Chapter Twelve

When Odeon and the young ones got back to the Ishtar home and they saw their Yami's, Yugi, Ryou and Malik all ran and jumped into their arms and tears ran down their faces and they kissed and hugged them. Then Ishizu looked at Odeon and tears ran down her face as he walked over to her and took her into his arms and held her and whispered "my lovely lady" and then he kissed her. As Yugi looked at saw this he pointed to them and they all stood there and then they quietly left them alone as they went to their separate bedrooms and well they spent the rest of the day making love and telling each other how much they loved each other. When Odeon lifted his head and they looked around they found themselves alone and he picked her up and carried her to her room where he closed and locked her door and he made mad passionate love to her.

Back at the Manor, Seto and Joey are lying in each others arms sharing tears of happiness because they are no longer in danger and they will soon be married. As Seto takes Joey into his arms and starts to show him exactly how much he loves him, Joey does the same thing to Seto and soon they are naked and making love like they have never made love before. All the drama and danger in the past few months have taken a toll on both of them and they are now healing each other and loving every minute of it.

As they hold each other after making love, Joey says "at the reception I want to do something special to show my love for both Jimmy and Benny." Seto smiled and kissed him and the he said "pup, I think that it is a really lovely idea and one that everyone else will love to see too." Joey didn't tell Seto or anyone else what he had planned he wanted it to be a surprise.

When Ishizu and Joey were in the Crypt, he had whispered something to her and she kissed him and told him "I would be honored to." What he asked her was "would you please marry Seto and me?" (Ishizu had the ability to marry people but she only did it for close personal friends, whom she now considers both Seto and Joey.) Tomorrow is the big day and everything is almost ready, all they have to do is to get everyone here to the Manor on time.

Roland, Charlie and Dennis were last seen going into a bar in Domino where they got stinking drunk remembering their friends. As Charlie raised his glass of whiskey he said "this is to both Jimmy and Bennie may you both rest in peace and we'll all be together soon bro's." Roland and Dennis both took their turns toasting their dead friends and by the time they all got home to the Manor, well lets say that they didn't quiet make it inside they all passed out on the lawn in the back and that's where Seto found them the next morning.

Seto called Jack and asked if he'd get about six men and help get Roland, Charlie and Dennis off the lawn and into Roland's apartment." As they struggled to pick each man up, Seto burst out laughing when Charlie tried to kiss Jack and he dropped him on the ground and as he grunted as he hit the ground, they picked him up again and finally got them inside and Seto told all of the men "you didn't see this at all, is that understood? Because if any of you ever try to tease Roland you know that he'll kick all your asses." They all laughed as they went back to doing what they were doing before Seto called for help.

The next morning when the three men walked into the kitchen to get some coffee, Seto and Joey tried but failed not to laugh at the sight and Roland gave them his evil eye, which caused them to burst out laughing and the men sat down gently and drank their coffee. "You know that when I get over this hangover I'm going to be kicking both your asses don't you?" Roland told them. Joey then stood up and said "oh, I'm shaking in my shoes." Then he and Seto hurried out and went upstairs to finish the list of things they wanted at the Wedding, leaving three hung over men trying to get back what dignity they could from being so roaring drunk.

Today is the Wedding and as Seto stood with Roland beside him, they waited for Joey to come walking down the aisle. As Joey made his way to the alter with Solomon walking beside him there wasn't a dry eye anywhere. Then as Joey placed his had in Seto's and he Minister began the ceremony, he said "Dearly Beloved, we are here to join together these two in a Civil Union is there anyone who doesn't think that they should be joined speak now or forever hold your peace, and now they have both written their own vows, so Joey will you please go first.

Joey's Vows:

Today I stand here before our friends and family to marry the man that I love more then anything in this world. Seto has given me a reason to live and shown me what love can do. I Joseph William Wheeler take you Seto Eugene Kaiba as my life mate to have and to hold till death takes me away. We will always be together even in heaven where we will be with our loved ones.

Then the Minister said Seto will you please read your vows.

Seto's Vows:

Today as I stand here before our friends and family to marry the one person whom I love more then anything in this world. Joey came into my life when I thought I would always be alone and he has given me his love and shown me how to laugh and live to life's fullest. I Seto Eugene Kaiba take you Joseph William Wheeler as my life mate to have and to hold till death takes me away. We will always be together even in heaven where we will be with our loved one.

The Minister asked for the rings and as they each placed the rings on each other's fingers the Minister said "repeat after me, with this ring I thee wed." When the both did, then the Minister said "I want to introduce you to Seto and Joseph Kaiba!" Everyone stood and cheered as Seto took Joey's hand and the lead the way back into the Manor and to the ball room where the reception was being held.

As one by one they all toasted the happy couple, Joey stood and said "I want to do something for the men who aren't here today. This is my way of telling them that we still love them and that we will be together again." The lights dimmed and on the white curtain there were pictures of both Jimmy and Benny, and in the background was the Song "Angels Among Us" by Alabama playing:

I was walking home from school on a cold winter day
Took a shortcut through the woods, and I lost my way
It was getting late, and I was scared and alone
But then a kind old man took my hand and led me home
Mama couldn't see him, oh but he was standing there
And I knew in my heart, he was the answer to my prayers

Oh I believe there are angels among us
Sent down to us from somewhere up above
They come to you and me in our darkest hours
To show us how to live, to teach us how to give
To guide us with the light of love

When life held troubled times, and had me down on my knees
There's always been someone to come along and comfort me
A kind word from a stranger, to lend a helping hand
A phone call from a friend, just to say I understand
And ain't it kind of funny at the dark end of the road
That someone lights the way with just a single ray of hope


They wear so many faces, show up in the strangest places
To grace us with their mercy, in our time of need


To guide us with a light of love

When the song was over and the pictures were gone, everyone stood and raised their glasses and they all said together "Here's to our brothers whom we will see again in heaven. May God bless and keep you in the palm of his hand!" Then Joey stood and as he was wiping his eyes he said "now lets party and party like there is no tomorrow in memory of both Jimmy and Benny and that's just what they did."

Up in heaven stood two angels clapping their hands and having the time of their lives reliving memories of their brothers and one young man who show such bravery that they now consider Joey as part of their brotherhood…….


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