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Chapter One

He was fading fast and he needed to stay awake long enough to get to Seto and let him know that he loved him. He struggled to stay awake and walk. It was getting harder and harder to keep going. Then it happened, he lay down and let go. Seto I love you he said to the wind.

All of a sudden like magic he opened his eyes and he was in a bright room and there were strange noises around him. Was this heaven? Was he dead? He heard a door open and footsteps and then the face of the one he loved appeared in front of him.

"Welcome back" Seto said through his tears.

"Where am I?" Joey asked.

"In the Hospital at Kaiba Corp." Seto said.

"How did I get here?" Joey asked him.

"Solomon was coming home from the Airport and saw a body by the side of the road and when he got out of the cab he noticed it was you and calls me" Seto said.

" I'm so tired" Joey said.

"Close your eyes and rest I'll be here when you wake up" Seto said as he placed a kiss on the side of Joey's head.

"Faust he has to make it Seto said. I can't live without him."

"Seto we are doing everything we can to stop the bleeding but it is just too much and if he does make it, it will be a miracle." Faust walked out and Seto sat beside the bed and said a Prayer. "I don't know how to pray but I'll try anything, Joey means the world to me and my brother, so please bring him back to us and to his friends who all love him so much." Seto closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Quietly the door opened and in walked the three Yami's, Ishizu, Shadi and Odeon. They all walked around the bed and softly not to wake Seto, Ishizu started chanting and they followed. The room got real bright and then really dark and then it came back to normal.

"We've done all we can, now it is up to Joey to want to live" she said.

"We can do one more thing" Shadi said. They all held hands and he started to chant and for some reason Marik was chosen and he went inside of Joey's mind.

Marik walked around and finally found Joey sitting in a room.

"Hello" Marik said.

"Hi Joey said. Are you an Angel?"

"No I'm here to ask you to come back with me and live." Marik told him.

"There is so much pain there and I can't take it any more." Joey said,.

"Listen there isn't any more pain and Seto needs you to come home. He loves you and you love him so let me bring you home." Marik asked Joey.

"I want to go back and if you promise there will be no more pain then I'll go back." Joey told him.

" I promise" Marik said and Joey held out his hand and together they walked out and back into his body.

Marik came to and said "he's back" and then he collapsed on the floor.

Odeon and Bakura picked his body up and Ishizu brought him back.

"Let's go and leave them alone" she said and they left without anyone even knowing they had been there.

Something touched Seto and he opened his eyes and there laid Joey and he was awake. Tears were in Seto's eyes as he stood and touched the side of Joey's face. Seto lowered the railing and leaned over and kissed Joey and he returned Seto's kiss.

"I love you and I almost lost you" Seto whispered to Joey.

Joey closed his eyes and said, "an Angel came and told me that you loved and needed me and brought me back to you."

"If I ever meet this Angel I'll kiss them." Seto whispered.

Joey yawned and Seto smiled and told him "to get some rest, I'll be here when you wake."

"I love you" Joey whispered as he fell asleep.

Seto bowed his head and gave thanks to God for bringing back Joey to him. I will always love and keep him safe he vowed. Now he had to figure out who caused his love all the pain and almost took him from him.

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