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TheCherryOnTop: F.A.Q.

Why are you such a bitchy blabber mouth?
You make it so easy.

Are you single?
Yes. I'm also uninterested.

How do you know everything?
I'm invisible. Really.


Posted on Tuesday, September 4 at 10:08 PM

Current Mood: Anticipating school because I'm cool like that.
Current Music: Lying Through Your Teeth. (Which I don't. I tell the truth and nothing but the truth. And if I lie—which I don't—I lie through my fingers, since they type. Yes).
Dorm room.


Welcome back, students of Leaf Academy, for another year of filling these blossoming brains of ours with knowledge and information. New on our staff this year is Headmistress Tsunade, a former professional gambler (whose career in said profession has definitely gone down the drain), as well as a former student from this humble learning facility.

Headmaster Sarutobi's retirement party during which we had a carnival here held last June, was quite a fun and enjoyable day but also rather depressing considering we had to see our favorite Headmaster take his leave.

But enough of this nonsense about school and learning—I'm sure you are all just dying to hear what news I've come across already, seeing as it's only our first day back to the dorms for unpacking. Unfortunately though, with Headmistress Tsunade's assembly tomorrow morning (the first official day back considering today was just 'get your stuff unloaded and ready for work' day) which will take FOREVER, I already know this year is gonna be lame.

(I'm already assuming she's a sadist since she's starting the assembly at 7:30 IN THE MORNING. I mean, school starts at 8:40, so why should we have to be up even earlier?!)

Well first off, let's recap on a few of last year's stories:

- Troublesome got into a bit of trouble, being the centre of a catfight between Harpy and Fishnets. The questions remained though: which babe did he choose? And will Harpy and Fishnets have another tussle in the cafeteria? And will our favorite friend, Foxy pour a bucket of water on them again?
- Bashful, she who's been crushing on Foxy ever since our days at Leaf Academy snuck him a letter into his suitcase without him knowing, on the last day. What it was about, I still have to find out
- Tarzan is still shamelessly pursuing Cherry (me). Cherry is still trying to be nice about it but come on.
- Foxy and Pretty Boy rigged one certain special room, therefore it's only a matter of time before said rigged things go off and Jackpot (a new character) loses her cool
- Birdie and Buns were spotted making out at the End of the Year Dance in the middle of the dance floor. Buns' roommate from last year claims to have slept somewhere else that night for reasons unknown. Insert wink here.

Now that those have been shamelessly retold, I'll tell you about the things I heard today:

- Harpy got a new nose
- When Birdie and Bashful went to their family cottage over the summer, Buns came along for a week or two
- Pretty Boy's associate, named Sexy Boy has aligned himself to the staff of Leaf Academy. Score! There's nothing better than a totally sexy enemy.
- Fishnets' younger little friend has transferred here and shall be dubbed Love-Love
- Love-Love is very pretty but the name Pretty Boy is already being used
- Possible trouble in paradise for Aquaman and Four Eyes since Cherry totally saw her trying to hit on Pretty Boy
- Harpy was seen coming out of the supplies closet with Picasso between during lunch of unpacking day. Someone's moving quickly…
- Foxy and Pretty Boy are devising a plot to steal the Phantom's porn collection sometime this week

And that concludes my blog for tonight kiddies. I assure by the end of this week, I'll probably hear more stuff.

Sleep tight kiddies.



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Posted on Tuesday, September 4 at 10:43 PM
Subject: I'M ONTO YOU!
KingOfRamen007: Hey!! Me n the bastard r the ones plannin 2 steal Kakashi-sensei's porn collection so then… that means ur in my lit class!! N that I'm Foxy… Well I do like the name. Howd u come up with that?? N the person who gave me the note was Hinata which means she is Bashful. I'm onto u Cherry!!

Response to KingOfRamen007
Posted on Tuesday, September 4 at 10:56 PM
Subject: Many people are.
TheCherryOnTop: Naruto Uzumaki, do you the meaning of the word anonymity. Considering I'm in your Lit class, why don't you take a break form trying to figure out who I am tomorrow, and look the word up in a dictionary? I will be deleting this thread for the sake of anonymity for Bashful, Pretty Boy, and you as well, Foxy.

