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Draco's Advice for Life

Never let your father control your life, because it won't be easy to break free.

Never eat salad with Light Italian dressing, it's just nasty tasting.

People will notice if you dye your blonde hair bright green.

Once and a while, cover yourself entirely in mud and run through the village you live in. It's highly amusing to see the look on people's faces.

Death Eater's don't appreciate you calling them Scream Wanna Be's, firstly because they have no idea what the movie Scream is, and secondly, because they KNOW it's a insult.

Don't ever offer a Dementor a chocolate kiss, they might take it the wrong way.

When a girl slaps you, don't kiss her, she'll slug you as soon as you break the kiss, and it'll hurt.

Quidditch isn't everything.

Harry fucking Potter will not ALWAYS win, you'll get just ONE chance to win something from him.

If it's a fiery phoenix with eyes of liquid cocoa, luminous skin and red hair that you just can't help tangling your fingers in, take that chance quickly.

Just don't fall in love.

Never fall in love with the person you're using to get back at Potter.

Because if you do fall head over heels.

You'll never be able to pick yourself up again.

And it doesn't matter that Potter wants her.

Or that her brother is one of your worst enemies.

Or that your family and hers have been at war for centuries.

Because you forget all of that.

When she smiles.

And props her combat booted feet on the table, with that little sideways smirk of hers, knowing that you hate it.

You forget everything that you've been taught when her soft lips touch yours.

When you wake up with her sprinkling water on your face in nothing but a sheet-toga.

When a lock of her red hair falls out of the neat braid it's always in.

When she shrieks and buries her head into your neck when there's a thunderstorm.

When she cries, and all you want to do is make it better.

Because you love her the way you were never supposed to love someone.

Because she loves you as much as you love her.

Because she's everything.