You Had Me At Hello

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Tonks sighed and threw the spoon she had been using into the half empty bowl of cereal in front of her, milk splashed onto the table but she hardly noticed. Her eyes were fixed on the paper in front of her, more specifically on the date under the headline. It had been three weeks since Remus had gone away, he was supposed to only be away for a day but a day had turned into two and so on. Sirius was worried about him, she knew that but he didn't like to show it. And every Order meeting shed been too just lately she found herself asking Dumbledore if he had heard from Remus at all.

She knew Dumbledore had probably figured out why but she didn't care, she missed him and she would like him back in one piece. But the only answer Dumbledore seemed willing to give her was that he had indeed heard from him and he would be back soon when he could get away. Tonks took small comfort in the fact that this answer was not only aggravating her but Sirius also.

She glanced up at the clock on her wall, and grunted she needed a shower or she was going to be late for work again.

And I really don't need Scrimgeour on my back right now, Tonks thought bitterly.

Tonks walked across the small square as quietly as she could, although she was dragging her feet, although it was a bad habit she had picked up in the last few weeks it had become second nature to her. Tonks sighed to herself, she knew how much of a lecture she would get if her mother could see her now, shoulders slumped, hair matted, wearing ragged torn jeans and an old t-shirt; Tonks would be told it's not how a young lady should dress.

Tonks forced herself up the front steps of Grimmauld Place and tapped the door lightly with her wand, which swung open seconds later. She was greeted by the sight of Sirius hurrying down the hallway toward the basement kitchen; he turned as she stepped over the threshold and closed the door. Sirius turned to face her, he looked sullen and pale.

"Sirius?" She whispered questioningly "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," He said quietly and unconvincingly turning back to the door in front of him.

"Sirius," Tonks hissed quietly walking quickly down the hall way to catch up with him. He stood still with his back to her facing the open door in front of him.

"Remus is back," Sirius muttered quietly not still not looking at her. Tonks felt her stomach flip over, and the corners of her mouth tugged upwards until she smiled.

"Don't look too happy, he's in a bad way." He said finally looking at her, and what she could now feel was a fully joyous expression.

"Bad way...?" Tonks said feeling her stomach drop as her eyes wondered up the stairs.

"He'll live," Sirius said grimly "But it's going to take him a while to get his strength back. They were a little too rough with him." He added darkly

"They?" She said feeling her eyes widen with shock

"Yes, they. Don't get any ideas," He hissed finally following her gaze up the stairs

"What?" She asked trying to feign innocence.

"He doesn't want you up there. So you're going to stay down here out of his way." Sirius said grabbing her by the upper arm and dragging her toward the kitchen.

"Sirius," Tonks started uncertainly

"Don't," Sirius said quietly "He's used to me seeing him in a state, he doesn't want you or anyone else to see him like that."

Tonks felt her face fall again for what felt like the thousandth time in weeks. He didn't want to see her.

"I'll fix him, I promise" Sirius said quietly putting her hands on her shoulders. "You'd better get downstairs; the meetings about to start."

"Sirius," She started again

"I promise, Tonks. Now go" He smiled gently turning her around and giving her a little nudge through the door.

Tonks traipsed down the stairs, towards the kitchen door; she felt Sirius watching her so she knew she couldn't sneak back up the stairs and follow him when he wasn't looking. She opened the kitchen door, to find the room packed already. All the chairs had been taken already so she resigned herself to squeezing in between Bill and Molly who were leaning against the kitchen counter. Tonks felt a mug with a hot substance in being shoved into her hand just as Dumbledore walked in with Snape; she turned to Molly and smiled in thanks.

The meeting was long and tiresome, Tonks could tell so many people disliked and distrusted Snape; it was just their expressions when he was asked to give reports on his findings. Tonks had never been particularly fond of him either, especially when he had asked her in a drawling voice in front of the entire Order why she insisted on having her hair 'that hideous colour'. It was this moment Sirius had chosen to enter, and had offered a snide quip stating that at least Tonks had bothered to wash her hair. She and most of the Order had found this rather amusing, Dumbledore obviously had not.