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Posted on Tuesday, September 4 at 10:47 PM
Subject: (No Subject)

Princess23: LIKEOMG! I totally miss reading your blog Cherry! I've always wondered though, are these stories you write real?

Response to Princess23
Posted on Tuesday, September 4 at 10:58 PM
Subject: (No Subject)
TheCherryOnTop: Very much real.

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Posted on Tuesday, September 4 at 11:42 PM
Subject: You're a bitch.
Bookworm5432: I think that you are absolutely rude with the way that you so blatantly put up people's secrets on the internet. Have you no shame?

Response toBookworm5432
Posted on Tuesday, September 4 at 11:54 PM
Subject: Oh, touchy, now aren't you?
TheCherryOnTop: Technically, they are not secrets. People don't tell me the things that I post up. The gossip I give is merely stuff I come across while going about, minding my own business, or things that I overhear. It's not my fault people don't know how to keep things they might want secret, secret. And no, I actually don't have shame.


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Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 1:34 AM
Subject: How troublesome…
Lazy1: Sakura Haruno, aren't you done with this blogging business?

Response toLazy1
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 1:38 AM
Subject: You should be thankful for a name like that bastard.
TheCherryOnTop: I'm sorry but I do not know this 'Sakura Haruno' that you speak of.

Response to TheCherryOnTop
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 1:45 AM
Subject: (No Subject)
Lazy1: Whatever Sakura, just tell me what you got for number fifty-seven in the Back-To-School-Booklet we got in math?

Response toLazy1
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 1:49 AM
Subject: Don't you 'no subject' me!
TheCherryOnTop: Well since I too received this booklet that you type of, not because I am this Sakura-girl, I will help you. I got 5400.

Response to TheCherryOnTop
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 1:52 AM
Subject: (No Subject) again. (Take that).
Lazy1: Thanks, Sakura.

Response toLazy1
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 1:49 AM

Chapter One
She Who They Can't Stand

Monday, September 3
1:36:14 PM

Leaf Academy for the Gifted

Student: Haruno, Sakura
Student ID Number: 300114
Grade: 11
Gender: Female um, duh!
Homeroom: Hatake, Kakashi UGH CRAP!
Counsellor: Shiranui, Shizune

8:40 to 9:20 – LITERATURE – ENG 3O1 – Kakashi-sensei – Room 1105
9:25 to 10:05 – ADVANCED MATHEMATICS – MCR 4O1 – Gai-sensei – Room 2212
10:10 to 10:50 – DRAMATIC ARTS – ADA 3O1 – Sasori-sensei – Room 1121 …avec Shika and Hina!
10:55 to 11:35 – BIOLOGY – SBI 3O1 – Kabuto-sensei – Room 1110 …avec Shika!
11:40 to 12:20 – VISUAL ARTS – AVI 3O1 – Deidara-sensei – Room 3320 …avec Hina!

12:25 to 1:05 – LUNCH

1:10 to 1:50 – EXCERCISE SCIENCE – PSE 3O1 – Asuma-sensei – Room 1100
1:55 to 2:35 – WRITER'S CRAFT – EWC 3O1 – Kisame-sensei – Room 3302
2:40 to 3:20 – CHEMISTRY – SCH 3O1 – Kurenai-sensei – Room 1113 …avec Shika AGAIN!




So according to the schedule I picked up yesterday from the main office (although technically, I didn't pick it up since Hinata-chan was the one who picked both of ours up and was so kind to get mine while she was down there, then give it to me) that is how my day will go, beginning in—

I glance at my watch. It's 8:21.

—nineteen minutes


"Welcome, students of Leaf Academy, to another year—"

—In which you will broaden your horizons, reach your full potentials, and have your brains loaded with utter bull. I look up from the chipped pieces of 'Wild Orchid Purple' nail polish to see Lady Tsunade, the new Headmistress. She appears to be young-ish and rather big breasted. She has blond hair and amber eyes (which looked really awesome, by the way). She wore this green blazer and pant suit as she spoke to us, telling us students of Leaf Academy that usual speech we got at the beginning of the year.

