I own not a thing...


Can't breathe, can't scream,

Is this life, or just a dream?

Everything is lost in a haze,

I must escape this broken daze,

Love me, or leave me,

It's all the same, now I see,

Intertwined in a circle of dark, and light,

Rest assured; I've won this fight,

I've thrown you out, and shut the door,

You shan't come knocking anymore,

With you in my head,

I spent the time that I resurfaced, wishing you dead,

When my pulse was checked,

I knew not if it was yours, or my reject,

I was screaming in my soul, for someone to save me from going down,

Yet still I found myself battered, and bruised, on the ground,

Still I wonder; are these thoughts yours, or mine?

Are you still inside, or am I fine?

Was I ever truly mine?

Encased in doubt,

I can't trust anything, or anyone, within, and without,

Am I me, or you?

Crying; unsure of what to do,

I have to rid myself of it all,

Because there is not much further to fall,

I turn the wand unto myself,

Cry 'Crucio,' until I destroy my mental health,

Further than you have, I can't think anymore,

Even though you are gone,

And I'm finally on my own,

You've still taken over me,

Forever more,

And all eternity.

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