After the meeting was over Tonks had remained in her position, watching Dumbledore and Molly who had obviously both walked forwards to lecture Sirius, but in very different ways.

I could slip out now and he wouldn't even notice, Tonks thought. Watching Sirius as a sulky expression was slowly appearing on his face. Truthfully her mind had been on Remus all throughout the meeting; she had thought that after almost a month of being away he would want to see her, she thought they had become close or good friends at least.

Tonks moved around the table quietly, and positioned herself to walk out of the room at the same time as Kinglsey and Emmeline. She slipped out unnoticed by Sirius, and followed them up the stairs to the hallway. As Kingsley was pulling on his cloak, Tonks' eyes travelled up the stairs for a second time that night.

"Do you want to come with us, Tonks?" Emmeline said kindly

"Sorry?" Tonks said wrenching her gaze away to look at her

"I said, do you want to come with us? Kingsley and I are going to Diagon Alley for a drink," Emmeline smiled

"Oh," Tonks said slightly taken aback "I said I'd pop to my mother's tonight; maybe some other time."

"Fair enough," Kingsley said quietly "I'll see you at work tomorrow,"

Tonks breathed deeply when they had both left, she walked to the bottom of the stairs and looked up at the haughty first landing. She found her feet started working before her brain; before she knew what she was doing she was standing feet away from Remus' room, whose door was ajar.

Tonks walked across the landing, her breath catching in her throat a little and her heart beating fast. She pushed open the door properly, and gasped when she saw him. Remus was in a worse state than she had expected; he was shirtless, with deep cuts across his face and neck, his hair was matted to his face at the front covered in blood, there were several deep gashes along his forearms and chest.

"You shouldn't be up here," He growled glancing up at her before looking away

"And you shouldn't be doing that by yourself," She said watching as he tried to clean a wound on his back that he was obviously incapable of reaching.

"I can manage just fine on my own thank you. I don't need to be babied, I'm a grown man."


"Go away Nymphadora," He snapped harshly looking at her properly for the first time.

The words stung much more than she thought they would, she felt her eyes fill with tears as her stomach dropped. Tonks felt as if her insides had been scrunched up and then released several times, the pain was becoming unbearable so she turned to leave.

"No, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say...Don't," He said trying to push himself off the bed

"Don't, you'll hurt yourself," She sniffed stepping over the threshold and walking toward him.

Remus made an exasperated sound and growled a little as he sat back down running his hand through his matted hair, keeping his gaze focused on the floor; he didn't seem to want to look at her. Tonks' eyes travelled over him taking in everything, from the thick stubble he seemed to have acquired over the weeks he had been away; to the scars that were marking his young body making it look older than it was and to the new deep gashes that sat there untreated.

"Why hasn't Sirius healed these with magic?" Tonks whimpered quietly

"He tried," Remus croaked hoarsely "These are cursed wounds like the many others I've had. You have to clean and just leave them to heal on their own," he added bitterly.

Remus tried yet again to clean the same wound, instead of succeeding he winced in pain. Tonks sighed inwardly at his stubbornness; she reached across him gently and took the cotton from his hands. She kicked off her boots and swung her legs around onto the bed, she smiled lightly as his questioning look as she crawled behind him.

"Nymphadora," Remus said in what Tonks was sure was supposed to be a polite tone.

"It's Tonks, Remus, for the last bloody time." She scowled at his back.

She dipped the cotton slowly into the warm bowl of water that was on the bed beside him, and hesitated before dabbing the deep scarlet gashes that run from his shoulder blades down to the bottom of his spine. She heard him growl a little, and felt him wince beneath her hand but she didn't stop, he certainly couldn't do this on his own and even if he could she wasn't about to let him. They sat in complete silence as she worked her way down his injuries, replenishing the cotton with water whenever she could.

"Who did this to you?" She asked him quietly

"Werewolves," He growled bitterly "Dumbledore wanted information, a spy if you like and here I was ready made."

"But, why did they do this to you?" She asked feeling a rush of resentment toward Dumbledore for asking him to do such a thing.