"Other new members of our staff this year are Sasori Kairai, the new drama teacher, and Itachi Uchiha, the new T.A. for Yuuhi-sensei's chemistry classes."

My gossip senses are tingling and I can't help but smirk.

(Headmistress Tsunade-sama keeps talking but the words don't really meet my brain).

I can see the upcoming dirt: Some chemistry brewing with Uchiha and Yuuhi? Yes, I know, that is just so terribly cliché sounding but really, it's catchy.

"And lastly, I would like to talk about something I have seen being promoted within Leaf Academy, which I also checked out myself," she says.

Oh. Well here it comes—

"The popular blog, TheCherryOnTop, has come to my attention to be something that is derogatory and must be punished for—"

"But it's anonymous!" someone yells.

(I love you).

Tsunade-sama narrows her eyes. "I am aware that Miss Cherry is one of you, sitting in this auditorium today," she states. "And I am informing you of this now. I will find you, and when I do, you will not only be exposed, but will receive the proper punishment for defacing fellow students along with members of our staff as well." Her lips fall into a grim line. "I would advise you, Miss Cherry, to cease your gossiping at this point now. Perhaps it may lighten your punishment—"

"No way!"

I look around the school auditorium and see tons of frowning faces.

(Ch, addicted bastards).

"Cherry can't take down the blog!"

The two little frosh (sixers, since Leaf starts at sixth grade) girls in front of me whisper to each other.

"I wonder what this blog thing is…"

"Like, I read it all last night—"

Oh my god this girl is a psycho. That's like five years worth or gossip!

"—and like, Cherry is so cool! We totally need to keep reading. Everyone does!"

Of course everyone visits the blog—my blog.

It's advertised in the hallways, on the dorm bulletin boards and in the school newspaper. As much as I got those comments—you know the ones that called me a 'hateful, lifeless loser who had nothing better to do than gossip, gossip, drink coffee, and gossip'—people really had to admit that they knew they absolutely loved my blog.

TheCherryOnTop is not only read by students of Leaf Academy, but the teachers as well. I know this because I often get comments like 'Listen Miss Cherry, when I found out just who you are, I will give you the proper suspension that you deserve'.

The comments I get on TheCherryOnTop vary, but they are always enjoyable to read. I get the hate mail, the praise mail, the threat mail, and beg mail—beg mail being people asking me to find things out for them. (Ch, I find out what I want to find out).

There are only a few people who knew the real identity of Cherry, you know, me.

Kakashi-sensei. It was pretty embarrassing when he told me I had a detention all of sudden, and then in the process of being detained, he said that he didn't appreciate being called a pervert who was having an affair with the gym teacher, Mitarashi-sensei—which he claimed was untrue (but um, HA, I knew better!).

And after him, it's Shikamaru Nara, the one who was asking me for my math answers before because he's so lazy and never does his work (although really, what insane teacher gives work on the first day back which isn't even an official school day?! It was an unpacking day, damnit, but no, Gai-sensei went to find every single student who was in his math class to give us stupid work books). Shikamaru has been my lab partner ever since school started. Why? Because he is a genius and I am a genius, and well, he being a genius didn't only make him my lab partner, but also someone who in the middle of adding some orange juice to litmus paper, said 'I just wanted you to know that Harpy and Fishnets are both hilarious names, but please, why am I Troublesome?'.

And I do believe that is all of them.

Yeah, I know, two isn't exactly equivalent to 'a few' but whatever—

"SILENCE!" Tsunade-sama screams.

The room goes silent, as ordered.

Tsunade-sama clears her throat. "As I was saying, Miss Cherry, I know you are listening right now. This is why I want to repeat, I will find you."

Oh, and in case you were as unobservant as to not be able to figure it out, I'm Sakura Haruno, like stupid Shikamaru said in his comment.

Not many people really notice me. I'm just Sakura Haruno, the girl who's really smart with the weird pink hair and buys coffee like four times a day. Despite my peculiar appearance, I am just about invisible, which I have no complaints of because really, being invisible isn't so bad.

I hear everything.

I see everything.

I know everything.

