Hidden Desire

Chapter 1: The Start Of Something New

My name is Mandy Matthews and I was part of the newsies strike that ended a month ago. I'm 16 years old with strawberry blonde hair and brown chestnut eyes. My mother died giving birth to me, while my father ran away from my life scared. So when I was 5 years old I moved in the Manhattan Newsies Lodging House. There I met my best friend Skittery. The newsies liked me for who I was, they are my real family. Anyway, now I'm 16 as I said before. The newsies strike was a big success, Jack Kelley and David Jacobs my good friends fought against the biggest newspaper in the world and won. This story is not about the strike, but about how I found out someone had a hidden desire for me. Oh Great...It all started Tuesday, when I got the letter.

I heard Skittery's voice saying, "Mandy, get up..." I opened my eyes a crack and said, "Hey Skittery...I'm up." Skittery nodded as I pulled the sheets off me and sat up. There I saw Skittery wearing his pink shirt with his black suspenders again. I rolled my eyes as I got up and said, "You know Skittery you wearing pink makes you look like a complete dork...everyone is said so...just so you know." Skittery replied, "They do not." I amited, "Okay...I said so..." I entered the washroom pulled a towel out of the rack and turned on sink. I asked Skittery as he followed me, "What time is it really?" Skittery smiled evilly and answered, "Hm...bout 1:00 am." I glared at him, "Why did you wake me up so early everyone is still sleeping!" Skittey shrugged, "Ise get up this time." I sighed, "Whatever, now get out so I can get dressed." Skittery obeyed and went downstairs. I picked out my usual red shirt and black pants which I rolled up to my knees seeing is how hot it will probably me today, then I put on my usual shoes. I put my hair into a ponytail. I grabbed my cap from my bunk and put it on as I headed downstairs.

I called to Skittery, "Come on we will be first to get papes.!" Skittery said, "Alright, alright, Ise comin." Skittery and I walked down to the office where the gates were closed. I pulled out a cigarette and a lighter. While I was puffing Skittery asked, "Do youse really think pink makes me look like a dork?" I put my lighter away and took a big puff of my cigarette. I smiled, "Yes of course you do, you know I would never lie to you my best friend." Skittery said, "Behind those brown chestnut eyes is pure evil." I smirked, "Thanks Skitts." A few minutes later I heard my other fellow newsies singing to carry the banner. They made their way toward us. Jack greeted, "Heya Skitts, Mandy." I responded, "Hey." Suddenly the big gates opened. As I walked up to Weasel I said, "100 papes." Smacking the money on the counter. Morris mocked, "Well look who it is Mady Matthews." I mocked back , "Well look who it is ugly." Jack asked, "Mandy these dum bothering ya?" I shook my head, "Nah." While I waited outside of the gates for Skittery, Les came up to me. I said, "Hey Less, what's up?"

Les replied putting his papers on the ground, pulling out a letter, "Someone told me to give this to you." He handed me the letter. I asked, "Who asked you to give it to me?" Les said, "Uh-uh-uh I can't say...well bye!" I looked at the letter but didn't open it. Hm I wonder who is this from...please don't tell me its some stalker saying I know where I live and is going to kill me...man Mandy...get a hold of yourself...way too much shouting murder headlines... Before I got to open it, Skittery came beside me and said, "Okay, let's go." I nodded and put the letter in my pocket. Read it later. A few minutes later me and Skittery were shouting out headlines that went like this, "OLD LADY ATTACKED MY ANGRY SEAGULLS ON PAGE 11!" A hour later I only had one newspaper left. I sold the last one to find Skittery staring at one of my good friends Emma. I nudged him in the shoulder, "Looks like someone has a eye on someone..." Skittery embarrassed I notice,d tour his gaze away Emma and to me. I just laughed, "Don't worry I won't tell...for now..., let's go to Tibby's." Skittery and I entered Tibby's and took our usual seats. As I ordered some food I heard the door to Tibby's open I looked up to find the famous Brooklyn Leader himself, Spot Conlon. Jack jumped up and greeted Spot, "Heya Spot." Spot replied, "Heya Jacky boy." The spit shook. Spot nodded at everyone else at the table including me. I brought my attention back to Skittery and Emma. I asked, "Why don't you ask her out?" Skittery shook his head. I sighed, "Okay, then I have to do it for you..." Skittery looked scared for a minute but regained his emo looking look.

I started eating my sandwich I got, but I couldn't help but feel someone was staring at me. I didn't look around thou, just my mind playing tricks on me...right? I finished my sandwich and said to Skittery, "Well I'm going to Irving Hall, see ya later." As I headed out I still felt someone was staring at me. Minutes later I was in Irving Hall. Awww finally I got that feeling away... I called out to Medda, "Medda, its me Mandy!" Medda came out of the backstage and said, "Oh Mandy, thank goddess your here, the guitar that needs to play for tonight's show is totally out of tune!" I gasped, "Oh the horror, where is it!" Medda laughed and replied, "Over there sugar." I made my way backstage and started tuning the black fender. Once I tuned it, I remembered the letter Les gave me. I pulled it out of my pocket. I opened it and I read:


I see you everywhere

Your chestnut eyes shines in the sunlight

I think about all the time even when I try not to

You seen me before, but took no interest like I you

Wondering what it is like just to hold you

kiss you

I love how whenever you put your cap on streaks of your beautiful strawberry blonde hair hide your eyes

The way you smile makes me melt all over with desire

If only you felt the same way I feel about you

Somebody you know-

I looked over the letter again to make sure I was the right person it was supposed to give to, yup my name, strawberry blonde hair...Well you learn something knew everyday, today I learned I have a stalker with a burning passion for me...Great...just great...

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