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Chapter 45

It's a Wonderful Life

2 years later

Looking around, she noticed it started snowing again. She shoved her hands instantly in her pockets to keep them warm. She was currently kneeling before her parents and brother's grave. It was often that she found herself coming out here. It felt comforting coming by when she needed to talk to them. Most people would think the she was crazy talking to her dead parents and all. But she didn't care. She would kneel before their grave for hours just talking about anything and everything.

It was so easy talking to them and even though she knew they wouldn't answer back she knew that they were listening. She felt them there, watching over her. She always had. Tears barely came anymore. She had cried so much before she met Nathan. But now, she had nothing to cry about. Her life was absolutely perfect.

For years she felt so alone. Even with the millions of fans and her closest friends, she still felt like she didn't belong. Day after day she spent playing other roles hoping that they would make her forget the real her. It was one of the main reasons she wanted to act. She was so unhappy with her own life that all she wanted was to pretend to be someone else. It was nice playing someone that wasn't her –someone that wasn't so broken. For years she forgot who she was. The façade had suddenly become real. She wouldn't let herself think about the past and all that she had been through. Blocking it all out had been the best way. And yet still it didn't stop the endless sleepless nights when she was alone.

The nights were the worst. The dreams of her dead family or Damien haunted her. It was like she couldn't escape them. For the rest of her life she was sure that she would be alone. For the longest time she thought that it was how it should be. Her all alone. Everyone that she had ever truly loved and gotten close to left her. Brooke, Peyton, and Jake were the only ones that stayed. But other than them, there was no one else. She was sure that she was destined to live her life alone.

Then walked in Nathan Scott the love of her life.

From that first moment that they met she knew they connected. She felt it and she knew he did too. For the longest time after that she let her fear take over. The fear that he would eventually leave just like everyone else was overwhelming so she did the only thing she knew how and pushed him away. She had fought so hard not to let him in. But there came that point when she couldn't fight it any longer. It all started with that first dinner that she surprised him with. It was the night she had started falling in love with him. He had told her once that that night had been one of the best moments in his life. She knew in her heart it was one of her best moments too. Nothing topped dancing with him on that perfect night.

After that night things changed for her. Suddenly, he wasn't this guy that she wanted to push away. He was the guy that she prayed every night would stay. And he did. No matter how much bad stuff that had happened they made it through it. He fixed her in a way that no one else could. He healed her heart and taught her how to love again. He taught her how to truly love someone with an unconditional love. It's what they shared now. Three years of marriage. The best three years of her life and they only seemed to be getting better.

After they decided to live in Tree Hill, some big changes were made. For one Nathan quit his job. It was a shock to the whole family but not to Haley. He had told her that he wanted to help around Tree Hill. It wasn't long before he built the James Recreational Center. He had named it after her last name. It was a place where kids could go and have a fun time hanging out playing sports. He enjoyed working there. He even coached one of the basketball teams. They were called the little Ravens after the high school team in town. She even attended all the games cheering on her husband and the eleven year olds playing.

She on the other hand hadn't worked. Being a mother was more important than acting and singing. She had her hands full. It was tough on both of them at first but eventfully it got easier. When they had first brought their son home, Haley wouldn't let herself fall asleep. She was too afraid of something happening to their baby. The only time she would allow herself to sleep was when Nathan agreed to stay up. They had gotten into a rhythm of taking turns. It was a blast being parents.

She smiled as she placed a white rose just before the grave. It was then she felt a hand on her shoulder, comforting her. Her hand reached up holding his hand as she stood up. She leaned into him and closed her eyes as his other hand wrapped around her holding her tight.

Nathan didn't feel the need to say anything, he never did. Just him coming out here with her was enough.

"Merry Christmas," Haley said softly looking down at the grave. They stood there for a few more seconds before turning and walking towards their car. Once inside, Nathan pulled onto the road. His hand went across the seat and took hold of hers. He squeezed it softly as he glanced over and smiled at her.