Hence, TheCherryOnTop blog is the number one source on all the dirt of Leaf Academy.

I don't really have that many friends, to be honest. My roommate, Hinata Hyuuga, is really nice, and I like her and all but as my chosen name for her says, she's really shy and doesn't share my love for blabbering about the world. The only person I can really talk to is Shikamaru. The reason why Shikamaru is my closest friend (best friend, I guess) is probably because we're on the same level of intelligence and because he never complains about things I say, since to talk would be too troublesome for his lazy ass.

TheCherryOnTop is probably my life.

Kind of.

(Seriously, I'm pathetic like that).

I really have nothing better to do since I finish my work for school all the time really early, and I don't really need a job since I make money from tutoring after school, ten dollars an hour, helping Kiba Inuzuka (his nickname is the Hound) with Algebra on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from three to five, and then helping Suigetsu Momochi (his nickname is Aquaman) on Tuesday afternoons, the same times as Kiba, and on Sunday mornings. So all in all, every week, I make myself two hundred dollars. Or well, I haven't started my sessions yet considering it's only the first night back to the Academy, but I do it every year, so I don't really expect things to change.

Really, I love stupid people—

Almost as much as I love my gossip.

My lips curl into a smirk as I gaze onto Headmistress Tsunade, who is glaring at us students accusingly, trying to intimidate someone to squeal.

"Alright, Headmistress, you're on."



The assembly—thank god—ended right after Tsunade-sama announced that she was going to hunt me, find me and burn me at the stake. Okay maybe that was a bit dramatic. The point is, after the thing ended, she told us to go to our classes, which thus leads to the current predicament.

Kakashi-sensei is late.

I sigh, remembering that even after all these years, he hasn't changed at all.

He is always late.

Which unfortunately, always makes my gossip senses tingle (or that could just be the caffeine from my coffee making its way into my system, I don't know).

"So I figured this out last June, but I never really knew what to do about it. Kakashi-sensei keeps the porn collection on the bottom left drawer of that desk of his. The thing is though, there's a key you need to open the stupid thing."

I glance up from the book I was reading and reach into my pocket to press the pause on my mp3 player. It was always a good cover since most people were oblivious to little old me. With a book opened up in front of me, earphones in my ears, and my makeshift, not real invisibility cloak, it's pretty easy to learn things.

Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki both sat in front of me, the latter babbling about how awesome it'll be to get all that porn and then sell it (pervert!), while the former kept on glancing back at me suspiciously.




Because of my secret identity, he refuses to talk because I'll blog him.

Well he doesn't know about my secret identity but unlike Naruto, he doesn't talk about things that could get him suspended so openly in the classroom.

Sasuke Uchiha is so smart like that…

(Because really, despite being friends with a moron like Naruto, he's not stupid—Sasuke-kun isn't stupid at all. He is actually pretty smart, to be fair. Well not smart-smart like Shikamaru-and-me-smart, but he is still an honors student. Sasuke-kun is also really pretty, hence, you know, his blog name, Pretty Boy. Or well, he is handsome. Shikamaru said to me, about two years ago when I started TheCherryOnTop, that he knew Sasuke-kun was Pretty Boy and that he didn't think Pretty Boy would appreciate the name. And also, boys aren't pretty. So yes, he is handsome. So totally handsomely pretty. He is a pretty handsome boy.


Well as you can tell, I have had a crush on Sasuke Uchiha that began when I first met him. It was in sixth grade, our first year at Leaf Academy. I was dragging my suitcase, trying to look for my room, when he said 'Excuse me, could you get out of my way'. Really, it's pretty pathetic. I remember doodling 'Sakura Uchiha' on my Lit class notebook back when we were younger. Kakashi-sensei totally took the notebook from me, which was so embarrassing. Thankfully though, since I was such a genius, he was nice enough to just tell me to put the pink hearts and bubble letters away.

But really

I think its love.

He thinks I'm an annoyance.

But nevertheless, I still like him.

A lot.)

"I was thinking we would come here tonight, after lights out, and then pick the locks and all," Naruto suggests.

