Jasper Hale sat quietly in the back of his math class doing his work like a good little school boy would when a wave of sadness overcame him. He didn't want to start dry sobbing in front of the class so he asked to be excused.

"Mr. Weatherbee?" he said.

"Yes Jasper." the teacher answered.

"May I be excused?"

"No you may not, I know how you kids do. You walk out and then you never come back! I've had enough of this 'ditching' you will stay." Mr. Weatherbee said angrily.

The teachers anger radiated in waves! Jasper, to his dismay, caught them and stood up. "I think I should be able to go to the bathroom! I mean I have to relieve myself sometimes too! Now you better let me go !" he yelled.

Once he realised what he had done he looked at his conufsed classmates, "Oops."

"Your darn skippy 'oops'! Mr. Hale go to the principal's office!" Mr. Weatherbee yelled pointing to the door.

A wave of angst passed over Jasper, 'Whoever sent me that one is going to pay' he asked himself. "Mr. Weatherbee, Jasper looks like he's about to be sick." a girl said.

The teacher looked at his student, "He does...Maybe this is one of those disease that..." the teachers voice trailed off as he started looking in his health books for an answer.

Jasper felt himself sinking into depression, the angst was getting at him. "Jasper? Are you feeling okay?" the girl asked.

"No...No I'm not. I'm losing an internal battle." he whispered.

"Oh my God! I think he has cancer!" the girl cried.

"I...I...I do? Oh my life keeps getting worse and worse..." he said as he started to dry sob.

A knock on the door interrupted the commotion...Well except for Jasper's exaggerated dry sobs. "Come in." Mr. Weatherbee said still looking in his book.

Alice walked in the room with an amused look on her face.

"Stab my heart and let me bleed..." Jasper said as he sank to his knees.

"I just want to curl up into a ball and listen to Hawthorne Heights while I cry myself to sleep."

"Jasper, honey get up." she said.

"No Alice I have cancer...Just let me wallow in my self-pity."

"Jasper you don't have cancer! Now stop making a scene!" she yelled.

Alice took Jaspers hand and helped him off the ground. "I'm taking him home." she said.

"Yes Ms. Cullen that would be appropriate." Mr. Weatherbee said with a sad smile.

"All the smiles of the little children can't help me now..." Jasper said shuffling out of the door.

Once the door was closed, all of the Cullens greeted Jasper, "Took you long anough." Emmett said with a laugh.

"You guys weren't giving me emotions fast enough!" Jasper said, overwhelmed by the happines of his family.

"Anyway, how'd it go for you guys?" he asked.

"It was fairly easy." Edward said.

"Yeah, if you act weird enough the teachers let you go." Rosealie shrugged.

"Yeah...And by the way whoever sent me angst is so going to get it!" Jasper said.

Edward looked around and whistled the 'I'm innocent tune.' before running off at vampire speed towards his car.