The summer carnival is in full swing. We follow some townies through the extremely loud groups of people laughing and having a merry ole' time. However, the usual musical entertainers aren't present this time. Kirk had taken on the task (as he had done many times before) of bringing the summery music to the grand summer carnival. But there's one tiny problem…

Camera focuses on Lorelai, Rory, April and Luke standing near a booth. They seem to be the only sane/calm group of people around… but they are all looking confused.

LORELAI: (Turns to Luke) I may be wrong about this… but… am I hearing "Jingle Bells" right now?

LUKE: (Shakes his head) Not wrong.

RORY: Christmas in August?

Babette and Morey join them.

BABETTE: Kirk was in charge of the music. (Points to Kirk at the gazebo) He mixed up all his music… now he's scrambling to find the summer songs through his unmarked CDs.

MOREY: (Shakes his head) Poor fella.

LORELAI: (Along with the rest – raises her eyes) Ah. (Smiles at Babette and Morey) Are you enjoying the carnival so far?

BABETTE: It's like every year, doll. We always enjoy a good party. (Nudges at Morey) Don't we, Morey?

MOREY: (Nods) We sure do.

LUKE: (As he looks around) This is worse than those renaissance festivals.

LORELAI: (Standing next to him) Oh hush, you know you secretly love these things. You just need to embrace the festivities.

LUKE: (Dryly adds) It's a good thing I have an appointment in Hartford with the bank in a couple of hours.

APRIL: I think it's great! I can't wait to go through the whole town and play all the games.

RORY: If you need a sidekick, count me in.

APRIL: Done!

RORY: But first… (she points in a random direction) I want to go get a candy apple from Gypsy's booth over there…

APRIL: I'm sold.

LORELAI: (Smiles) Okay ladies… just meet us back here.

Rory and April leave the scene. Luke, Lorelai, Babette and Morey see an angry Taylor carrying a pile of his CDs and heading towards the gazebo. He mumbles as he passes by the group.

BABETTE: (to the rest) Uh oh. We were better off with the Christmas music.

LUKE: (Grunts) I swear if he plays any of his Muzak crap, we're going to have to move.

LORELAI: (Chuckles) He won't play Muzak. (Suddenly the Christmas tunes are gone and Bublé comes on) See?

Rory and April return with candy apples in hand.

RORY: No more Christmas in August? (Pouts) I was getting used to it.

LUKE: (To April) Go easy on the apples if you're going to spend the night with Lorelai and Rory.

BABETTE: (Smiles) Ooh, sleepover! I use to love sleepovers!

LORELAI: Yeah, we've going to have a girls' night with movies…

RORY: … Paul Newman in his 30s…

LORELAI: … food… (Luke rolls his eyes)

RORY: … Paul Newman in his 40s…

LORELAI: …more food…

RORY: … and Paul Newman in his 50s.

BABETTE: (Chuckles) Can't go wrong with that fella.

Kirk shows up from behind.

LORELAI: (Notices him) Kirk? What happened to DJing the carnival?

KIRK: (Not wanting to admit defeat) Taylor threw me out. But that's fine; I have to get ready for my dance segment with Lulu.

BABETTE: (Gestures towards Kirk) So, when the hell are the two of you getting married? (This makes April look at Luke – suggestively. Luke frowns at her.)

KIRK: (Expressionlessly) Early November.

RORY: Wow, that soon?

KIRK: Lulu's mother has taken over the planning. I have no control. (Sighs with a sudden sad expression on his face) I have to go get ready.

Kirk leaves.

LORELAI: (To the others) Was that an actual expression on his face, or am I imagining things?

LUKE: I told you this thing was crazy.

Rory's cell phone rings. She takes it out of her pocket as everyone looks at her… she sees the caller ID and excuses herself.

RORY: Oh, I have to take this. (Lorelai watches Rory move away from the group).

CUT to RORY taking the call. It's a one-sided conversation.

RORY: (Walks tentatively) Oh, hello. I'm glad you called. (Pause – she smiles) That's great. (Pause) Yes, I will. (Pause) Thank you so much. (Pause) Okay. Thanks again. Bye. (She hangs up and sighs as she holds the cell phone to her chest).

Fade Out.


We see Rory and Lorelai (dressed in cute pajamas) in the crap shack setting up plates, cups and drinks on the coffee table. They are going all out for April's first sleepover. Rory emerges from the kitchen with two bottles.

RORY: (Holds them up) Orange crush, and sparkling cider… or just orange crush?

LORELAI: Orange crush to celebrate her first sleepover and we'll save the sparkling cider for next time. (Thinks) Or both now.

RORY: (Walks over with the bottles) I don't think I've ever been to a traditional sleepover. I don't know what I should do.

LORELAI: (As she arranges the plates, movies, and licorice on the table) Keep in mind this isn't a traditional sleepover. I mean, I'm a little too old for this stuff. And we make our own rules.

RORY: (As she sets the bottles on the table) Nice.

