To my dear readers:

I'm sorry I haven't been updating, or around even. The reason for this is yet another moving I have done. I'm still trying to get my affairs in order, and it's taken over a month so far, and I still haven't got any internet. I'm at the library as I type this now :P. Anyways, to stave off your repeated angry yells about "Where's the next chapter for (insert story here)?!?!" I've indeed written this much so far before my computer completely POOCHED.

Transformers: 3 chapters and 1 1/4 done

Archer: 1 chapter and 1 1/2 done

Harry Potter and the DN: bonus chapter

Black Lagoon 2: 1/2 chapter done

Number Zero: 2 chapters

And I've started an orginal story which will be showcased on fictionpress sometime when I get internet.

So, until I can get my computer working and bring a USB thumb drive or internet, you won't see updates for at least a month. But know this, I'll keep on writing!