightly as he pushed her, but she came back at him fast, she had two hands on him now, and she shook him as she hissed back. "Fine, huh? Scott, don't you see how selfish and self-centered you are? Your brother's love calling me 'mum', and your dad see's me that way too!" She was ranting now, and Scott began to think she was crazy. "If you left, the family and I would be perfectly happy! But no, you seem to think the family revolves around you! Always trying to find out about everything and control everyone!"

She shook him again, and he gasped out in pain, "Well, I've got news for you buster, You're dad told me he's had enough of you - he's sending you away to boarding school!"

Scott paled, and his eyes widened in horror.

But she hadn't finished with him yet. "Your dad hates you, Scott." Some spit landed on his face and he cringed away from her, but she still held him tight. "He told me it was your fault that your 'mum' died - he told me he wished it was you who died instead!"

Scott inhaled a sharp breath, he felt like his heart suddenly stopped beating and his knee's went weak, all he wanted to do was sink into the floor and disapear forever. His eyes welled up, his head hurt, his arms were bruised, he was tired. His breathing deepened and he could not control it as it increased until he felt like he was almost panting. But all he could think were they final words that echoed in his head.

Then a stern voice made Emma snap her head around to the lifts.

"UNHAND MY SON!" Jeff Tracy bellowed from the lift. He was fumming and had heard everyword spoken between the two. He had been so shocked that he'd been unable to move or say anything until the completely defeated look on his son's face spured him into action.

"Mr Tracy!" Emma gasped out. She hadn't noticed when he arrived, and was not sure what he'd heard her say, so she tried to cover her tracks. "Scott was disespecting me again! I think he must have been hit on the head harder than the doctor thinks. Maybe he should stay overnight...?" She faded off at the look on her employer's face.

She swallowed. He looked like he was about to commit murder, and she was going to be the victim.

A small crowd of people had watched the scene caused between Emma and Scott, but none of them had heard the malicoius words that Emma spoke to the eleven year old. They thought that Scott was a delincquent boy who liked to abuse his mother verbally in public.

Jeff looked around at the people gawping at them, and asked a woman close by, "Get security up here, now. This woman is attempting to kidnap my son."

A few people in the crowd gasp in shock, they had all heard Scott shout out that she was not his mother, they had also seen the way she man-handled the boy.

Emma released Scott, who sunk to the floor on his knees, bending his head down to his chest.

Jeff glared at Emma and she took a shaky step back from Scott, who had not reacted since sinking slowly to the floor. Jeff knelt down next to his eldest son, and wondered how much damage had been done. How long had Emma been verbally abusing him? What else had been said behind the closed doors, when he left his children alone with this woman?

Jeff held those thoughts at bay, and tried to get Scott to look at him. "Scott, son. Look at me. Come on, I'm here, and nothing Emma said is true. I love you, we all love you."

Scott never moved, and Jeff reached forward and put a hand gently on Scott's chin, lifting his head so he could see his son's face. Scott was paler that Jeff had ever seen his normally tanned son. He avoided his fathers eyes, and his forehead was covered in little beads of sweat. Jeff could feel the small body in front of him tremor slightly, and realised that Scott was going into shock. "Scott, look at me. Scott, please." Jeff's voice pleaded with the dark haired boy on his knees, "Please Scotty. I need you. Your brothers need you. Please look at me, son."

Scott's eyes moved up and Jeff saw that even though he seemed to be looking at him, his eyes were glaced over.

"What's going on here?" A loud voice interupted. "This is a hospital, not a circus! Ah, security, here please! Break-up this disturbance at once!"

A doctor walked over, and noticed it was his young patient. "Scott, what are you doing dressed and out of bed?"

Jeff looked up at the man. "I'm his father. What's wrong with him? I can't get him to respond to me, please help him."

The doctor quickly knelt down next to Jeff and felt Scott's pulse. "Hm, increased heart rate, pupils dilated..." He mumbled to himself as he checked his patient. "He's gone into shock. He proberbly overexcerted himself. This boy should be in bed."

Jeff scooped his 11 year old son up, and followed the doctor back to Scott's room, with the child laying limply in his arms. Jeff's eyes flicked over Scott's bandage in his head, and wondered how much damaged had been done, not just from the wound.


A few weeks later

"Pancakes! Yay!" Gordon ran around the kitchen whooping with joy, Alan giggling at his brother, and clapping his hands shouting "Cakes, cakes!"

Grandma Tracy smiled at her grandson's as they played around the kitchen. She whisked the batter with a fork and walked over to the stairs. "Boys, come on down. Breakfast is ready."

Two sets of feet were heard thumping down the staircase as John and Virgil made their way down to the kitchen. No-one made pancakes as well as Grandma Tracy did.

"Wash your hands, boys." She ordered them, and to her amusment a few groans emitted from their mouths.

She put the first pancake in front of Alan, and John helped him add syrup to it.

Gordon was bouncing up and down in his chair, "Me next, me next, please Gran'ma!"

She happily produced another pancake from the pan onto a plate for him, and Virgil helped him make a picture of a fish on it with the syrup.

She watched her grandson's with pride.

They had been through so much, there was no way that Jeff would get her to leave now she was back. Family helped family. She looked out the kitchen window before adding more batter to the frying pan.

"I wonder how your father is getting on with Scott.." She wondered to herself.


It had been a stressful time for the whole family.

Jeff put together what had been happening in his home, without him even being aware of it.

He sacked Emma, and reported her to the police and the agency he found her through. They promised him that she would never work with children again.

Mr Hill was put on probation from the School. He hadn't really done anything wrong, but Virgil was switched into another class.

The kidnappers were caught and arrested on charges of attempted kidnapping and attacking a minor.

Grandma Tracy flew straight to Kansas when Jeff told her what had happened, insisting that she would look after the boys herself, until Jeff had sorted out his buissiness out.

She also insisted that Jeff took some time off work to spend with his boys. Especially after seeing Scott looking so depressed in the hospital.

Once Scott was released and back home with his family, Jeff announced that he and Scott had a trip to make. The boys were quiet at first, then one by one they all started to smile and wish both their dad and oldest brother lots of fun and adventure on thier trip.

Gordon asked that they bring him back a whale, and Scott just smiled. Alan gave Scott a chubby cuddle before he left. John lent Scott one of his favourite books, and Virgil painted a picture of the family for Scott to take with him.

Unbeknownst to all of them, Scott cried himself to sleep that night. Alone with his dad on a campsite, Scott once again felt loved and needed.

He knew his family loved him, and he voweled that no-one would come between him and his family ever again. They were his, and each and everyone of them were worth protecting.

He kept his promise to his mother.


The End


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