Ugly Duckling

Chapter One –Edited-


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There she was again looking beautiful while she looked like the complete opposite.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she heard people's whispering voices and her sister's cruel remarks.

"Is that really Kikyo's sister? She's so ugly compared to her family."

A few girls sneered.

"She's so ugly."

She hears a group of boys say.

Kagome ran out the school building hearing her sister's laughter echoing in the hallways.

She should've been use to it by now.

Everywhere she went, hell- even her mother said some of those things.

She, Kagome Higurashi was an embarrassment to her good-looking family.

Kikyo was beautiful.

Souta, the youngest Higurashi was adorable and was such a sweetie.

And her mother was gorgeous.

Kagome on the other hand was no where near beautiful or even pretty.

She couldn't even pass on as "okay".

She was the ugly duckling in her family.

She knew her mother favored Kikyo more than her.

Even though Mrs. Higurashi always tried to reassure her that she was fine the way she looked, Kagome could see how much more proud she was of Kikyo and Souta.




Today was Kagome's thirteenth birthday. She was in a pretty good mood until school.

Kikyo and her clique, Kagura and Yura, the other two prettiest girls in school had played pushed her onto the ground.

Everyone in the halls stopped to watch. No one tried to help her, they only laughed at the sight of her covered in dirt and mud.

The new boy who just started attending the school two days ago even laughed and pointed out what an "ugly bitch" she was.

She wasn't that surprised since he was already popular because of how cute he was, especially with his two fuzzy dog ears.

Truth be told- Kagome actually wished he wouldn't tease her because she had such a big crush on him.

She knew she didn't have a chance with him though especially since Kikyo was after him.

He seemed to be interested in her just like every other male in the school.

Whenever he and Kagome stopped to talk he would always ask about the older Higurashi.

Kagome felt the tears finally drip down,

She ran home choking back sobs, her black hair whipping behind her.

Her mother caught sight of her and Kagome could tell she was angry that she cut school but she could also see the worry in her mother's soft, brown eyes.

She told Kagome to go get cleaned up and come back down downstairs so they can both have a little talk. She did as she was told.

That's how she was, obedient.

When Kagome finally finished taking a quick shower and dressing up, she stood in front of her mother gnawing on her bottom lip nervously.

"Kagome," she heard her mother say. "I know it's hard for you here, that's why I would like for you to consider going off to America and staying at a close friend's house, she has a daughter around your age and I think you'd enjoy your stay there."

Instantly Kagome smiled and her mood brightened.

Getting away from her perfect family and her perfect sister sounded like heaven.

It all seemed too good to be true.

"When do I leave?"

Kagome could tell her mother was surprise at how quickly she answered.

"In two or three days sweetie"

Kagome's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

"For how long?" She asked, aware of her mother's sudden fumbling hands.

"Uh…three...years" Mrs. Higurashi mumbled.

"I'm sorry can you speak a little louder mama? I didn't quite catch that."

"Three years." She looks into her Kagome's widening eyes.

"THREE YEARS?!" Kagome practically shrieked at the top of her lungs.

Mrs. Higurashi squirmed under her daughter's glare.

Kagome thought about it for five minutes.

Slowly, she smiled. "Okay I'll go pack now"

Mrs. Higurashi was speechless. Did her daughter really want to leave that bad?

Kagome bounded up the spiral stairs humming a soft tune




Kikyo, Souta, and Mrs. Higurashi were all saying their farewells to Kagome.

Souta was tearful, upset that his favorite sister was leaving. Mrs. Higurashi was a mess while Kikyo couldn't care less.

Kagome hugged her mother and Souta one last time, offering them a sad smile before turning on the heels of her shoes and walking in the plane.

Kikyo was too busy giggling at a cute guy's joke to even notice that her little sister left, not that she would have cared.

She was actually happy Kagome was going. Now she didn't have to listen to people whispering about how Kagome had ruined the image of their good looking family.

Unknown to her was that his day would be the last time anyone talked about how "hideous" Kagome was.



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