The car ride home was silent. Once they pulled into the driveway and got down Nathan wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they made it inside their house. Nathan was the first to take off his jacket before turning and helping his wife take off hers. It was seconds later when they walked into the living room.

"Did you have fun?" Nathan questioned to Lucas who held James in his arms.

"He didn't cry this time," Lucas admitted with a smile as Haley walked right over to him and lifted him in her arms. She kissed his head softly as he smiled at her. James Michael Scott had been the best thing that ever happened to her besides Nathan. Nathan had suggested one night that they name him after her father and brother. In that moment she fell in love with him all over again. Nathan and Jamie meant the world to her.


"Did you miss mama?" Haley questioned with a smile as she kissed his face. Her little boy laughed as she continued to kiss him. She felt Nathan's presence behind her and she smiled.

"Da-da," they heard him say.

"Come see daddy," Nathan said in a baby voice as he took his son from his wife. She stuck her tongue at him before he bent down and kissed her softly.

"I guess I'll go help in the kitchen," Haley said before leaving the living room as he heard Kristen and Lucas shouting at the TV. She was sure that some football game was on. Once inside she noticed Brooke and Karen cutting various vegetables.

"You guys are back," Brooke said smiling. "We've been stuck in here all morning. How's Angie looking? Is Keith holding her right?" Haley and Karen laughed at the worry in her voice. Angie was only three months old and Brooke was having trouble being in separate rooms from her daughter.

"Angie's fine," Haley said with a giggle. "She's sleeping in his arms. She's so adorable when she sleeps."

"It's the only time I sleep," Brooke said with a pout.

"It'll get easier. Trust me," Karen said laughing. "Imagine having twins. Nathan and Lucas drove me crazy right after they were born. They were two too many. I didn't sleep for the first year of their life."

"I'm so happy I had one," Brooke quickly mumbled.

"You are both lucky," Karen stated looking between the girls. "Twins run in our family, ya know. I'm sure eventually either you or your children will have twins."

"I'm a terrible mother for saying this but I hope it's not me," Brooke said as she placed down the knife. One kid was seriously enough for her.

"I wouldn't mind," Haley said shrugging her shoulders.

"You say that now."

"I really wouldn't."


"Tigger," Haley said glaring at her. "I'm serious."

"I'll believe it when I see it," Brooke said with a smirk. "You're not pregnant again are you?"

"What?" Nathan stammered as he just so happened to walk into the kitchen. Haley quickly turned to him as she ignored the laughter of Brooke from the side of her. "You're pregnant?"

"No," Haley said shaking her head. Turning towards Brooke she glared at her. "No, I'm not pregnant. You happy Brooke Penelope Davis-Scott my soon to be ex-bestfriend?"

"Jeeze," Brooke said glancing over at Karen. "Say one little thing and everybody starts tripping."

"Why are you in here?" Karen questioned as she glanced over at her son kissing his wife. It was seconds later that he pulled away from her lips. Glancing over at his mother, he suddenly became afraid to ask her but he knew Keith sent him in here for a reason.

"Keith wants to know when the foods going to ready," Nathan said softly before hiding behind his wife.

"Well, tell him if he comes in here and helps it might be quicker," Karen said with a smile. "But seriously in like two more hours. And he just ate. That man could eat all day long if I let him."

"All I need to know."

With one last kiss, Nathan walked out of the kitchen. It was minutes later that Peyton walked inside. She didn't even get a chance to say anything before Brooke jumped in her arms holding her tight. It wasn't long before Haley joined them.

"What the hell took you guys so long?" Brooke questioned as she pulled away. "Do you know how much work has to be done in here?"

"I'm here," Peyton said holding up her hands. "Put me to work. My lazy husband has joined all your lazy husbands in the living room for the football game. It's exactly like last year. We do all the hard work while they sit on their asses and watch a dumbass game."

"We know."

"How's my godchild?" Haley questioned as she glanced over at Peyton's five month baby bump. Peyton placed her hand over her stomach with a smile.

"She's fine," Peyton said with a smile.

