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The 18 years old serenity wheeler walked through the halls of the college she attended heading to her English class. She took one of the front seats, a habit she kept even after graduating from high school with flying colours.

After fully recovering her eyesight five years ago, she launched herself in studying hard to ensure a somehow decent future; nothing is granted in life, that was one of the first lessons she learnt. She was the offspring of quite a poor family that has to struggle to make the two ends meet. Let alone the fact that her own was disintegrated, divorced parents and a brother that she lost sight of for so many years before meeting him again.

She indeed came across some important people with quite an extravagant life style, her thought wandered to that blimp where Battle City finals were held, she met her brother's friends and acquaintances there, some of them were incredibly rich occupying very high positions though they were just teens back then.

She was taken from her reverie by the sound of approaching footsteps, she darted her eyes upwards to meet a somehow familiar face. She kept silent and waited for the person to speak.

" aren't you joey wheeler sister?"

She nodded without succeeding in recognizing the owner of the voice. The other person seemed to take the hint because he proceeded in introducing himself: "you don't seem to recognize me but we met at the battle city tournament, I duelled against your brother" he marked a pause before saying "Marik Ishtar"

Violet eyes, dirty white hair with tanned skin, he was indeed very familiar, the guy almost killed her brother in that stupid duel five years ago. But what is he doing here, wasn't he supposed to live in Egypt. Then she remembered her brother saying something about the Ishtar family moving to Domino to start all over again. Well, that was something unexpected, she didn't have a high opinion of the guy, the reason was obvious, but he did apologize and sounded sincere. She smiled and inquired politely "how have you been?"

"Fine, so we are in the same class". The look she gave him made him elaborate his statement with some kind of embarrassment:

"Yeah, I know but I never was the good student type. I failed many classes, you, however didn't waste you time"

She gratified his compliment with a smile, the blush however came alone. She had indeed a story with blushes.

Their conversation was cut by the entrance of the professor who proceeded with his lecture.

Joey wheeler waited patiently for his sister to come out of college, he didn't change much although he was 22 now. His dirty blond hair went in different directions, he was tall with a quick temper but his heart was certainly one of the biggest. He is still the same overprotective brother who would always watch over his little sister. His task was difficult because Serenity was one kind of a pretty girl: silky auburn hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and creamy peach skin. But Serenity was the type to be trusted; she was either busy with studying or at her part-time job in a fancy restaurant, so technically she didn't have much time for herself.

"Joey, what you are doing here?you didn't tell me you were coming"

"Right sis, but I got some news; we are going with the gang to the museum!"


" Ishizu invited us for a special exhibition and she wanted some help too, so she asked to ask you if you can come and take care of the visitors. You will be paid, sis"

"What I am supposed to do?"

"Oh, you know just explaining some historic facts and something like that. She will show you"

"I met her brother today; it seems that we are in the same class"

You could tell that joey wasn't pleased at all as he picked his favourite quote for his favourite sister "stay away from him sis, he's no good". Of course thought Serenity, what else can he say?

"Alright then, see you later"

"Hey wait, I came specially to pick you up" Joey voice was lost in the immense chatter as his sister made her way hurriedly out of his sight.

Serenity walked her way alone through the crowded streets of Domino, she just felt like it. When Joey greeted her in front of the college's gates and informed her that he will meet the gang so they can head to the museum together, she literally ran off. The perspective of seeing Duke and Tristan antics wasn't appealing at all, not that they would try anything funny especially with her brother around but she yearned for some peace and quite frankly she wasn't ready for any of these stuffs.

As kaiba stepped into the museum, he couldn't help but notice the girl that was attending to the guests, he knew her of course, the sister of that third-rate duellist of wheeler. He presumed that Ishizu offered her the job. Speaking of that woman, wouldn't she ever stop bothering him with her ancient stuffs?

Anyway, he was here for business, each occasion that can enhance the image of his company was welcomed. In that moment, he was greeted by Ishizu who lost no time in showing him her most recent discoveries.

In an other corner of the room, Serenity was doing fine in her assignment and out of expectance found herself enjoying it. The truth is she always has had something for ancient civilizations. She found them amazing.

She did noted kaiba presence. There he was, the seto kaiba, most wanted bachelor in Japan, say the world. Every girl dreamt to be with him but serenity. She wanted – for a reason she cannot really name- to stay away from him. He was so mean notably with her own brother.

"Is this for sale" a voice startled her from behind. The owner of the voice was a male, quite tall with green eyes long pink hair. Did I forget to tell that he was all creepy too?

"Let me introduce myself" he paused for effect "Siegfried Von Schraider, ceo of Schraider company"

"everything here is just for exhibition "

"are you too?"

"excuse me sir, but I really have work to do". With that, she left no wanting to exchange any further words with that man who was clearly no interested the least in what she would say.

It was midnight when Ishizu decided to call it a day and closed the now empty museum to the visitors. Serenity waited patiently for a cab when a white limo stopped by and a newly familiar voice asked "do you need a ride?"

"Well you know as you wouldn't tell me your name, I looked for it. Serenity wheeler, you wouldn't happen to be the sister of joey wheeler"

At the mention of the name of her cherished brother, she let her guard down a little bit. Being aware of that, Siegfried Continued "I met your brother at kaiba grand prix, we even duelled so get in. knowing him, he wouldn't like for his sister to stay alone in the street at such a late hour".

'What could go wrong, he seems to know my brother fairly well. Besides it's so late and have to wake up early" serenity thought. She was about to climb into the limo when she was snatched by a strong hand that sent her backwards.

Recovering from her initial shock, she turned around to face none else but seto kaiba who seems by the way not pleased at all.

"You're not getting in this car!"

Feeling anger boiling in her plus the fatigue that she accumulated through the day, she snapped: " is that true, well it's none of your business. Now let go!"

"I see, you are just as naïve as you were a few years ago in battle city. It's not because some guy told you that he knows your brother that you should trust him with your life" he retorted.

"You heard kaiba. Leave her" Siegfried intervened.

"I see that you didn't learn your lesson, I suggest that you get out of my face or I will have to refresh your memory"

Siegfried backed off; he didn't want any scene that could jeopardize his already shaken company prestige, so he left with a last "this is not the end, kaiba".

The ride in the limo was silent, serenity seated herself as far as she could. She was trying hard to suppress tears that were threatening to spill at any moment now. She was humiliated and forced to accept a ride home from seto kaiba. But no, she will not cry; not in front him. She will not give him that pleasure. Mean as he is, he could say that that habit of her didn't change either. What's wrong with him anyways? she would have sworn that he wouldn't recognize her or give a damn for her. After all, she was the 'mutt' sister!

When they arrived in front of the apartment block, she hurried up out of the limo without a word or even a glance.

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