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"So...A lot's happened these past few weeks hm?"

She nodded, her eyes blurring. "I'm so sorry Miroku, I should've known that..."

He smiled as he cut her off with a kiss.

"And even when you were being a bitch, I never stopped thinking of you"

She stared at him for a while then just shook with laughter, questioningly he stared at her.

"What's so funny?"

She rolled her eyes smiling, "You're just so damn cheesy that it's adorable"

He smiled and winked, "baby you know it's only you"

Again she laughed. It felt so good to laugh with him again, to smile with him, just being with him.

"Miroku..." Her eyes glazed over and she reached for him.

"What happens now?"

He shrugged, "Starting over? Seven-ish? Tonight?"

She smiled again, "Perfect."


She picked a flower from the garden, enjoying her time. Kagura sighed peacefully, she didn't have to deal with Kikyo's shit anymore and they finally got her back. Everyone says revenge is sweet but you never really know just how sweet it is until you finally have it done and you really had payback.


Kagome looked up only to see the person who's occupied her thoughts for the past months, days, and weeks. Kagura looked from one to the other, standing from the bench.

"Uh..I'll leave you two alone"


Kagome bit her lip, "Sup..."

He clenched his jaw, biting hard on his lip. "Listen, I know these past weeks were..."

She shook her head stopping him. "Please, don't bring it up. I just want to forget."

He stepped towards her, "But we can't just forget."

She shook her head covering her ears. "I don't care!"

Gathering her in his arms he calmed her, "We can't forget Kagome but you know what?"

She sighed, relaxing against him. "What?"

"We can learn from it and we can grow from it and hopefully we can develop our relationship from it..." He whispered in her ear.

"What relationship?"

He smiled, "the relationship I want to have with you"

She looked up, holding onto the arms wrapped around her. "Friends?"

He nodded, "And much more"

And then a kiss.


She walked inside the mansion, trying to figure out where to go and how to get there.

"Need help?"

She furrowed her brows looking to the side to see a man, no--a fucking sexy man.

"Uh..huh? Oh, yeah..Ehehe?"

She blushed. Why was she acting so weird? Why was she acting like this?

He smirked and took hold of her hand, "Sesshomaru."

She swallowed.


"Pleasure to meet you..." He bent his head, kissing the palm of her hand. "Kagura..."

All she could do was blush.

"Uhm..Pleasure's all mine..." She cleared her throat, "Sesshomaru."


The next day word spread about the two couples and to Kouga's disappointment all the rumors about Kagome and Inuyasha were true. They were really dating.

"Dammit, why does he always get everything?"

He asked himself.

"It aint fair"

Ayame watched him from a distance, walking behind him she touched his shoulder lightly.

"You're right. It isn't fair, but she just wasn't meant for you. You barely even knew her, all you knew was that she was nice to look at"

Kouga scoffed but he knew she was right.

"But...I'll always be here"

He looked down at her, she'd always be there? Why?

He just smile and nodded.

"Thank you."


So they were all together again.

Kagome finally in a relationship with Inuyasha and Sango still in a relationship with Miroku. And not only that but Kagura started dating Sesshomaru and Kouga finally asked Ayame out on a date.

Everything was finally perfect.

Well, almost. All that was left was a perfect prom night.


"Hey 'Gome which color, pink or black?"

Sango called out holding two baby doll shirt's in each hand.

"How 'bout both?"

Sango smiled. "Girl, You read my mind. So anyways, how's yours and Inu's relationship goin'? He treatin' you right? 'Cause if he aint I could whoop him for ya"

Kagome laughed, "Yes Sango, he's treating me real good and I'm happy with him."

Sango smiled and nodded.

Kagome sighed happily turning back to the racks of clothes. Prom was in two days and she still hadn't found a dress to wear.


She spun around towards the direction she heard her name being called, surprised at who she saw.


"Can we talk?"

Kagome squinted uncertainly and Sango sauntered over glaring down at their new company.

"What do you want with Kagome, Kikyo?"

Kikyo glanced at her pleadingly, "I just really need to talk to her. I mean we live in the same house but it seems like we're in two seperate worlds!"

Sango eyed her suspiciously and unflinching.


Kagome sighed, "Just for a minute mkay Sango?"

Sango clicked her tongue, glared down at Kikyo once more before walking to the shoe section.


Kikyo's shoulders slumped. "I'm sorry Kagome"

Kagome blinked.



"Wait, What?"

"I'm sorry."


"I said, sorry."

Kagome still couldn't believe it. Never in her life did she hear Kikyo say sorry to anyone, ever. Especially not her. "Why?"

Kikyo licked her lips, scratching the back of her neck. "I..I began thinking about everything you know? You, me, what happened and I realized that...There was no point in what I did. I admit, I deserve what you guys did to me and I admit that I was a real bitch you know? It's hard to apologize Kagome, please understand that I'm basically really, really sorry for everything."