Well isn't Naruto just the most original person you've ever met? Naruto Uzumaki is the guy who everyone loves. Personally, I think he has a freaking Jesus-complex or something. That kid makes everyone love him and he always seems to fix all issues, even the ones that have absolutely nothing to do with him. Seriously! Everyone loves him. He's nice to anyone he meets, from the little sixth, seventh and eighth graders who think we're so cool for some reason, the other morons. He's got blond hair and these really pretty blue eyes. I don't mean that in a romantic way, but really, they're so beautiful.

"We'll talk about this later."

Like Sasuke-kun, Naruto has been living across from me, ergo, Uzumaki and Uchiha are roommates. Sighing that I would not have any juicy gossip about the continuation of the porn issue, I drop my book onto my desk, which somehow causes some stupid chain reaction which then makes my pen fall on the floor, which then earns my the (unfortunate attention) of my two favorite pranksters in Leaf Academy (because no one ever really figured them out).

Naruto smiles at me and waves, after picking up my pen. I take my headphones off and rest them on my neck to be polite. "Hi! I'm Naruto Uzumaki." Before I can utter an 'I know', because I knew, he points to Sasuke-kun. "And he's Sasuke Uchiha. You must be new here. What's your name?"




The smirk on Sasuke-kun's face really makes me want to smack it off of his lips (but I don't want to ruin that pretty face, and I'd rather kiss it away—).


I really can't find words.

"That's Sakura Haruno," Sasuke-kun tells Naruto in that oh-so smooth voice of his. He rolls his (sexy, smoldering, pretty) eyes and hits Naruto on the back of the head. "She's been living across from us for the past four years you dumbass. And she was your tutor in seventh grade science."

This is exactly why I said I'm invisible. No one, not even Leaf Academy's number one friend maker, notices me. I lived across this guy. And I tutored him but he still doesn't know me.

Oh well.

Sasuke-kun does!

Well not really. He knows who I am but we're not friends or anything. Just common acquaintances (who will then begin to date… And then get married). But then again, Sasuke Uchiha knows who everyone is, at least their names at grade. I guess he knows I've been living across them because on occasion, we come out of our rooms at the same time.

Naruto tilts his head slightly to the left to look at me, examining my person.


Wordlessly, I take my pen and put the headphones back on.





Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 9:31 AM

Current Mood: Invisible. Is that even a mood? I think it is.
Current Music: I Can Hear The Bells. (The song, not the school ones). HAIRSPRAY. DUH.
My second period classroom, using my Blackberry, because I worked all summer to buy myself one. Maybe. Do you believe me, Headmistress? I might just be in Computer Tech right now, so we can never be sure. But now I'm just blabbering.

Subject: I call your challenge and raise you twenty. Smiles.

I'll keep this short because I'm in class and shouldn't be blogging. Seriously I think that the Phantom, my homeroom teacher this year, considering how this is a Lit class, needs to pull out a dictionary and look up the word PUNCTUALITY. Really. Why can't he be more youthful like my second period teacher?


Anywhoo, I would just like to state to you, Headmistress Tsunade, since I'm sure you're reading this, that I am up for your little hunt and I can assure you, I won't be taken down so easily.

Although then again, one member of your oh-so reliable staff does know my identity so perhaps I am a tad bit screwed.

Well I guess all we can depend on right now is trust, don't you agree?

Speaking of trust, I'm sure you're all aware that it's the key foundation of those things we call relationships. And speaking of relationships, let's do a roll call of sorts for those who came to the assembly this morning holding hands. Well really, there's only one couple but well:


They are totally a sure thing and are now on! Sigh. Now that they actually seem to be—dare I say it—in love, I guess I won't have anything interesting on them. Well unless Harpy suddenly turns another leaf (ha, it's a pun because at Leaf Academy, we are called leaves… Okay I'll just shut up) and decides that Birdie is her new hunt. Who knows? I mean, last year she cat fought for Troublesome, then yesterday, she totally fooled around with Picasso, but hey, we never know, right?

Or well, you never know.

I do.


Response to Post: 'I call your challenge and raise you twenty. Smiles.'
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 9:42 AM
Subject: And so she speaks

AceOfSpades5: Good morning, Miss Cherry, I'm glad we can finally talk.

