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Ugly Duckling

Chapter 2 –Edited-





A loud scream was heard upstairs, startling Kohaku and Mrs. Taijiya who were downstairs in the kitchen.

It had been three years since Kagome had moved in and Mrs. Taijiya thinks of her as a second daughter.



The day Kagome arrived she had been a shy, scared little girl. The first time Kagome opened up to her, Mrs. Taijiya felt her heart warm up to the young girl.

Kagome had told her about the teasing and how awful her life was in Japan.

Mrs. Taijiya hugged Kagome while she cried.

Sango, her daughter, had grown a liking towards the girl since the first time they met and was determined to help Kagome come out of her shell. After a year she did.

Kohaku thought Kagome was cool and he would always play video games with her.

Mr.Taijiya was fond of Kagome also and thought of her as a second daughter as well, he thought it was wonderful how smart she was and he admired her for that.



Upstairs, there was a tickle fight going on with two teenage girls; the one with the brown hair was currently winning.

"Sa…Sango s..t…op! I can't breathe! I g..ive up, you win!"

The raven-haired girl choked, out laughing like a crazed mad women.

The one named Sango laughed in victory and did a little happy dance causing Kagome to giggle and join in on the fun.

It had been three years since she left her childhood home behind and Kagome didn't regret a thing!

Sango had introduced Kagome to her friends and they immediately took a liking to the girl.

The two were best friends and they loved each other like sisters, they sure acted like real sisters too!

More than Kikyo and Kagome ever had.

Kagome loved Mrs. Taijiya, she was one of the kindest women she had ever met and Kohaku reminded her so much of Souta.

After the two teenagers stopped dancing around, they both collapsed on Kagome's unmade bed, panting and laughing all over again.

"Hey Kagome"

"Hmm?" she replied absentmindedly

"Why don't you, you know, fix yourself up? Ya know, like getting dressed all girly?" Sango asked, she was honestly curious.

She'd seen Kagome grow from an awkward preteen to a REALLY good looking girl and she wanted to know why Kagome didn't show her physical beauty to anyone else but her.

Kagome was constantly wearing baggy clothes and bulky glasses that hid her sapphire eyes; she didn't even need glasses!

Sango was the only one who's seen Kagome not wearing those glasses and wearing clothes that fit her gorgeously.

She must admit Kagome was quite a looker.

"Cuz- I know it's a waste of time. I'm ugly and there's not enough make up in the world to make me pretty."

Sango glared angrily at her friend. She knew Kagome had low self-esteem about her physical appearance but she still didn't like it when she talked badly about herself.

"No you're not! Take that back!"

Kagome smiled sadly at her friend. She knew she was just trying to make her feel better but she didn't need to lie to her.

"Sango…..please stop lying to me" Kagome whispered

The brunette sighed and pulled her friend up to stand.

"Come on, get dressed we're going out,"

Kagome gave her a questioning look but shrugged it off and headed to her closet to put on the usual baggy sweat pants, over-sized shirt, sneakers, and glasses.

Half an hour later, Kagome was losing her patience and was about to barge in Sango's room when a knock sounded on her door.

Relieved, Kagome opened it and saw Sango standing there looking beautiful as usual.

She was wearing a camouflage, ruffled skirt with a plain beige shirt and black flats.

Kagome smiled "You look great!"

Sango returned the smile and hauled Kagome down the stairs and into her black convertible.




The two arrived at the mall. Kagome turned wide, fearful eyes at Sango.

"Oh no you didn't! Last time I went shopping with you I got two bruises and a black-eye, you are crazy lady if you think I'm going into that mall with you!"

Kagome yelled in fear for her wellbeing.

Sango laughed and pulled her friend into the place kicking and screaming.

People were giving them funny looks but they just ignored them.

"Kagome I'm gonna give you a makeover"

Kagome's eyes widened now she was even more frightened than before. When Sango let her hand go she tried to make a run for it but she wasn't fast enough.

Groaning in annoyance, Kagome finally agreed.

She was sure that the make over would do nothing to help anyway.

After going into ten different stores, purchasing forty shirts, twenty pairs of jeans, fifteen pairs of shoes and eight skirts, Kagome was tired, hungry, and annoyed.

"Can we eat now?" She begged. Sango wouldn't give in.

"We'll eat after our trip to the beauty shop. We still need to buy you some make up and maybe give your hair a trim."

Kagome groaned once again, frustrated that her tummy was being deprived of food.

Sango had bought blush, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and lip gloss.

The make up artist started applying the makeup onto Kagome's face and gushed about how pretty she was.

Kagome rolled her eyes as obviously as she could.

People were such liars sometimes.

A few minutes later, the makeup artist was finished with her "work of art." Kagome just had on a touch of blush and pink lip gloss.

Everyone told her she looked like an angel but no one allowed her to look in the mirror, which really pissed her off.

"Food!" Kagome grunted and left the shop as Sango followed her giggling.

They drove home after satisfying Kagome's hunger and Sango made her model ALL the clothes she had bought for her and taught Kagome how to apply makeup.

She couldn't stop laughing when Kagome refused to use eyeliner in fear that she might poke an eye ball out.

While she took a bath, Sango decided to get rid of the glasses, breaking them in half throwing the pieces out the window.

Finished with the bath, Kagome entered her bedroom where Sango was waiting for her.

Seeing Kagome step in the room, she ran to her and pushed pink pajama pants and a red tank top in her arms.

Kagome just shrugged and put the clothes on.

She tried to look for her glasses but couldn't find them anywhere. She gave up an hour later.

She was thinking of throwing them out anyway.

When the duo made it downstairs, they weren't prepared for what happened next.

"Kagome…you're... going back to Ja..pan tomorrow." Mrs.Taijiya tried to hold back the tears that welled up in her eyes, making her vision blurry.

Hearing those words Kagome's world seemed to come crashing down, everything was growing black as she fell unconscious from shock and fear. Her head hit the wooden floor, the last thing she heard was Sango screaming out her name.

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