LORELAI: (Looks up and changes the topic... nervously) So… that call you got this afternoon… it seemed important.

RORY: (Not ready to speak about it yet) Oh… (tries to brush it off) Yeah… yeah… it was wor…

LORELAI: (Stands up straight and cuts her off) Rory… honey… don't try to make stuff up. It's so obvious when you lie.

RORY: (Feeling caught) I wasn't lying… I was going to tell you… I just needed time.

LORELAI: (Realizes that maybe she should give her the time she's asking for) Okay… well, whenever you're ready. (Lorelai goes back to arranging the living room area)

RORY: (Blurts out) I got a job at the Hartford Courant.

LORELAI: (Surprised) What?

RORY: The call this afternoon was from the senior editor. Called to congratulate me.

LORELAI: (Stands up straight again) I didn't know you interviewed.

RORY: A couple of weeks ago, I got a contact. I was interviewed on the phone but then I was asked to interview in person as soon as possible…

LORELAI: Ah, the reason for coming home a day early.

RORY: (Nods) I wanted to tell you, mom. I just needed to figure things out in my head.

LORELAI: (Not certain if her daughter's making the right decision) So, you're not sure about it?

RORY: No, I mean… I really want to leave Iowa and I really do want this job. (Smiles) And it's so close to home.

LORELAI: (Still unsure) Ah… I was afraid of that.

RORY: What do you mean? Aren't you happy for that?

LORELAI: Rory. Honey. If the main reason is to be closer to home… I really don't think that's a good decision.

RORY: It's not the main reason. I really am looking forward to working there.

LORELAI: So you have made up your mind?

RORY: Don't you want me closer to home?

LORELAI: Of course I do! But I don't want you to make career decisions based on how close you are to me either.

RORY: (Frustrated, she raises her voice a bit) Mom. Trust me… okay? I really am serious about the Courant. It pays a bit more… It's more stable. And I can get a little apartment closer to work in Hartford. Of course I need some time to figure all that out… so I was hoping I could talk to grandma and grandpa about staying at the pool house for a few weeks until I find my own place. Especially since this house will be going through major remodeling.

LORELAI: (Sighs) You've really thought about this, huh?

RORY: I really have.

LORELAI: (Smiles) So the senior editor at the Courant digs you, huh?

RORY: (Smiles back and nods) I have to go back to Iowa and give my resignation. Then I start my new job in two weeks.

LORELAI: (Grins and reaches for her daughter, then pulls her in for a big hug) Congratulations babe!

RORY: (As they part) Thanks mom.

LORELAI: We should celebrate!

The doorbell rings.

RORY: There's April.

LORELAI: (Grins as she walks towards the door) And food. (She opens the door and sees April with a small duffle bag accompanied by her father – who happens to be carrying all the food for the ladies) April! You are right on time, my friend. (Looks at Luke) and you too, food man.

APRIL: (Smiles) Oh, I talked him into making lots of fries.

LORELAI: That-a-girl! (Ushers them in) Come in… come in. (April walks through the door and goes to Rory)

LUKE: (holds up the bags) Actually I'm going to hand you the food at the door.

LORELAI: Okay. (Smiles as she takes the bags from him… and assures him) April will have a great time… (playfully adds) I promise you Luke… I won't steer her wrong (leans in and gives him a quick peck).

Luke pulls away and sighs.

LUKE: I should get going. (Lorelai nods and watches Luke walk down the steps and through her front yard).

CUT to Luke walking across town to his diner. There are remnants of the carnival from earlier in the middle of the town. Luke runs into Kirk and Lulu hand in hand.

KIRK: Hello there, Luke.

LULU: Hey, Luke.

LUKE: (Nods, and hopes to keep moving towards the diner) Hey Kirk… Lulu. (But Kirk's next words force him stop and converse with the man)

KIRK: Isn't it a lovely night? (Lulu grins)

LUKE: Yes… it is, Kirk.

KIRK: (Continues) It's such a beautiful night to take a walk with your fiancée. The two of us hand in hand (Luke cringes but contains himself)

LUKE: Right. Well, three's a crowd… so I will let you two carry on.

KIRK: (Nods) Goodnight, Luke.

All three nod and turn around to go about their way… but Luke turns back around to watch Kirk and Lulu. He takes a moment to observe them walking hand in hand. It brings a smile upon his face… and makes him think…

Scene fades as he contemplates.


We fade in as the three ladies sit back and watch one of the Paul Newman movies.

LORELAI: So loving Orson Welles' fake tan.

RORY: They really didn't spend a lot of time on his makeup, did they?

APRIL: What sort of a name is "Quick"?

LORELAI: (Hears the phone ring and grabs it – but answers April first) Does it matter? I mean it's Paul Newman!

APRIL: True.

LORELAI: (Into the phone) Ello.

It's Luke. We see him standing outside the Crap Shack with his cell phone to his ear. The scene cuts back and forth.

LUKE: Hey, it's me.