"Because I show evidence of having tried to live amongst wizards," His tone settled the matter, he didn't want her to ask any more questions and Tonks was sure she didn't want to know anymore so they lapsed into another silence.

"Nymphadora, sorry, Tonks." He added before she could scold him "I didn't mean to snap at you earlier, I prefer not to have anybody see me like this,"

"Sirius said," Tonks sighed as she finished cleaning out the bottom of the gash "I know you feel you shouldn't let people the difference in you but, maybe you should. It's what makes you, you."

"You sound like Sirius," Remus mused quietly

"Well he has a point," Tonks said curtly throwing the cotton into the bin beside the table and crawling back to sit beside him. "You have alot of people surrounding you Remus, that love and care for you just the way you are. I certainly wouldn't change a thing about you,"

"Not even the lycanthropy," He grunted

"Especially not that," Tonks smiled looking at him. Remus looked up at her with shock gracing his prematurely aged features.

"Why on earth not?" Remus said in a strangled voice.

"Because then you, wouldn't be you. And I quite happen to like you exactly as you are," She said feeling her cheeks flush a little.

"Not one thing?" He asked grinning

"Well," She said inclining her head to one side looking at his face "I like beards, so you could let that stubble grow out properly,"

"All I have to do is grow a beard, and you'd love my appearance completely?" Remus laughed wincing slightly again "Interesting."

"I already love your appearance Remus," Tonks grinned "That would just be a very minor bonus,"

"Hmm," He hummed at her

"Why is that interesting?" She said anxiously

"Well, I find it interesting because the only change you'd make to my appearance Tonks is that of added facial hair," Remus grinned boyishly

"Why? What changes would you make?" She laughed

"If I could change my appearance," He said running a hand over his stubble "I suppose it would be to rid myself of all the scars I seem to have acquired. Then maybe nobody would know so much about my affliction,"

"I like them," Tonks said instantly "They give you character,"

"The character of a man twice my age," Remus said bitterly

"They give you the character of a brave man," Tonks said quietly looking at him "Most people in your place wouldn't cope with it as well as you do,"

She traced a jagged scar on his cheek; it was a familiar shape to Harry's but alot deeper, his eyes fluttered shut at her touch. "With a scar like that, you could be the next boy who lived." She giggled

"More like, the boy who got bit I'm afraid." He sighed with a smile his eyes still shut.

Tonks smiled to herself, he looked serene, almost at peace with himself when he had his eyes closed. She leant forward and kissed his check lightly right in the middle of the scar. His eyes opened immediately staring her straight in the face; he leaned forward resting his forehead against hers gently.

"Thank you Nymphadora," He said gently

"You know, if you aren't careful you'll have more scars then these, worse ones too," Tonks said fighting back a smile

"You would inflict your revenge on me violently?" He laughed

"Keep calling me Nymphadora and you'll find out," Tonks smiled her eyes closed.

"I've missed you,"

Tonks felt Remus' forehead shift lightly against her own and his nose pressed lightly against her cheek. Tonks inhaled sharply and felt her cheeks flush.

"Tonks! Are you up here?" Sirius voice echoed across the landing.

Remus pulled away from her sharply, her eyes flew open and she was left staring at him while he looked away in a different direction. Stomping footsteps came across the threshold and Tonks forced herself to look away from Remus to her cousin.

"I told you not to come up here," Sirius growled looking at Remus

"Its fine, Sirius." Remus said quietly.

"Really...?" Sirius choked out staring at his friend in disbelief.

"Yes." Remus answered curtly.

"Well," Sirius said his eyes travelling over his best friends face to Tonks' flushed one "Isn't this awkward?"

Tonks scowled at him and folded her arms.

"Is there something you wanted Sirius?" Remus sighed from beside her.

"Well seen as Tonks ran off as soon as the meeting was over, Molly and I didn't get chance to ask her anything." Sirius grunted folding his arms."Its Remus' birthday on Thursday; Molly's planning on having a bit of a get together here for it, you interested Tonks?"

