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Same narrator from A.I.

"Jessica was a happy child. "Her father was a mechanic and helped build her mecha parts."" Her mother also a mechanic."

"Most of her family either worked in either the many clubs in the big city or with mechas"

"She never had any friends so she built GIR based off a television show she saw from the previous century."

"When her parents took a trip and left her at the rest stop that is when our real story begins."

"GIR, are we lost?"

"Yes we are Jessica."

"Do all roads really lead to Rouge?"

"I guess, I mean everyone says that."

"I'm starting to question it."

"Why would they lie to you?"

"Because I'm little."

They walked for another forty minutes before the came to a clearing as a garbage truck was dumping mecha parts.

"Looks like our basement"

"Indeed it dose Jessica"

As they spoke many junk mechas ran to the parts. And a female silhouette could be seen on top of a hill in font of what looked like the moon.

"Moon on the rise" came a cry as all the mecha fled into shanty town.

"What's happening?

"It's a Flesh Fair they destroy us on stage trust me I've been there."

"What do we do GIR?"

"We run now."

"Jessica ran into a shed that was full of junk mechas."

"Hello what's your name?" said what looked like a butler

"Jessica." replied Jessica meekly

"Hello Jessica, how old are you?"


"Do you need someone to look after you? Do you need a butler?" "I have many good references"

"Do you know the way to rouge city."

Just as he was about to anser the wall came down infront of him and a net trapped them.

"Don't worry Jessica."

"Jessica I will break." Said GIR who was holding onto the net.