Bella cackled loudly, startling Edward, she stood up and looked at all of the Cullens. "You thought you could leave Bella behind did you!" She screeched.

Emmett raised an eyebrow and began backing away slowly, only to be halted by Rosalie. "Bella I'm sorry, we're all sorry." Edward assured her.

"No you're not! You wanted Bella to stay in school because Bella is a human, not a sparkly, immortal like you! Well guess what!" Bella laughed.

Edward took a large step back and chuckled nervously, "What dear?" He asked.

Bella pulled a small bottle out of her bag and opened it. "What is that?" Jasper asked.

Alice only sighed, "Oh dear, this was going to happen sooner or later."

Bella began to dump the substance on herself, while cackling wildly. She then looked at Edward, "Now Bella can play baseball too." She smiled.

The Cullen clan looked warily at each other, then back to Bella, who'd just dumped glitter on herself and was now calling herself 'Isabella Cullen'. "Maybe we should get her home…" Emmett suggested, while scratching his head.

"We can't let Charlie see her like this! He'll pull a gun on me and shoot me, then I won't die, and we'll have to reveal the secret, and he'll send Buffy after us! Do you know what Buffy can do!" Edward yelled to his family.

"Yeah, they've both lost it." Rosalie said, shaking her head.

"Well we have to get her somewhere, her emotions are doing…odd things to me." Jasper said, uncomfortably.

"Is Jasper feeling uncomfortable? Let Isabella Cullen use your awesome powers to heal him!" Bella yelled as she put her index finger on her forehead and closed her eyes.

"Bella…You don't have powers…and you're not a vampire." Alice said calmly.

Bella opened her eyes, "Hush mortal! It's working!"

"Edward! Get your girlfriend and come on! She needs to see Carlisle!" Alice yelled, smacking her brother.

"Carlisle? But what if Carlisle says she's like this forever…I can't have a psychopathic girlfriend. I'm Edward Anthony Masen Cullen! What would it look like if I had a psychopathic girlfriend!" Edward screeched.

"Let's see who's crazier? The girl who thinks she's a vampire or the guy who's eighty plus years older than her, likes to watch her when she sleeps, and keeps promising her eternal life with you after you put up 5 million obstacles?" Alice asked.

"You're a creepy pedophile." Jasper said, shaking his head

"I am not!" Edward yelled.

"Guys… where's Bella?" Emmett asked as he looked around the field.

The Cullen's eyes all widened at the same time, "She's gone back to town!" Alice yelled.

Edward looked at the ground then back at his siblings, he pointed in the direction of the town and took a deep breath, "Follow the glitter."

"Dude that was so gay."

Edward sighed, "Do as I say before I kill you."

"Aye, aye cap'n Eddie."