"No Sirius, I don't want a fuss," Remus said instantly.

"Tough luck mate, you know what Molly's like." Sirius grinned.

"You know it's almost a shame you two are leaving in the morning," Sirius hiccoughed.

Molly's plans for Remus' birthday get together had been successful; Molly, Arthur and Bill had all turned up early, the latter leaving work on time for a change to help with the food and decorating. Remus has stood in a corner after being shouted down by Molly about not wanting a fuss; Kinglsey, Mad Eye, Emmeline and Hestia Jones had arrived a little later than Molly had planned but they all sat down for a nice meal together. Half way through desert Dumbledore had dropped in on them all to wish Remus a happy birthday; and to ask him and Tonks to go on a mission together as everyone else was busy. This had secretly pleased Tonks no end.

"We won't be gone long Sirius, a day at most." Remus smiled at his friend who had clearly been drinking too much again.

"A day is still too long!" Sirius grumbled taking a swig of his fire whiskey "Now, where was I?"

"I believe you were just about to get to what you said too Lily," Remus smirked

Ever since the Weasley's and others had left, Sirius had broken out the fire-whiskey and was downing quite a lot of it himself while telling Tonks stories of Remus' previous birthdays at school.

"Oh right yeah, were at Remus' sixteenth birthday party. Going full swing in the common room, Lily stomps up to us, and tells James and in no uncertain terms to turn down the music." Sirius laughs "Because, and this part still gets me sometimes; 'People were trying to study'. I managed to choke out 'Well the only things Prongs is going to be studying tonight Evans is your arse when you walk away,"

"Git," Sniggered Tonks "So then what happened?"

"James refused to speak to him for a week because Lily made it clear she was angry with the pair of them," Remus laughed.

Sirius was laughing himself before that turned into a considerable yawn that Remus saw immediately.

"Perhaps it's time for bed," He suggested

"Come on Moony, Sirius yawned again stretching "It's your birthday,"

"Correct, it is my birthday. But I am rather tired Sirius and we have to get up early in the morning," Remus said

"We used to party all night on your birthdays!" Sirius complained

"When we were 17 and that was you." He laughed "I used to have a fair amount to drink and still manage to crawl into bed at a somewhat respectable hour,"

"And what was a respectable hour?" Tonks laughed

"Between three and four in the morning I suppose," Remus grinned while Tonks and Sirius laughed harder.

"Okay, I agree with you." Sirius stretched "Were getting a bit too old for this up all night drinking lark, unless it's for a good reason," He smirked glancing at Tonks who scowled at him.

All three of them stood, leaving their glasses and bottles on the table. Sirius sauntered out of the kitchen first, followed closely by Remus and Tonks. He was meandering up the stairs humming to himself, and Tonks was in fits of giggles watching Sirius try to manoeuvre his way across the hallway without bumping into anything. Remus sighed smiling and shook his head beside her, and went to help his friend up the stairs.

"Its fine Moony, I can manage the rest of the way on my own," Sirius sulked removing his arm from around Remus' neck at the top of the stairs.

"Are you sure?" Remus called after him as he proceeded across the landing and up the next flight of stairs.

Tonks continued to giggle and lent against the doorframe of the room she was going to be spending the night in; the room she so often slept in when she stayed at Grimmauld Place. Remus turned to face her with a grin, listening to Sirius trying to navigate his way up stairs.

"I'm sorry I didn't get you anything," Tonks blurted out. This had been playing on her mind for a few days, she had wanted to get him something but when it came to the actual buying process she failed. She had no idea what to get him, and so in the end had given up.

"It's perfectly okay," Remus said his smile becoming warmer "The pleasure of your company was all I really needed,"

Tonks grinned at this; it was so like him to be this charming all the time, when she herself would have been rather put out if someone hadn't gotten her something for her birthday. She stepped forward and threw her arms around his shoulders pulling him down towards her into a hug.