"It's a she?" Brooke questioned excitedly.

"Yep," Peyton said with a proud smile. "We found out a few weeks ago that it was a girl. I wanted to tell you ladies in person when we were all together. Jakes parents were so thrilled. They went out and bought all kinds of baby stuff. Let's just say that it looks like a pink explosion in our whole house."

"I was the same way with Angie," Brooke said with a smirk.

"We remember," Haley said with a laugh as she glanced over at Karen.

"Peyton, can you mix this?" Karen questioned.

"Sure thing, Karen," Peyton replied. She walked over to the counter before throwing all the fruit inside a bowl.

"Brooke, what are you doing?" Haley questioned as she noticed Brooke take a seat at the table. Brooke dropped the magazine in her hands before looking at the three angry women staring at her.

"I just had a baby," Brooke quickly replied.

"That was three months ago and we told you, you couldn't use that excuse anymore, Tigger," Haley told her. Brooke sighed in frustration as she stood up.

"You guys are mean," Brooke told them before they all started laughing.

"Touchdown," Jake shouted.

"Shh," Keith mumbled quickly pointing to a sleeping Angie in his arms.

"How is my baby girl?" Lucas questioned as he glanced over at Keith and Angie across the room.

"Sleeping…but you morons might wake her up," Keith mumbled while glaring at them. Jake started to chuckle before turning his attention back towards Lucas.

"My mom won't let him eat until lunch," Lucas said shrugging his shoulders.

"Yeah," Kristen added. "You have to excuse him. He loves food way too much. I think he has a problem."

"Well, I can understand with mom's cooking," Nathan mumbled.

"Okay…so how much did we have on this game?" Kristen asked glancing over at Lucas. He smiled as he looked at the score and noticed that his team was winning by two touchdowns and there were only about nine minutes left in the game.

"Hundred bucks," Lucas told her.

"Yeah, about that," Kristen mumbled. "I'm not supposed to be gambling. Mom almost killed me and dad for betting on the Knicks. So the deals…like off."

"No way," Lucas said shaking his head.

"A bet is a bet," Nathan told her.

"Mind your business," Kristen said glaring at him.

"You owe me," Lucas told her. "You can't change your mind just because your team is losing. Now, do you want to pay me now or later?"

"Fine," Kristen said with a pout. "But my Christmas presents better rock!" With that she stormed away from them. They all watched as she walked right over to her daddy. It was seconds later when Keith handed her a hundred dollar bill.

"That little –"

"Baby in the room," Nathan said quickly pointing to Jamie in his lap.

"She's good," Jake said with a chuckle. "Didn't she take you for like five hundred last year for Christmas?"

"Sure did," Lucas mumbled. "Now, she owes me."

"Here's your money," Kristen said handing it to him. "But you should feel horrible for taking money from your little sister. You boys are mean." Turning she walked towards the kitchen.

"I should feel bad but I don't," Lucas said with a smirk. "All I have to do is picture her smug grin last year when I handed over the five hundred dollars that she won and I suddenly don't feel so bad anymore."

"Lucas Eugene Scott," Karen shouted from the kitchen. "Are you taking money from your sister?"

"What a little –"

"Again, baby in the room," Nathan said pointing towards Jamie. No telling what words Jamie would pick up and repeat. Haley would kill him.

"I was going to say what a little rat," Lucas said as he stood. Angie started crying and Lucas smiled as he walked over to Keith and took her in his arms. It was the perfect shield to protect him from his mother.

"Is daddies little girl okay?" Lucas asked her in a soft voice. She instantly stopped crying as he started walking them towards the kitchen. Once inside he noticed all the women staring at him.

"Is she okay?" Brooke questioned as she walked over towards them. Lucas kissed her softly before Brooke started fixing the blanket that was wrapped around Angie's little body. "How's my little angel?"

"Did you take money from your sister?" Karen questioned from across the kitchen.

"I –"

"You are in trouble," Haley whispered as she walked past him and out of the kitchen. He watched as his sister smiled from behind their mother. Moving his body behind his wife for protection he finally spoke.

