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There is an Arabic saying that goes: « whoever is strangled by the voice of the past, cannot speak to the future". Siegfried Von Schraider fitted perfectly well in this category. Despite all the riches he possessed, he was consumed by jealousy and rage.

Was he doomed to constantly loose to Seto Kaiba? Failure was indeed an impoverishing experience, in every sense of the word.

He was literally sucked in the vortex of his hate, and vengeance was his sole salvation. But how? How can he wipe off that smirk of his face?

Siegfried tossed the magazine featuring his nemesis away, and began pacing relentlessly back and forth in his luxurious hotel room. He has to do something or he will explode for sure. He thought about abducting Mokuba, but that was becoming cliché. Besides, the boy was no longer a kid. Then, wait a second! Since when Kaiba was preoccupied about the safety of other people beside himself and his precious little brother? The girl at the museum! His face was distorted by a smug smile as he thought darkly 'yes, I will definitely win this round'.

In another part of Domino, and unaware of the evil plot that was about to unfold, Serenity was nervously twiddling her thumbs.

'What did she do to deserve that?' she thought helplessly. For the sixth time this week, Marik has called. This cannot go on; someone has to put an end to this masquerade. Joey? No, he will blow a fuse and may try to kill the guy. She didn't want that.

Yugi? Shame on you Serenity! Was he accountable for the all world population misery? Let's give the poor guy a break.

Tristan and Duke? No way! She has recently come to the conclusion that those two were completely irrational.

Well, she will act like a big girl and face her own problems and even save the world. YES! She will talk to him.

She faced the mirror and studied her options:

1-"Listen Marik, it's just one word and I'm not adding another; leave me or I swear that…"

Running out from threats, she tried a different line:

2-"Marik, please, that's not right- insert puppy dog eyes- you cannot do that to me, I've always…"

Or maybe she could play it casual and cheerful:

3-"Hi Marik, I finally decided to show up. What's up?"

But that was just pathetic! She will let him do the talking.

The funny thing was that she was enjoying his company and almost felt comfortable with him. When she entered the cafeteria earlier, he had stood up with a charming smile and pulled out a chair for her. From that, they started a conversation mainly about the old good time, and now they were taking a walk at his suggestion.

They were discussing deserts and pyramids when he asked her if she could come with him to retrieve a very old Egyptian necklace from an antique shop, to which she agreed.

The shop was located at a rather isolated place. And she started to have doubts remembering Kaiba words.

Should she trust him? He might harm her. He might…oh, she was just being paranoid.

Noticing the drastic change in the girl facial expression, Marik cried out indignantly: "Hey, I'm not like that! I wouldn't lay a finger on you!"

The truthful look he gave her made her fears go way; smiling, she led the way:" Fine, let's go".

He could hear her saying, "Don't move, Marik. Hush, it's going to be alright".

"Please, stay with him, I'm going to find some help" she told the old man and rushed to the main street.

What happened was a blur, they were about to reach the shop when they got assaulted by four men. They were after Serenity, so he fought them and shielded her with his own body. Even the old owner of the antique shop came to help, beating those guys with his cane. Then, he felt a sharp pain and collapsed. She heard screams, kids…

The sound of screeching wheels didn't weaken her resolve but fuelled it. She slammed her bare hands on the car's hood daring it to move away from her. She will not back off, Marik's life was in danger and it was all her fault.

She didn't notice that detail before, but the black car was incredibly big! Then, it sank; a limo! Doesn't matter, even if it was a plane or a liner, the owner would have to listen to her and help. He has to!

Her frantic mind registered the sound of someone talking. She harshly wiped her eyes off tears and tried to concentrate.

"Are you deaf? get out of my way! My boss has an important meeting he has to attend to"

What's wrong with those people? Are they all stone-hearted? Where is compassion? She was about to say something when a second voice startled her.

"What is it?"

The chauffeur's face paled as he started searching for words to explain the situation to his employer. Luckily for him, Serenity beat him to it:

"Kaiba! Kaiba, please, Marik is bleeding; there is a lot of blood, you have to help him!"

Kaiba didn't move, he just stood there seemingly staring at her.

The shock she just received and the certainty that Marik's life was at stake gave her an incredible amount of boldness. If she had been able to reach for his collar, she would have done that. Instead, she grabbed him by his upper arms and started shaking him not caring a bit about the strains of blood she left on his snow-white business tux.

"He is dying for God's sake! Do something!"

Gaining no response from the stoic CEO, she put her hand on her mouth as new tears formed into her hazel eyes and turned to leave when he spoke:

"Where is he?"

"I'll show you, quick, hurry!"

The limo started rolling and picked up speed. The ride wasn't quite this time. Serenity couldn't suppress her sobs. Marik head was on her lap while the rest of his body lied on the expensive leather back seat.

Kaiba was seated across them, arms crossed and eyes calculating. He didn't utter a word. If the circumstances were not the same and if she was in her right mental state, she would have found that weird. The unique time he addressed her was when Marik nearly blacked out. "He has to remain conscious" he had told her, and she cautiously paid heed to his words.

It's been a week since the ordeal; Marik was still in hospital in Intensive Care. He was in a bad shape, but doctors seemed somehow optimistic. Despite her brother's protests, she went everyday to see him. Guilt was eating her up, but she had no power to change the past. She got fired from her part-time job; they didn't need depressed people. She even missed classes, something she never pictured herself doing.

Mai came over in the evening –at Joey request- to try and cheer her up. Murmuring a vague excuse a short while later, Serenity left them for her room.

In the dim light of the starry sky, Serenity stood up in the balcony of their apartment. Hands on the railing, she lifted her head up and stared at the immensity of the dark blue sky. At the time being, she could do nothing but wait.

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