One Wish

Chapter 1.memories

The Ghost Zone never had seasons. There was no such thing as winter, summer, spring, or fall. In the same way, there was no weather. No rain, no snow, and no sun. However, she remembered what it was like when she was alive. She missed the warm summer sun, the bitter cold winter days… Heck, she even missed those windy days that tossed her brown hair around into frenzy, into her face and eyes, blinding her for a moment or two. She always hated when that happened, and now she missed it so much. After all, they say that you don't miss anything until it's gone.

She missed everything about being a human. She missed her family, especially her sister. Even though she could see Emily at any point, her dear sister had forced herself into insanity. Emily turned into a psychopath and brought herself unto the world of revenge and violence. That definitely wasn't the bright, beautiful Emily that was her sister. But alas, that Emily was gone, and the only thing left were the warm, glowing embers of her memories.

She also missed those warm memories that used to be her reality. Most of all, she missed all the love. She missed the loving hugs and kisses from her mother when she was hurt or down. She missed the advice that her father gave her about stupid boys. And she just plain missed her sister.

The memories became so overwhelming, as they always would. Her eyes narrowed down into green slits. Her head ached, and her hair burst into a roaring fire. Suddenly, her reflexes grabbed the empty glass that was before her and hurtled it at the wall. The impact made the fragile glass burst into millions of pieces and sprayed the floor behind the counter with little crystals, like snow floating to the ground.

The bartender growled at his customer. "Damn it all, Ember! That's the fourth glass you've thrown at the wall this month!" He narrowed his eyes at her. "What is your problem?"

Ember collapsed over the counter. Even though she was only a senior in high school when she died, that was almost 20 years ago, and there really wasn't an age limit to drinking in the Ghost Zone. Even Youngblood himself drank (even if it was rum).

All Ember did was raise a finger, which meant that she wanted another glass. The bartender shot a finger at the broken glass, and instantly the shards came together to resurrect the glass that Ember had thrown. "Ember, I think you've had one too many shots tonight. I suggest you find someone to help you home and take a long nap."

Ember picked herself up and shook her head. "No way," she muttered. "I'm not drunk."

The bartender, skeptical of Ember's statement, raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really now?" he replied smoothly. "Then if you aren't drunk, then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU CHUCKING MY GLASSES AT THE WALL?!"

Ember's mouth morphed into a nasty snarl. The bartender was getting under her skin and on her last nerve. Acting before she thought, Ember drew back her gloved hand and connected her fist with the bartender's jaw. In a flash the ghost was on the floor and out of consciousness. When he fell and hit the floor, the thump made the entire joint turn and look at the commotion.

Her teeth were still clenched and her fist was still tense. And evil glare boiled up into Ember's eyes, shrouding the green with darkness. Suddenly, a hand touched her shoulder; her body twitched, and she spun around, almost punching the innocent ghost. But before Ember could do so, she saw that the hand that wanted her attention was of Desiree's. Her fist opened and her arm fell to her side when she looked into the Wishing Ghost's saddened eyes. "Desiree…" Ember muttered. The two stood there, saying nothing, until finally Ember collapsed into her open arms, with silent tears raining down her face.

Desiree rested her cheek against Ember's enflamed hair. "It's all right, my friend," she whispered. "I'm here for you, Ember. I'm here for you. When you're ready, tell me what's troubling you, and I will help."

Ember and Desiree had been friends for a while now; they just really didn't let it out to the public. Still, Desiree never had a real friend before, so she took this opportunity to prove to Ember that she could be a true friend.

Ember took the opportunity. She let out a few sniffles, sighed, and spoke her mind, "I want to be loved."

Desiree's heart went cold. Love… Should could provide friendship from her actions, but not love. At least, not yet; it was far too early into their friendship for them to love each other like many friends do. "Is there anything I can do fulfill that for you?" was all Desiree said.

Ember shook her head. "There's nothing anybody can do. Nobody will ever love me, and in the same way, I can never have a child either."

"Why so?" Desiree inquired.

Ember looked up at her. "Desiree, children aren't just made out of nowhere… They just don't appear in a mother's womb… There's a – a process that's needed to make that happen. And nowadays, that process doesn't really work unless the people involved are in love. And if you force the other person into the process, that's kinda bad…"

"Since when do you care about things being bad?" Desiree chuckled. Ember glared at Desiree, who quickly let her laughter die down.

"I miss the love from my family," Ember continued, skipping right over Desiree's comment. "When I caught my boyfriend cheating on me, my heart ripped in two, and I found myself thinking that no one loved me. And now, I miss the love. I've realized that I had the love; I just couldn't see it because of the state I put myself in. Now my sister's a psychopath, and I'm alone. Cold, and alone. I want someone who loves me, but there's nobody. Absolutely nobody."

"Can't you just put somebody under your love spell?"

"I don't want fake love. I want real love."

Desiree was lost in thought at this point. An idea had popped into her head, but she knew that there was a way to make it devious and revengeful for a certain Phantom. The cogs and wheels in her mind turned and rotated, bringing evil plans into her thoughts. A wide grin of discord appeared, mentally.

"I have an idea, Ember…"