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Here is a new story I hope that you guys like it because it is really fun to write. This story is totally AU and the characters will be kind of different from the show. This chapter has some bad language so just thought that I would warn you. You will get to know the character's in the first few chapters.

"Lucas are you sure about this?" Karen asked her son. She flipped threw the paper's that he handed her and looked at every word.

"Mom yes, I totally am. You have to back me up on this, I know that Nathan already has that model lined up to be the new face of the company but I want her," Lucas said staring at the girl's picture.

"Nathan won't be happy about this," Karen said looking at her oldest son.

"Mrs. Scott your meeting starts in ten minutes," Jane said smiling at the two.

"I'll be right out Jane," Karen said standing up from her large desk.

"It's okay we can discuss this later," Lucas said standing up with her.

"Actually I think that you are right on the money with this, she's a beautiful girl and I don't know what it is about her but I like her a lot, I think that she's perfect," Karen said smiling at him.

"Mom I'm telling you she is," Lucas said.

"So you've talked to her about it?" Karen said grabbing her briefcase.

"I actually haven't," Lucas said hoping that it wouldn't be a problem.

"Lucas Eugene Scott you haven't talk to her," Karen said. "How do you know that she will be a good image for the company?"

"I can feel it mom, she's the one for us," Lucas said walking her out of her office. "Now I'm having dinner with her tonight and I promise that I will do what ever it takes to get her to sign with us."

"What are you going to do about your brother, he's worked very hard on the campaign, you know how he get's when he doesn't get his way," Karen said knowing how her youngest son could be.

"I'll deal with Nathan, you go knock um dead in that meeting and make them sign over to us," Lucas said.

"Lucas hunny you know I have this under control," Karen said making her way to her conference room.

"Good luck mom," Lucas said watching her walk off.

"You know I've never needed it," Karen said sternly. She had been doing this her whole life. It was her company and she was amazing at her job.

Lucas laughed as he took off to his brother's office down the hall from his.

"Hey Maggie is he in there," Lucas asked Nathan's assistant.

"Yes Mr. Scott," Maggie said smiling at him.

"His bitch isn't in there is she because I don't want to see her," Lucas said with a big smile.

"No sir she's out shopping she stopped by earlier for the credit cards," Maggie said.

"That sound's like her," Lucas said fixing his tie.

"Yes sir it does," Maggie said.

"Now when are you going to take my advice and come and work as my assistant?" Lucas asked.

"What about Lisa?" Maggie said. "She is your assistant right?"

"Yeah but I'm just saying my brother is a dick," Lucas chuckled out.

Maggie just smiled at him, he always told her this when he stopped by.

"You can just go in Mr. Scott," Maggie said. He reached in his pocket and pulled out his card.

"Just in case you change your mind," Lucas said handing her the card. He walked past her smiling as he walked right into this brother's office.

"I don't care what you have to do just get the damn numbers into me by the end of the day you got it," Nathan yelled into the phone. He slammed the phone down looking at his brother laughing in the chair across from his desk. "What the hell is so fucking funny?"

"You," Lucas said laughing harder. "If you wouldn't be such a dick, then maybe people wouldn't mind doing things for you."

"It's his fucking job, and I'm not a dick, I have a dick, and if I recall correctly it's bigger than your's," Nathan said smirking.

"Keep telling yourself that but every time your whore is fucking you she wishes it was me," Lucas said smirking back.

"If you call her a whore one more time Luke, I swear to God….."

"You'll what curse me out, please," Lucas said smiling. "Now I didn't come here to fight, I came here to tell you that there's been a change of plans with the new campaign."

"No, I had everything prefect, we are not changing a thing about it," Nathan said signing a document on his desk.

"Yes we are, now I found someone else to be the face of the company," Lucas said smiling at the thought of how sexy she was.

"We already have a fucking face for the company, she's just about to sign the contract," Nathan yelled standing up.

"Sorry Nate, but I sent her home," Lucas said not paying attention to him. "The girl that I picked fucking blows your's out of the water, I don't know why I didn't think about it before but I'm telling you she will do wonder's for our products."

"There is no way that I will agree to this," Nathan yelled.

"Mom already has so get on board," Lucas said laughing. "You should have stayed in London so you could call all the shots cause over here it's the three of us and it's two to one baby brother."

"I worked so fucking hard and you just want to fuck it up," Nathan yelled.

"No I want to make the company more money Nathan, I'm not doing this just because it will piss you off, that's only a plus," Lucas said smirking.

"Well who the hell is it that St. Lucas wants for my project?" Nathan said sitting back in his chair. It was one thing to go up against his brother, but it was a whole other thing when it came to his mother, he didn't stand a chance and he knew it.