Response to AceOfSpades5
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 12:31 PM
Subject: She can walk, too

TheCherryOnTop: Afternoon, Headmistress! Sorry this message took pretty long to reply to. See, I had to go to my other classes but we're all on our lunch breaks now so whatever. Anywhoo, I enjoyed your speech this morning. I'm always up for a challenge. I'm sure my junior year will be quite enjoyable for me, now that you're in my life! But your words, this morning, kind of hurt my feelings. In my opinion, I am not 'defacing' students or staff members. All I really am doing is telling the truth. Its not slander if its not fiction.

Response toTheCherryOnTop
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 12:35 PM
Subject: Perhaps running would be good as well.
AceOfSpades5: Miss Cherry, I highly doubt that 'The Phantom was doing some extra training in the sports equipment closet with the Snake Charmer', or that 'Youthful was doing the youthful action of sniffing some drugs before school began' are non-fiction.

Response toAceOfSpades5
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 12:41 PM
Subject: And I'm sure you'd suggest hiding, wouldn't you?
TheCherryOnTop: The thing with the Phantom and the Snake Charmer is so totally true! THEY DID. I saw and then ran away and fought off gauging out my eyes. And the second one, the one with Youthful, you quoted wrong! I wrote that one under 'Speculations', therefore I never said it was true.

Response to TheCherryOnTop
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 12:49 PM
Subject: Hiding would be smart
AceOfSpades5: Slander.

Response to AceOfSpades5
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 12:54 PM
Subject: I don't run. And I don't hide either. I can take whatever you throw at me. Period.
TheCherryOnTop: Don't you have a job you're supposed to be doing? I'm sure Leaf Academy's new Headmistress has more important things to be doing that responding to a blog written by a silly little girl with nothing to do in her classes.

Response to Post: 'I call your challenge and raise you twenty. Smiles.'
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 5:43 PM
Subject: (No Subject)

Response to Sexy-In0
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 5:51 PM
Subject: Thank you for your support
TheCherryOnTop: How do know though, that you're not one of the people I'm always gossiping about? I'm sure if you ever found out you were Pretty Boy or Fishnets or anyone for that matter then you'd lash out and whine endlessly about my so-called slandering.


Response to Post: 'I call your challenge and raise you twenty. Smiles.'
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 6:21 PM
Subject: (No Subject)
Lazy1: Want a tip? I'm with um, 'Fishnets' now, Sakura.

Response to Lazy1
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 6:32 PM
Subject: You're No-Subject-ing me AGAIN.
TheCherryOnTop: You make it sound so anti-climatic. And damnit, for like, the billionth time, STOP CALLING ME THAT!

Response to Post: 'I call your challenge and raise you twenty. Smiles.'
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 6:23 PM
Subject: (No Subject)
KingOfRamen007: GO CHERRY!! u show that headmistress that ur gonna win this game!!

Response to KingOfRamen007
Posted on Wednesday, September 5 at 6:35 PM
Subject: Your support means the world to me
TheCherryOnTop: Oh, well it's you again. Did you look up 'anonymity' like I told you to, or did you forget?

Response to Post: 'I call your challenge and raise you twenty. Smiles.'
Posted on Wednesday, September—

"Um, Sakura-chan, it's almost midnight. Would you mind getting off your laptop in the next hour, please…?"

I look up from my laptop, in the midst of replying to some of the later messages, and glance at Hinata-chan. I didn't quite get into a description of her, did I? Well here: Hinata Hyuuga is a really nice girl. Really. Really nice. She's got this awesome shade of blue slash purple slash violet kind of like hair that looks awesome. And she has these awesomely weird eyes that look like a cross between lilac and pearl white. She's rather petite, being about 5'2". Hinata-chan is smart and pretty, but she's also, like I said earlier, really shy.

"Sorry!" I say loudly, shutting the laptop closed. I smile at her sheepishly, though she won't see me since the light from the laptop is what was keeping the room so bright.

Hinata-chan nods and lies down on her bed. "Goodnight, Sakura-chan."


Is she serious?