Kagome's eyes softened.


"No, lemme finish. I'm sorry for being a bad sister, I'm sorry for be so jealous, I'm sorry for doing that stupid plan thingy, and I'm just sorry!"

Kikyo's eyes watered.

"I'm just sorry..."

Kagome smiled, wrapping her thin arms around her older sister. "I'm not gonna say I trust you completely because that would be a lie and I'm not gonna say that phony, 'forgive and forget' thing because I can't do that and I'm not like that but what I will say is, you're forgiven."

Kikyo rubbed her eyes, smiling. "Thank you..."


Kikyo bit her lip and nodded.



"Gahh! My hair aint cooperating and I can't find my silver valentino heels!"

"Your hair? LOOK AT MINE! It's all frizzy."

"Pfft. Mine's perfect"

Sango and Kagome rolled their eyes laughing.

"So conceited Kikyo!"

Kikyo laughed along. "It is. It's all straight and shiny and--"

"And boring" Kagome and Sango finished off, faking yawns.

Kikyo glared, "Don't hate."

The trio all laughed, and continued running around and fretting over every little thing. It was after all, prom night.

After a few more minutes, hours running around the girls were finally content in their appearance.

A slinky white dress on Kikyo and pair of red mary jane heels. As usual, her hair was sleek and straight. Sango wore a black halter dress with pink trimmings and her signature magenta eye shadow, her hair in a wavy bun. And last Kagome's prom ensemble was a new pair of shiny, silver Valentino heels that wrapped around her calves and a forest green dress cascading down in waves to the floor, a long slit from the bottom to mid-thigh and her hair clipped to the side in curls. All in all they all looked gorgeous.

"Girls, the boys are here!"

Mrs.Higurashi called up from the living room and the trio piled down stairs one by one making a 'grand entrance' for their men.

Everyone with a penis in the room's jaw dropped.


Bankotsu made his way to Kikyo, giving her a light kiss and Miroku and Inuyasha did the same to their girlfriends as they lead them to the limousine waiting outside.


One by one, the girls went in and after each girl came in all the males in the room sent jealous glares to their dates. Why were Bankotsu, Inuyasha, and Miroku always so damn lucky with the females?

All the couples did was laugh and flirt, they met up with Kagura and Sesshomaru and Kouga and Ayame.

What a perfect ending this would be.

"May I ask for a day my lady?"

Kagome laughed, smacking his arm lightly.


She stated, grabbing onto his awaiting band.

They walked over to the middle of the dance floor just as a slow song came on and they just held onto eachother, unwilling to ever leave the other.

"You're flawless"

Kagome blushed.


"It's true"

He whispered, kissing her cheek. She laid her head on his shoulder and did so for the rest of the night.

...And I guess that was the moment when the once ugly duckling finally transformed into the beautiful swan.

What a happily, romantically, perfectly, flawlessly, cliche' ending.




"And that was the story of how the ugly duckling finally became the swan."

Kagome smiled, bending down to kiss her daughter lightly on the forehead.

"Mommy, the ugly duckling had the same name as you!"

Kagome giggled.


"Was the ugly duckling you mommy?"

Kagome shook her head knowingly and smiled, kissing her daughter lightly again.

"Goodnight Mizuko"

Kagome laughed to herself as she closed the door to her daughter's room.

"You were never the ugly duckling"

Inuyasha stated, embracing her from behind.

"Mhm. Is that why you called me an ugly bitch waaay back then?"

Inuyasha smirked, "No. I called you an ugly bitch because I was so blinded by your beauty but I didn't want people knowing that because girls had cooties back then"

Kagome laughed.

"Yeah, okay. Whatever"

Inuyasha chuckled, placing a kiss on her neck.

"Thirty four years old and still hopelessly devoted to you"

"Oh god, shut up Inu"

Kagome laughed louder, shoving him away playfully.

"I'm getting old and wrinkly and ugly and fat!"

Kagome pouted rubbing her face.

Inuyasha tsked her and held her again.

"You'll always be just as beautiful as you were back then, even when you're hair's all gray and white or bald--"

"Bald!? Pfft. That's you, You'll be the bald headed one mister. Not me!"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Nuh-uh. I'll have hair 'til the day I die."

"Well you're hair's already white!"

Inuyasha growled.

"It's silver you hear me? Sihh-uhl-vuhr! I was born with it."

Kagome just kept laughing.

"Mhm. Sure"

He glared down at her.

"Fine, I'm going to sleep now. Humph"

Kagome shook her head still laughing, "I loooveee youuu!"

He sighed, chuckling along.

"I love you too."

...And the beautiful swan lived happily ever after with her prince charming.


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