"It's our project dick, and she's America's Sweetheart Haley James," Lucas said.

"Haley who?" Nathan said not knowing who the fuck Lucas was talking about.

"I can't believe you don't know who Haley James is," Lucas said laughing. "What the fuck did you do in London, don't you turn on a television every once in a while, are listen to the fucking radio."

"I work Lucas, I don't have time for shit like that," Nathan yelled.

"Well not only is she a Grammy award winning singer, but she is also an Oscar winning actress," Lucas said. "You are such a fucking loser."

"Fuck off," Nathan shot back. "She's just probably some girl you fucked. This bitch is going to destroy my campaign I just know it. She's probably on drugs and sleeps with everyone just like you bro."

"Man I wished I hit that," Lucas said just thinking about it. "Please don't talk about her that way, you don't know her."

"You haven't even met her yet Luke," Nathan yelled.

"Whatever Nathan," Lucas said standing up. "She's it so get used to it; because I will be signing her soon and we'll all have to work together, so get over yourself."

"Whatever just get the fuck out of my office," Nathan yelled as he threw a piece of balled up paper in the trash can.

"How did it go Mr. Scott?" Maggie asked as Lucas as he closed Nathan's office door.

"Just dandy," Lucas said.

"Have a good day Mr. Scott," Maggie said as he walked away.

"Please I told you Rico, I don't like my hair like this," Haley said looking in the mirror. "Now I have a dinner meeting in a few hours pretty please work your magic." Haley said pointing to her hair.

"That is what you pay me for Miss James," Rico said taking down her hair.

"Rico I told you to call me Haley, you've been working for me for years," Haley said smiling at him. "Now if Brooke asks tell her that my hair wouldn't go the other way."

"She won't believe me," Rico said with a pout. "You know how she is."

"That I do," Haley said as he fixed her hair. She finished getting ready and called her driver to the front of her building and he drove her to the restaurant that she had her meeting in. She walked into the restaurant and all eyes were on her as usual. The waiter brought her to her private table where a young blond haired man was waiting for her.

"Miss James nice to finally meet you," Lucas said holding out his hand for to take which she did.

"Please call me Haley," Haley said with a smile. "It's nice to meet you to Mr. Scott." They both sat down across from each other as the waiter poured the wine.

"Its just Lucas," Lucas said looking at her.

"What can I get you?" the waiter said looking at them.

"I'll have the usual John," Haley said smiling at him.

"Me too," Lucas said handing John the menu's. "So you eat here a lot?"

"Yeah you could say that, it's my best friend's favorite place so," Haley said with a smile. "So you also must eat hear a lot?"

"It's my little sister Kristen's favorite," Lucas said taking a sip.

"I'm so happy that you actually had time for a meeting, for a while there I didn't think that you would give me the time of day." Lucas said.

"Don't be silly, I'm just very busy, I'm working on a lot of things right now, but I liked what we talked about on the phone," Haley said smiling at him. "The campaign sounds great."

"I'm telling you won't regret this," Lucas said with a smile.

"Hold up there cowboy, I haven't agreed to anything yet," Haley said giggling.

"Well you have to because I won't take no for an answer, and when you make us millions I want to rub it in my brother's face," Lucas said with a smile.

"That's not very nice Luke," Haley said getting comfortable in his presence.

"Well he's not very nice, you should have heard the things he said about you," Lucas said.

"What did he say?" Haley said wanting to know. She was used to all the things that people said about her, she learned to deal with it.

"Something about a whore, on drugs," Lucas said laughing with her. "He really doesn't want you to be the face of the company but me and my mom think that you are perfect."

"Thanks Luke," Haley said with a smile trying not to show how hurt she was by his brother's comments, but if there was one thing that Haley James was good for it was holding everything in. "But like I was saying I am doing a lot of things now, I'm almost done filming my latest movie, when I'm not on the set I'm in the studio recording my next album, and I have a music video I have to shoot with a friend I did a duet with so like I said I'm really busy. I barely have time to sleep."

"I know but once you see how much money I'm willing to offer you you'll change your mind," Lucas said with a smile.

"I have more than enough money to go around Luke," Haley said.

"I know that you do, but my mother's company deserves the best, and Haley James you are the best," Lucas said with a smile.

"I'll tell you what lets finish dinner and you can tell me all about what your plans are, and then I'll look over the contract with my manager and lawyer's and then give you an answer in a couple of weeks," Haley said with a smile.

"Sounds great, I will do anything to sign you, and I mean it," Lucas said. The waiter came back with their food and then left them alone again.

"You ordered Mac and cheese," Lucas said laughing as he cut into his steak.