"She took money from me first," Lucas pointed out.

"I thought I told you no more betting," Karen said glancing over at Kristen.

"But mom," Kristen whined. "That was last year."

"I think I'll go see my husband," Peyton said with a chuckle as she walked out of the kitchen. Brooke shook her head before taking Angie in her arms.

"I think you should put him in time out Karen," Brooke said laughing as her eyes stayed glued to Angie's little body in her arms.

"What am I going to do with the two of you?" Karen questioned as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Let us off the hook," Lucas mumbled softly.

"Oh...I like that," Kristen said pointing towards her brother.

"Did you like your gift?" Haley asked as Kristen held the ticket in her hands. She nodded her head before hugging her sister-in-law. "That ticket is for anytime you want to come and visit us."

"I'll be using it," Kristen said with a smile. "Often."

"Great," Nathan chimed in. "We'd love to see more of you. Plus, you can baby sit James while you're here."

"Funny," Kristen said holding up the plane ticket and looking at it. "I didn't see the string attached."

"Ha-ha, very funny," Nathan mumbled. "You know what I meant."

"I know, big brother," Kristen said with a chuckle. "Plus, you're just lucky that I love your wife and son very much."

"We love you, too," Haley said with a smile. Jamie sat in her lap clapping his hands as he played with the small ball his father had handed to him minutes before. Kristen reached over before kissing Jamie on the cheek.

"I'm going back by the tree," Kristen said standing up. "I have more presents to unwrap." They both watched her walk away before looking at each other and laughing. Jamie moved off of his mothers lap and took off walking towards his father a few feet away.

"Ball," Jamie said handing it to his father.

"Say it again buddy what is this. Huh?" Haley rolled her eyes as she watched her husband make Jamie repeat his words. It all started a week ago when Jamie had said ball for the first time. Before that his only real words were mama and dada. "Ball." When Jamie didn't say the words again, Haley reached over and lifted the small guitar she had gotten him for Christmas. "Ball."

"See I'm telling you, the kid's gonna be a rockstar and a very well behaved rockstar. Right? Hey, Jamie. Guitar," Haley told him as she held up the guitar towards him.

Nathan wasn't going to let his wife win this one. "Ball," Nathan mouthed softly to his son. Jamie smiled as he glanced over at his father.

"Ball," Jamie said again.

"Uh, no fair. Ball is so much easier than guitar," Haley said with a pout.

"Ball," Jamie repeated again as he placed the ball in the little basketball goal his dad had set up. Smiling, Haley reached over and took Jamie in her arms before moving them over towards Nathan.

"Let's get daddy," Haley said with a laugh as they fell onto of Nathan. Lying on the floor, Nathan lifted Jamie in his arms as his little feet landed on his father's chest. Resting her head on Nathan's shoulder she kissed him softly on the cheek. "I love you so much." She told him.

"I love you, Hales," Nathan said before kissing her softly.

"Ball," Jamie repeated again.

"We're starting the Grinch now," Kristen told them as she walked across the living room towards them. "Come on, it's Scott family tradition."

Haley smiled as she remembered her first Christmas with Nathan. The three of them had watched it all together and now it was something that they had done every year.

"Let's go, buddy," Haley said sitting up and taking Jamie in her arms.

"Ball," Jamie repeated handing the ball to his mother. Taking it from him she glanced over at Nathan laughing. He held his hands up in surrender as he noticed the look she was giving him. She turned back towards Jamie who now was holding out his arms for her.

"Come see mama," Haley said softly as Jamie walked towards her smiling.

"Ma-ma," Jamie said as she lifted him in her arms. Standing up she felt Nathan right behind her. She turned her head slightly as he bent his head down and kissed her. Closing her eyes, she kissed him deeper. Pulling away she smiled at him as his hand landed on the small of her back. It was then she started walking towards the rest of their family. Jamie was in her arms and Nathan was right behind her. Her life was prefect and she was certain that she would never feel alone again.

The End