Suddenly the air became very cold. A wind swept across the entire town of Amity Park, sending chills up Danny, Tucker, and Sam's backs. The clouds above them morphed together to form one big, grey blob that hung above them, impending doom.

Sam looked at Tucker, Tucker looked at Danny, and Danny looked at Sam. "It's going to rain, soon," they said in unison. They stopped for a moment on the sidewalk to figure out exactly how they had just said the same thing at the same time.

Sam was the first to shake it. "Oh, whatever," she said. "What's more important is that we get to someplace, and quick." Tucker gave her a questioning look. "I don't know about you, but I'd rather not get caught in the rain right now."

Danny shrugged. "Alright, but where have we got to go? The sky'll open up at any moment, and the closest place is several minutes off."

Tucker sighed. "Why do we have to live in such a confusing town?"

The three began to walk again, but only seconds later, Danny stopped short. A wisp of cold breath escaped past his lips. As soon as he noticed that his Ghost Sense had gone off, his eyes began searching and studying the world around him. His senses keened and focused swiftly onto a light blue ghost tail. The tail whipped around the corner of an alleyway, but Danny had seen it only just enough to know that someone was there.

Danny didn't even look at Sam or Tucker. "I'll catch you guys later," he muttered before speeding off towards the alleyway, giving his friends no time to protest.

He turned and slowed to a halt once concealed behind the dark walls of the path. His eyes were darting all over, his mind was racing. He saw no one.

At least, his human eyes saw no one.

Danny opened his mouth to call out his catchphrase war cry, "Going ghost!" that started him to morph into his ghost self, Danny Phantom. But no words escaped past his lips, as a cold, green hand wrapped itself around his orifice. Before he could retaliate, a sharp pain hit in the back of his head and snaked its way to his body's entirety. Danny's eyes rolled, his body grew limp, and he collapsed onto the floor in an unconscious mess.

His senses were beginning to come back. He was lying down on what felt like a bed. He could feel the world around him, but his vision was still black. Well, maybe that was because he had his eyes closed.

He tried to open his eyes; successful, but his vision was still blurry.

A voice was calling to him. "Danny, are you okay?" he heard. He said nothing in return, but the voice came back. "I hope Desiree didn't hurt you too bad…"

He recognized the voice. The tone was soft and caring, and yet it had a familiar sneer, sarcastic way about it. He knew a few people and ghosts which such a tone, but his vision became a little less blurry, just enough to see blue hair on the person in front of him. Sarcastic person, blue hair…

His eyes shot open, the blurriness dissipated, and he leaned into an upright sitting position. "EMBER?!" Danny yelled. And, lo and behold, so it was.

But she was different. She was wearing a very short nightgown, black base with light blue lace that matched her flaming hair, which was taken out of its ponytail and let loose. Her expression was different, too. Her lips were curled into an affection smile instead of a disapproving scowl. Her green eyes were luminous with care, but they also gave off a very hungry, lusty look.

Danny's gaze headed downwards. The way Ember was leaning Danny could tell she was not wearing any kind of bra, and her low-cut nightgown was giving him a nice view of her pale grey breasts. Feeling scarred at the sight, he adverted his eyes to hers.

"Oh, good, you're awake," Ember finally said. Her smile widened even more. "I was afraid that Desiree had hurt you."

"Desiree?" Danny repeated. "What's she got to do with anything?"

Ember gave a giggle. This wasn't like her. "Silly Danny, she's the one who knocked you unconscious and brought you here."

"Speaking of which…" Danny interrupted. He looked around the room. It looked like one of the guest bedrooms in Sam's house; luxurious, expensive, and fit for a queen. Or, a rich girl, in the least. "Why am I even here in the first place? And… Is this your bedroom?"

Danny looked back at Ember. He noticed that the gap between the two of them had shortened. Danny gave the ghost a look. "Ember, tell me what's going on right now."

Ember said nothing, but crawled herself onto Danny's lap. His face started getting hot and sticky. He said her name to warn her, but he was not sure himself why he was doing so.

She put her eyes into his. She leaned in closer to him, until their noses were almost touching. Ember cocked her head slightly and touched Danny's lips with her own. Danny was taken aghast that Ember would do such a thing, but he could not pull away. He did not want to pull away.

On instinct, he opened his mouth, and Ember deepened her kiss. Danny felt something in his stomach. A twinge. Not of pain, but of something he couldn't describe. All he knew was that he had the same twinge when he had gotten his first kiss.

Danny leaned back and rested his head against the pillow underneath him, his lips, mouth, and tongue still glued to Ember's. She went down with him without a complaint.

Her hand twitched. It involuntarily floated itself downwards, towards Danny's nether regions.

The touch scared him; he pushed Ember off him instantly and sat up straight once again. "What are you doing?!" he yelled. Ember backed away a tad, scared at Danny's outburst.

"I-I…" she stuttered. "I… Don't know…" Danny thought he saw tears welling up in her eyes, which were darting all over. That was a sign of guilt.

"Ember," Danny sighed, "please tell me what's going on."

They sat there, motionless and speechless, for about a minute or two. Ember was collecting her thoughts. Danny was waiting for an answer.

She spoke, but the reply was one that Danny thought he would never hear from Ember. "I love you, Danny." She stretched out her hand and began playing with the button and zipper and tugging on Danny's jeans. "That's why I got Desiree to bring you here." His button was undone. "That's why I'm dressed like this." His zipper was unzipped. "That's why I kissed you." His boxers were showing. "That's why I…" She stopped.

"Why what?" Danny questioned.

Ember's eyes finally calmed down and stared straight into him. "I want to sleep with you."

Danny said nothing. The thought of having sex with Ember scared him a little bit, but the same twinge from earlier was telling him to go along with it. It was telling him that he wanted this.

"Will you return me the favor?" Ember pleaded. Danny could see it in her eyes that she meant it, and this was no trick. Danny's lips turned upwards, forming a slight, affectionate smile.

"Alright," he said. He knew it was wrong. He knew he was going to regret it. But the twinge was pushing him to do it. To do her.

They stripped each other of their clothes, and sunk gracefully underneath the bed sheets.