"Happy Birthday Remus," She hiccoughed

"Thank you Nymphadora," He laughed into her ear detaching her arms for around his neck "I think you need to lie down before you join Sirius on the floor,"

"How on earth do you know he's on the floor?" Tonks said grinning

"I didn't hear a door being opened or shut did you?" Remus smiled and Tonks shook her head "Well, then I can safely say he probably used the wall in the hallway to slide down to the floor."

"Should we go and help him?" Tonks yawned looking at the stairs

"No, it's his own fault," Remus laughed

"Ever the gentlemen," Tonks sniggered looking down, he was still holding her wrists, she felt the familiar swooping sensation in her stomach and her cheeks redden. Remus had now looked down also and he released her wrists instantly.

"Goodnight Nymphadora," He said pleasantly before walking into his room and closing the door with a snap.

Tonks sighed and retreated into her own room, they hadn't talked about what had happened a few days previously, every time she got close to approaching it he'd change the subject. Things were normal between them, as normal as they had ever been but he would be over friendly with her one minute and then distant the next. Never in her life had she dreamt that Remus Lupin would be such a confusing man.

Rain was pounding to the ground, the drops felt more like hail stones than actual rain drops. She and Remus were fighting to see where they were going as the wind howled and yet more water was sent their way. Tonks heard Remus shout something but the how of the wind and rain drowned it out. She felt a tug on her wrist, and suddenly she felt warmth and the sound of her hearing return to her. Tonks wiped the excess water out of her eyes and look around at her surroundings, she was in a small alcove of a doorway and Remus was standing in front of her as drenched as she was talking to a small man behind a desk.

She walked forward dripping all over the hardwood floor underneath her, her footsteps echoing off the walls.

"That's fine then, thank you." The tiny man squeaked giving Remus a key.

"Remus, what are you doing?" She hissed in an undertone.

"Thank you!" Remus said to the man who was giving Tonks enquiring looks. Remus gestured to the stairs, and she followed him wordlessly. They reached a narrow hallway at the top with doors lining either side of it. Tonks trudged along behind him, still dripping water everywhere until he stopped outside room four.

He turned the key in the lock and stepped aside to let her in first. She stepped over the threshold, closely followed by Remus who shut the door instantly locking it magically rather than with the key. He protected the room further with sound proofing enhancements, while Tonks waited patiently for him to finish. When he had, he turned to face her.

"Why the hell are we in here?" She demanded.

"Malfoy and Travers spotted us." Remus said "If we would have stayed there, they would have killed us both,"

"We could have taken them," Tonks grunted folding her arms

"I'm not doubting that we could have Nymphadora," the corners of his mouth tugging upwards "But we were under strict instructions from Dumbledore to observe and not draw attention to ourselves,"

"I suppose," Tonks sighed "That doesn't explain why we're here though,"

"Well I certainly wasn't going to attempt apparating in that storm, were you?" Remus asked

"True," She said "Looks like we're here for the night then."

Tonks took her wand out of her pocket, and did an instant warming charm; she felt the heat flow through her, her clothes drying instantly and her hair feeling less sodden and lifeless. When she looked over at Remus he had done the same, his hair was no longer plastered to his face and his jumper was no longer stuck to him. She kicked off her boots, and took off her jacket leaving her in just her jeans and favourite Weird Sisters T-shirt. Remus took off his shoes but made no attempt to remove his jumper on any of the rest of his clothing.

Tonks yawned and got into the bed in front of her, she snuggled down between the duvet and the sheets loving the warm feeling it was giving her. When she poked her head out she saw Remus investigating a nearby chair.

"Don't even think about it," Tonks said to him

"It would be improper for me to sleep in the same bed as you Nymphadora," He said pointedly

"Stop being such a bloody gentlemen Remus and get in the bed." Tonks grunted her face half obscured by the soft pillow.

She vaguely registered him climbing in beside her before she felt sleep overwhelm her.

Tonks refused to open her eyes, her head was still laying on something remarkably soft, and she rubbed the side of her head up and down on it a couple of times. Although this surface was soft, it was not the pillow on which shed fallen asleep unless it had changed textures over night. Tonks wasn't really inclined to care, she was more inclined in fact to go back to sleep.

