Disclaimer: It's all Jo's.

Author's Note: Yes, this is from Albus's point of view, and the girl is his sister.

She's the envy of all the other girls, with her shining red hair and huge blue eyes and open smile. They want to have her beauty, because she can draw in any man she wants with a flick of her wrist.

But she doesn't want to, she wants to sit in her room and finger the threadbare blanket and ask unanswerable questions.

"Al, can you make a moon?"

"No, darling, there's the one and only moon above us."

"I want to make a moon one day."

Maybe if she knew how to pin up her hair and lace up a corset she might be perfect. But right now she's beautiful and to everyone else that's all that matters. But what's a pretty face if there's only a cracked mind behind it?

Her mind is cracked wide open, and all the common sense came rushing out and fell somewhere onto the floor, and now she only sings nonsense and nursery rhymes and still asks her unanswerable questions.

"Could I sit on a rainbow one day?"

"It's too high up, you'd fall off."

"No I wouldn't. The rainbow wouldn't let me."

"Why not?"

"Because it loves me."

When she puts on her yellow dress and ties her hair up with a ribbon she looks like the loveliest girl you'd ever seen, straight out of a fairytale. And when she laughs it's light and happy, the sound a fairy might make. But she only laughs when a butterfly passes over her, or when she catches an apple in her hands, or when she asks another unanswerable question.

"Is there really a place called Heaven?"

"I don't know."

"It would be marvelous."

Let her keep her auburn curls and her baby blues. She doesn't need them, but they keep the rest of us happy. We're the only one's who need her beauty.

And maybe that's true beauty, when the beholder doesn't want it.