"It's my favorite," Haley said taking a bit. Lucas just looked at her, if he didn't think it before then he would think it now, she was perfect for his company.

"You're so down to earth," Lucas said watching her.

"Surprised?" Haley asked.

"Yeah I mean your like America's Sweetheart," Lucas said amazed by her.

"Please I'm like the biggest geek in the world," Haley said laughing.

"I seriously find that hard to believe," Lucas said watching her every move.

"My nickname in high school was tutor girl," Haley said giggling. "I love to read. Now what tell me how many rock stars read Steinbeck, Hemmingway, and Shakespeare for fun?"

"Wow I'm impressed Haley James," Lucas said laughing. "Now I don't know about the rock stars but I'm a big literature fan also." Lucas said pointing to himself.

"Well Luke, I think that this is the beginning for a beautiful friendship," Haley said smiling at him. The talked the rest of the dinner about what they liked and disliked and Lucas liked her more every time she opened her mouth and surprised him. There was a silence towards the end of the meal and something funny happened to Lucas, it was the first time that he actually really liked a girl as a friend, a really great friend, and he didn't want to sleep with her, he just really wanted to be in her life, to know her.

"Well this was really nice Luke," Haley said as they finished the meal. "Thanks for a great time, you really helped me relax."

"No problem Hales," Lucas said like he had known her for years. She just smiled at him as he said her name like that. "I'm sorry Haley," Lucas said because he thought that she didn't like the other name.

"No it's okay my really good friends call me that," Haley said smiling. "I'll be making an appearance at the Oasis this Friday night, it's this private bar for the like the rich and famous whatever, and my manager will be there her name is Brooke Davis, and I really want you to meet her, you guys will get along just great I know it, and I might sing a song are two with a friend, and my manger also happens to be my bestfriend, so will you please come?" Lucas couldn't help but laugh at her rambling.

"I go there all the time, of course I'll be there," Lucas said as they hugged goodbye.

"Now I have the paper's and I promise to look over them, I think that I should leave alone first, don't want to get the media talking about me dating playboy Lucas Scott," Haley said laughing when she saw Lucas's face. "Come on you knew that I was warned about you right?"

"Now my feelings are truly hurt," Lucas said holding his hand over his heart.

"Well you have been nothing but a gentlemen all evening," Haley said smiling.

"That I am," Lucas lied.

"Well I guess I'll see you this Friday then Luke," Haley said leaving him standing there. She made her driver take her back to her penthouse.

"Hey Bobby," Haley said to her door man.

"Mrs. Davis is waiting for you," Bobby said opening her door. Haley walked up stairs and walked straight to her large closet looking for Brooke.

"Tigger, I know you're here so come out," Haley yelled as she laid on her bed exhausted. A smiling Brooke walked out of the closet.

"So how was it? Did you sleep with him?" Brooke said jumping on the bed next to her.

"He was nice I really liked him," Haley said looking at her. Brooke just smiled. "Get your mind out of the gutter whore, I mean liked as a friend."

"A friend?" Brooke said laughing. "So much for playboy's ego."

"He's meeting us Friday at Oasis," Haley said smiling. "I really want him to meet you, he is so hot."

"I know that," Brooke said slapping her.

"No Brooke, he's like way hotter in person," Haley said wiggling her eyebrows.

"Who cares did you have to film any hot scene's with super boy?" Brooke asked really wanting to know.

"No Tom wasn't on set today," Haley said and Brooke pouted. "But we have our steam love scene coming up in a couple weeks."

"Hell yeah that's what I'm talking about, I am so coming to the set with you on that day," Brooke said jumping up and down.

"How many times do I have to tell you that Tom Welling is married," Haley said slapping her.

"That doesn't mean we can't look, he is like the hottest guy ever," Brooke squealed out. It was her fault that Haley was doing the movie in the first place, she didn't even let Haley read the script before she took the offer, all they said was Tom Welling was the male lead and she accepted it for her.

"Let's call Peyton," Haley said grabbing her phone.

"I like the way you think tutor girl," Brooke said getting closer as the phone rang on speaker phone.

"Hey sluts," Peyton said into the phone.

"That hurts P. Sawyer" they both said at the same time.

"How's married life?" Haley asked.

"Great I can't get enough of him," Peyton said laughing.

"And were the sluts?" Brooke said.

"Why is bitch being a Brooke?" Peyton said as Haley laughed.

"She's upset that Tom is married," Haley said as Brooke made a pout.

"Brookie there are more fish in the sea," Peyton said.

"But I want the hot fish," Brooke whined. "And tutor girl gets to make out with him all day for fun, I've got it I'll become an actress and get a role in one of his movies." All three girls started laughing as they continued there conversation like they always did.

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