After a half hour of staring at the glow in the dark dinosaur stickers on the roof (okay, we put them there in sixth grade, when Hinata-chan and I first met), and realizing that it kind of looked like that Mr. T-Rex was going to bite the stegosaurus in the ass, I finally hear the evened out breathing of Hinata-chan's, showing that she is asleep. I borrow her robe (we borrow each other's stuff all the time, okay? Mine's still packed up!), and put it over my oh-so warm tank top and shorts ensemble.

Quietly, I disconnect my laptop from the charger so I can take it with me to the bathroom and use it in one of the stalls (yeah, that's how sadly addicted I am).

I turn the doorknob slowly, and step out of the room, holding the knob with one arm to make sure I don't wake Hinata-chan up again. I breathe a sigh of relief and lean against the door.

Hinata-chan's a pretty light sleeper so I'd feel kinda guilty if I woke her up. I look around in the co-ed dorm and walk towards the girls' bathroom speedily since I don't want anyone to see the weird pink-haired chick walk around with her laptop so everyone could think I'm an even bigger geek—





I squeal inwardly and the smile that's creeping on my face feels like it'll split my head in half. I know that voice. I turn around and try to look less creepy which does not exactly work but whatever since NOTHING else matters now that Sasuke Uchiha is talking to me!

"Hi!" I say dumbly, meeting Sasuke-kun's dark eyes.

Sasuke-kun is a god, in simple terms. Unfortunately for you though, I won't get into a description of him because that'll be too troublesome because I'm tired and in a rush to go blog.

"What's up, Sasuke-kun?"

He looks at me oddly, still looking oh-so beautiful in that t-shirt and boxers ensemble of his that makes me wanna drop my baby (laptop) and jump him.

"What are you doing…?" he asks.

"I…" I swallow, because I know I must look pretty weird. "Um, I'm going to the… to the bathroom!"

He raises one of his fine, black eyebrows, looking at me incredulously. "With your laptop?"



I wince, realizing I sound like a freaking moron.

"Right." And with that, Sasuke-kun walks away and into the boys' bathroom.


Wait. Hold the phone. As I make my way into the girls' room and sit on one of the toilets after locking the door, the thought hits me really hard. Like hard, like that Monster Truck Rally me and Shikamaru went to in the summer where the trucks kept smashing around which was totally awesome. But yeah, it hit me.

Sasuke Uchiha just talked to me.

Sasuke Uchiha never talks to people, much less pink-haired, computer savvy, smartasses like me…


I smile at this.

I'm totally gonna blog it.


Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:01 AM

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Sorry to break Tarzan's heart, but Cherry's is actually pretty set on Pretty Boy.

Not because like his name says it, he's pretty (handsome, in boy talk), but because he's smart and athletic and awesome and HIS EYES. They are just these beautiful obsidian depths—

I stop in my writing and realize something. Like I said earlier in thought and same with in the blog, Pretty Boy—er, I mean Sasuke-kun is smart. That means that if by chance he ends up reading this (albeit unlikely since he doesn't seem to be the kind of person who'd want to read a gossip blog) he might be able to tell that I am Cherry…

"Crap," I mutter, trying of how I can announce my greatness to the world without exposing myself completely.


I know.

I drag my finger along the mouse pad and hit 'New Entry'.


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Where the sun DOES shine!

Subject: I don't come cheap but the kisses come free!

Well last night (yes that makes sense because it is now technically four minutes past morning came!) the Pink Princess was spotted talking to PRETTY BOY. Yes, that's right. Pretty Boy. The guy who I put under my Speculations List as possibly gay or possibly asexual! He actually made interaction without someone of the opposite sex!

Oh, and right now I want to put stuff on my list!

- Sexy Boy will get even sexier
- Harpy will go back to cat fighting for Troublesome
- Troublesome will decide that life is easier the gay way
- Fishnets will stab Harpy is said cat fight is cat fought
- Picasso will stop bothering with Harpy in a month
- Foxy will respond to Bashful's feelings and get married
- Hound will stop bothering with Bashful since he's too hot to waste
- Buns will somehow end up pregnant with Birdie's babies
- Pretty Boy and Pink Princess will elope
- Four Eyes will kill herself over the said action

(Hm, well do you have a speculation? Post it in a comment so it could be added to a separate list!)

