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Chapter Eleven

The weather was simply beautiful and as Joey tried to tie that darn tie and was getting more and more exasperated, Solomon came in and started laughing as he said "could you use some help?" Joey nearly jumped out of his skin and as he spun around he nearly sat on the floor. "This tie is going to be the death of me" Joey said. Solomon went over and tied it for him and then he said "Joseph you are one heck of a lucky young men and I'm so proud of both you and Seto. You know that both of you are like my grandsons and I love you with all my heart." Joey gave this gentleman a hug and then he said "make sure that I don't trip or make a fool out of myself."

Then music started and they started walking towards where Seto and Roland were standing and as Solomon placed Joey's hand in Seto's the Minister asked "who gives this young man away?" Solomon and Joey's parents all stood up and said "we do."

Then the Minister said "each young man has written their own vows so I will ask Joseph to say his first.

Joey's Vows:

As I stand here looking into the eyes of the man that I'm going to marry, I think of all the reasons for loving him. He has shown me unconditional love and only asked that I love him in return and Seto I do love you. You are my life mate and I pledge to give you my love till death do us part. I Joseph William Wheeler take you Seto Eugene Kaiba as my life mate, to stand beside you and share our love and sometimes our tears together. You are the reason that I want to get up each day and it is your love that brings me so much happiness.

Now Seto will you please read your vows.

Seto's Vows:

As I stand here looking into the eyes of the only man that I will ever love I'm reminded how much I love him and that he loves me. You give me unconditional love and ask that I return that love to you, and I do everyday. You are my reason for laughing and crying and wanting to be beside you the rest of our lives together. I Seto Eugene Kaiba take you Joseph William Wheeler as my life mate, to stand beside you and share our love and even our tears with each other. I have blessed the day that you came into my life and will till we both leave this world and pass to the next.

Then the Minister asked for the rings and he said "repeat after me with this ring I thee wed. Then he said I pronounce you life mates, you can now kiss each other." As Seto took me into arms and kissed me, well it was so romantic that it left me breathless. Then the Minister said "I give you Seto and Joseph Kaiba." Everyone started cheering and yelling. We walked back into the Manor to the ball room and as we all sat down, everyone toasted us with their best wishes and then Angelina stood up and said "Joey, I found this Poem on the internet and it reminded me of how you described your Nana and I wanted to read it for you."

Guardian Angel by Lottie Ann Knox

At times when I am feeling sad

and think no one cares,

I feel the vibrations of your wings

and know that you are here.

I feel your tender touch

as you enfold me with His love.

A yearning prayer has come to earth,

sent down from the Father above.

I can never deny your presence.

You fill my heart with song.

All sad thoughts just simply disappear,

knowing that I am not alone.

You loan me strength when I give out.

And you raise my courage up.

I can face my troubles head-on

Mortal thanks is not enough.

I will live each day I have

In humbleness and in prayer.

With heartfelt words I write

and with others, share.

Everyone was in tears when she was done and Joey went to her and he said "that was the most beautiful thing anyone ever did for me and I know that Nana is in heaven smiling down on all of us right now." So as the party went on, and everyone finally left Joey and Seto got ready to go on their honeymoon, up in heaven Joey's Nana was smiling and sending down her love for that beautiful little angel that came into their lives and changed them forever.


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