LORELAI: (Moves off the couch and speaks softly as Rory and April continue to watch the movie intently) Hey. Missing us?

LUKE: Maybe. Besides, I forgot the apple pie you wanted.

LORELAI: (Looks at the coffee table and sees one last slice of pie. She grins into the phone) You didn't… but we could use one more.

LUKE: Come outside then.

LORELAI: (Surprised) You're outside? (Looks at the other two) I will be back girls.

CUT to EXT. CRAP SHACK as Lorelai walks out in her pajamas. She climbs down the steps as she sees Luke in the middle of her front yard.

LORELAI: (As she hangs up) You know you could've just knocked on the door, right?

LUKE: (Nods, then stretches out his arm to reveal the a bag with more pie) Just wanted to bring this over.

LORELAI: (Takes the bag and smiles up at him adoringly) You're so nice. (She moves closer)

LUKE: (Stares into her eyes) Am I?

LORELAI: (Takes a moment and continues softly as she gives him a peck on the lips after each I love you) I love you… I love you… I love you.

LUKE: (Sighs as he pulls away slightly) Good.

LORELAI: (Continues softly) Did you really just want to bring the pie? If you're worried about April…

LUKE: (Cuts in) No. I'm not.

LORELAI: (Tilts her head and looks at his face) Then, what is it?

LUKE: (Still staring into her eyes) Marry me.

LORELAI: (Leans back in shock) Luke?

LUKE: (Makes it sound more official) Lorelai, will you marry me?

LORELAI: (Still in shock) What?

LUKE: (Starts on a ramble-y rant) I know it seems sudden… and we've been here before… but I wanted to do it right this time. I wanted to ask you. I was going to plan it. I was going to make you dinner… (gestures) and… and make those toffee almond bars that you like so much. I was going to have roses… (still in shock, Lorelai can't help but stare at his face) and … and candles… because I know you like candles. And I was going to wait for April to return to New Mexico. But I couldn't wait… I just couldn't wait. (Remembers) Oh, and (reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small box) I got this for you. (Lorelai looks at the box and then back at Luke, still in shock. Luke continues even more nervously at the silence) If you'd prefer it… I could still do all that and then propose?

Lorelai's expression turns to a faint smile as the scene fades.


Lorelai walks in with a bag.

RORY: (Still watching the movie) That took you a while.

LORELAI: (Trying to contain her excitement, she responds – or tries to) Yeah… yeah…

RORY: (Looks at Lorelai as she notices her tone) What is it, mom? (Rory notices a ring on her finger as Lorelai lays down the bag on the coffee table. Rory gasps) Is that…?! (This makes April quickly look at Lorelai's hand as well)

LORELAI: (Clasps her hands and responds nervously looking at April) I don't know if I should… (Rory looks at April too)

APRIL: (Squeals as she gets up from the couch, then jumps up and down) Oh my god! He asked you! He finally asked you!

A smile occurs on Lorelai's face as April gives her a hug.

RORY: (Leans in and hugs her as well) This is great news! Congratulations, mom! (Gestures towards the door) Shouldn't you be celebrating with Luke?

LORELAI: (Explains) No… no… he insisted that we carry on with girls' night.


Camera on Luke still in front of the crap shack. His face lights up as he hears faint laughter and celebration inside the house.

Scene fades.




LUKE: (Behind the counter) Will you marry me?

LORELAI: (Shocked) What?

LUKE: I was just looking for something to shut you up.

VOICE OVER: For years they've been waiting…



LORELAI: (Looking at Luke vulnerably) Luke, will you marry me?

LUKE: (Shocked) What?

VOICE OVER: A marriage proposal that comes as no surprise…


LUKE: Lorelai, will you marry me?

CUT to Luke and Lorelai kissing.


APRIL: (Jumps up and down in joy) Oh my god! He asked you!

RORY: (Clapping her hands then giving her mother a hug) This is great news!

VOICE OVER: Life is great in Stars Hollow…

(Sound of everything screeching to a hault)

CUT to an image of Emily walking in the door of the Gilmore mansion. Richard follows closely.

VOICE OVER: … except when the elder Gilmores arrive from Europe.

EMILY: Oh, do you smell that – Richard? It smells like the house hasn't been cleaned for eons! Maid!? (raises her voice more) Maid?! (Turns to Richard) What was her name again?

VOICE OVER: Will Lorelai be the first to share the good news?

EMILY: (On the phone with Lorelai – as she marks her calendar) Starting this Friday, the dinners will resume Lorelai… make a note of that on your calendar.

LORELAI: (she sighs) Actually Luke and I are looking forward to it. We have something to tell you.

EMILY: (Makes a suspicious face) I see.


EMILY: (Annoyed, she raises her voice at Richard) The nerve! You know this only means one thing, Richard!

RICHARD: No, I don't Emily. Tell me what it means!

VOICE OVER: Friday night dinner returns…

RORY: Huh? (Rory makes a confused expression, as Luke looks at Lorelai confused as well)

VOICE OVER: … with the WHOLE gang.

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