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Chapter Ten

Joey and Seto wanted a small ceremony with only their family and friends, so Joey called Pricilla and asked her "would you and Charlie come to the Wedding?" Pricilla told Joey "we'd be happy to come." Then Joey asked Pricilla a question "do you think that Charlie would give me away?" This brought tears to her eyes and she told Joey "son I know that he'd be proud to, so why don't you ask him."

Joey called Seto at Kaiba Corp and asked if it would be alright to come over there to ask Charlie a question?" Seto smiled as he said "come on over pup, you know that you're welcome to come here anytime." So Joey asked Roland if he'd drive him there" and as Joey knocked on Charlie's door and when it opened and Charlie saw who it was he smiled and asked "what brings you here?" Joey then went over and stood there and then he asked "would you please walk me down the aisle and give me away at the Wedding?"

Charlie them walked around the desk and held out his hand as Joey took it, he pulled Joey into his arms and he told him "I'd be very proud to do that and thank you for asking."

Joey wiped the tears from his face as he said "I don't have any family left since my mother and sister has abandoned me, (Joey's mother never really believed that her ex-husband could of done that to her son.) So you and Pricilla are the closest to family that I have." Charlie hugged him and he said "we are so very proud of you and we think of you as our grandson, so let's dry those tears before we really start blubbering and my secretary might think that we've gone mad."

Joey laughed as he took the tissue that Charlie gave him and wiped his face. When Joey left his Office and went to see Seto he was glad that he asked Charlie. When he told Seto what he had gone to see Charlie about, Seto was happy that now his pup was going to be alright.

They planned on having the Wedding in the back yard and Roland had the gardeners working to make sure that everything was just right. There was one particular spot that Joey had always loved, it had a small pond that had an artificial water fall that made the most beautiful music and that's where they were having the Wedding. The reception would be held in the main ball room and Paula the head chef has been fixing all the food and she made the most beautiful Wedding Cake for them. They had one day before they were to be married and both Seto and Joey were both excited and so very nervous at the same time.

Today is our Wedding Day and as we woke up besides each other, I remember how tenderly we made love to each other last night and how this morning you kissed me awake. As I stroked your face and said "we have to get up" you held me in your arms and said "alright pup, but just let me hold you for a little while." As we showered together we talked about all the things we were going to do on our honeymoon, which you still haven't told me where were going, and then you tenderly made love to me one more time."

Everyone is here and as the music begins and Charlie stands besides me and we walk towards you and I see the love in your eyes it almost makes want to cry. When the Minister asked "who gives this man away" and when Charlie and Pricilla stood up and proudly said "we do." Well I nearly lost it. Then as the Minister said "both Seto and Joey have written their own vows and I'm going to ask Joey to go first. I looked into those beautiful blue eyes and I said:

Joey's Vows:

As I stand here before our friends and family, I Joseph William Wheeler do give my heart and soul to you Seto Eugene Kaiba. You are my Dragon who stood beside me through all my trials and showed me what love really is. I give you my heart, my soul and my very being forever. I promise to love you and only you. Tears came running down my face and you smiled at me.

Then it was your turn to recite your vows and tears filled your eyes and I nearly started crying again as you said:

Seto's Vows:

As I stand here before our friends and family, I Seto Eugene Kaiba do give my heart and soul to you Joseph William Wheeler. You are my Pup who stood tall and strong against all odds and showed me what real love is. I give you my heart, my soul and my very being forever. I promise to love you and only you. Well now we're both near tears and then the Minister says " I now introduce you to Seto Eugene and Joseph William Kaiba, you may now kiss your mate." You took me into your arms and god, the kiss was so passionate that it did make me cry.

We walk hand in hand back into the main house and go to the ball room that has been decorated for our reception and as we all sit at our designated tables, each of our friends and our families toast us and then you announce "Joey and I are going to The Virgin Islands for our honeymoon" and I nearly fainted. Then Solomon stands and says "it's time for the happy couple to dance their first dance as a man and mate." The music starts and you take me into your arms and we dance and we're transported into our own little world.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives together and I know that my dragon will always love and protect his puppy and visa versa.

THE END………………..

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