Yeah, the list's a beauty, don't you agree?

Well I couldn't dig up as much dirt as usual today, since nothing really happens on the first day of school, but I can say the following:

- Birdie and Buns were snogging behind the southeast stairs
- Pretty Boy spoke to Pink Princess
- Troublesome is officially now with Fishnets
- Foxy has yet to notice Bashful
- (SPECULATION) Phantom totally was hooking up with Snake Charmer this morning
- The Plan to steal a certain someone's porn will most likely be commenced sometime soon. Save some money!



Response to Post: 'I don't come cheap but the kisses come free!'
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:12 AM
Subject: (No Subject)

Lazy1: You know what, Sakura? Tomorrow morning, me and you are gonna have some kind of intervention because I think your addiction to this blogging business is beginning to get unhealthy. I mean, Pink Princess?

Response to Lazy1
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:17 PM
Subject: STOP THAT

TheCherryOnTop: It's not unhealthy. And don't call me that. GOD! Stop making me repeat myself damnit! My name is not Sakura! And besides, this blog, you see, is a way for me to practice for Writer's Craft. See, its experience in writing and reporting. AND IT'S FUNNNNNNNNNN!

Response to TheCherryOnTop
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:23 AM
Subject: (No Subject)

Lazy1: I'm serious.


Response to Post: 'I don't come cheap but the kisses come free!'
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:12 AM
Subject: ANONYMITY; freedom from identification; lack of distinctiveness; unnamed person; state of being unnoticed

KingOfRamen007: pink princess?? is she new?? i dun think uve written bout her before…

Response to KingOfRamen007
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:17 PM
Subject: STOP THAT

TheCherryOnTop: Not new, so to say, just not quite mentioned before.

Response to Post: 'I don't come cheap but the kisses come free!'
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:12 AM
Subject: (No Subject)

AceOfSpades5: Miss Cherry, you are really taking my warnings lightly. Please don't make me take drastic measures to find you. I have help coming from people that would I know would shock you very much. Please, I repeat, don't make this harder on yourself.

Response to AceOfSpades5
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:17 PM
Subject: (No Subject)

TheCherryOnTop: Oh, it's you again, Headmistress! Shouldn't you be asleep by now? I'm sure your job will take its toll on you tomorrow morning. And please, don't worry about me. I told you, didn't I? I can take whatever you throw at me. Really.

Response toTheCherryOnTop
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:21 PM
Subject: (No Subject)
AceOfSpades5: If you say so.

Response to Post: 'I don't come cheap but the kisses come free!'
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:15 AM
Subject: (No Subject)
iUCHIHA: This is a rather interesting blog you have here, Miss Cherry. Excuse the question, but you said everything that is not written as a speculation, is truly non-fiction?

Response to iUCHIHA
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:19 PM
Subject: Why thank you!

TheCherryOnTop: I always love the compliments! No need to be excused, iUCHIHA, but yes, everything, as long as it isn't under the speculations list, or isn't labeled with '(SPECULATION)', is a true piece of thing that I came across in the school.

Response to TheCherryOnTop
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:22 AM
Subject: No problem at all
iUCHIHA: You must be very good at acting stealthily for your spying.

Response to iUCHIHA
Posted on Thursday, September 6 at 12:25 PM
Subject: You can be my new best friend!

TheCherryOnTop: Heh, no stealth is required. I'm invisible.







Okay, so I did that one thing lots of people seem to either love or hate: A HIGH SCHOOL FIC. Ha! Well whatever, I actually had fun writing this. And note: Sakura is 'in love' with Sasuke at the beginning of Naruto, and he spares her some words (albeit they're not the best) so why should that change for this story, right? And hey, hey, did you notice?! There was no cliché bump-into-each-other-and-get-mad scene, or a speech about how she hates Sasuke because he's popular! Anyway, while you're criticizing this, please be constructive about it, okay? Tell me what you think but do it professionally. I probably won't update this until I finish everything I've started, but I want to know what people think. CIAO!