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Chapter 03

By Kusabi

"You're not fit to be a Suou…"
"You can't kick him out… he's my son…"
"His mother is a whore… he deserves to live on the streets…"
"I don't want you to go… but what your grandmother says, goes…"
"But why–"

As he awoke in a cold sweat, Tamaki let out a gasp. For weeks now, that dream – no, memory – had haunted him. Ever since he had moved in with Haruhi, he had more time to think, and one thought plagued him the most… just what did he do to upset his grandmother so much? For as long as he could remember, she had despised him. Yet, he could think of no reason for her to just suddenly throw him out on the streets.4:12. The time on the LED clock was bright and prominent in the dark living room. Though he knew he should get back to sleep, Tamaki just didn't feel tired. Sighing, he got up and grabbed the remote, and turned the TV on. Luckily, the sound was already low, since he didn't want to wake Haruhi. The television's glow filled the room as images of a drama re-run appeared on the screen. The story seemed intruiging to the blonde, and he watched with great interest.On the show, two twenty-somethings met up randomly after losing contact following high school. Even after their long absence, they began their friendship again, and began to realize that they had always had feelings for each other.
I wonder if she ever… no, probably not…
Halfway through the show, a commercial break began. As soon as the first ad began playing, Tamaki tiptoed his way to Haruhi's room. Opening the door quietly, he gazed for a few moments at her sleeping form. A small smile graced his face, and he began to feel grateful for this chance to continue his friendship with the girl.
I told you once that I'd protect you. I'm going to keep my promise. Always.
Silently, he shut the door and returned to watching the program.

"Haruhi, do you want me to get a job?"
"…what?" Haruhi honestly hadn't expected him to ask this. "You don't need to… but if you want…"
In her mind, she imagined Tamaki working at a burger place, scaring everyone with his excitement for working at "a commoner place". It was quite an entertaining image, and it took a bit of strength for her not to laugh.
"Okay," he replied simply. He didn't want Haruhi to have to care for him, so he made a silent vow to find a job as soon as possible.
"By the way, I'm curious…" Haruhi mused, cocking a brow. "Why didn't you call Kyouya or anybody else?"
Tamaki smiled warmly, but responded in a sad tone, "I couldn't. They're all so busy now, I couldn't just barge back into their lives like that. If we're going to meet again, I want it to be by fate. You know, the way you and I met again."
"I guess that makes a little sense… well, I should be off. See you later, Tamaki."
"Yeah… see you when you get home, Haruhi."
He could never tire of hearing himself say that.

Pushing up his glasses, a man with dark hair and dark eyes stared at a photograph on his desk. It showed six boys and one girl, whom had been pretending to be a boy, dressed in Ouran Academy uniforms, all smiling. Letting out a sigh, he attempted to return to his work. Somehow, the workaholic man couldn't concentrate, and his eyes drifted to the photo once again.

"I don't think I can practice today, Takashi," a small blonde man with the appearance of a boy said sadly. "I can't seem to focus… we'll practice karate another day, okay?"
"Yeah," his tall, dark-haired cousin replied.
The small man smiled at him. "You're missing them too, aren't you?"
He could only nod.

"It's so boring… I miss playing tricks on milord… don't you agree, Kaoru?"
His twin smiled at him. "Yeah, and messing with Haruhi!"

As she boarded the train, Haruhi sighed. I guess I really do miss them all… who knows, maybe I will see them again, after all… Tamaki came back into my life, right?

"Hopefully, the Host Club will meet up once again," Tamaki said to himself, smiling.

Fate was working faster than anyone had expected.