"You know Nymphadora; I learned two things about you last night." Remus soft voice wondered to her ears, he sounded alot closer to her than she had originally thought he would be in this state.

"Tonks, Remus. It's Tonks." She muttered sleepily into the soft surface. "And, what?"

"Well the first is you snore like a drunken sailor," He laughed softly "And the second is, you seem to take up alot of space for such a small woman. I believe the correct term, is a bed hogger."

Tonks eyes opened a little, the room around her was a little a fuzzy so instead she looked blearily down at the softness she was laying on. Her pillow had not only changed textures but colours over night; green was not a good colour for a pillow. Tonks turned her head slowly and saw the gaping space behind her, the other side of the bed seemed feet away, and she suddenly realised on what her head was resting. She looked back to the green of Remus' jumper and then adjusted her head to look at his face.

"Good morning," He chuckled

Tonks sat up instantly backing away from him until she was sitting in the middle of the bed. "I'm sorry Remus. I didn't mean too,"

"It's fine Tonks,"

"No I mean, I shouldn't have," Tonks kept muttering as though she hadn't heard a word "You're right, I take up alot of space. You wouldn't believe the amount of times I've actually fallen out of my bed..."

Tonks felt hands press on her shoulders and then she was being gently shaken. "Nymphadora, I find it completely charming that you were asleep on me." He smiled at her not removing his hands from her shoulders.

Tonks felt her cheeks flush and she smiled back. She watched him as his eyes travelled over her, from her shoulders across her face, where she was sure she had an imprint of his jumper on her right cheek; they settled on her eyes for a second before they flicked to her hair.

His right hand left her shoulder; Tonks felt his fingers weave into the front strands of her hair. "Is this your natural colour?" He asked with a fond smile.

"What?" She asked as her own hand flew to the same strands of hair. She down looked down at the murky brown and sighed. "Oh, yeah. Horrible isn't it?"

"Not at all; you look even more beautiful." Remus said quietly his own cheeks flushing a little. Tonks breath caught in her throat, so much that she almost chocked. "Not that the pink doesn't make you look adorable, but the brown gives you more of a natural glow."

Remus hand found hers which she realised still had not left her hair. Tonks' breathing increased, her heart started skipping beats every so often, and she took her hand away immediately letting it fall into her lap. Remus hand continued to work its way further into her hand, instead of looking at her he was watching is progress through her shoulder length locks.

Tonks felt her eyes flutter slightly at his touch but she didn't dare close them, she really didn't want to miss this and wake to find it had been a dream. Remus' hand had come to a stop in the crook of her neck just underneath her hair line, and there it stayed; he made no attempt to remove it. Tonks found herself staring at him; he looked at her fully this time. There was a slight pressure building in her neck, and she found herself being pulled slowly toward him, she went willingly and gladly. Remus had closed his eyes now, and Tonks too let her eyes fall shut for the second time in a week she felt his nose press against her cheek. Tonks stomach flipped over as she could feel him getting closer to her, everything in the room was in eerie silence; it was almost like her surroundings were waiting with baited breath.

Two sharp echoing taps ruined the silence, both Tonks and Remus jumped apart like shrapnel breathing heavily. Remus regained composure first and shuffled off the bed, to the window where a screech owl was sitting. He opened the window, and the owl held out its leg allowing him to untie the message before flying off again.

Remus read it, sighing slightly and shaking his head after.

"What is it?" Tonks asked nervously.

Remus looked up at her as though he just realised she was there, he handed the note to her before going to the chair he'd slung their cloaks over the previous night.

Dear Lovebirds,

Dumbledore's just arrived and he wants your report, he says he's' only got an hour before he needs to get back to the school.

So stop shagging and get back here!


I'm going to punch him, Tonks thought.

Dumbledore had been silent all throughout their meeting, he had surmised the same as Remus and Tonks that Malfoy and Travers had been trying to add more allies to their cause. Remus and Tonks had tailed them as part of Dumbledore's instructions the previous night, they had led the pair to a small village on the south coast; into a village pub where they had met with, what Molly Weasley would call a couple of 'shady characters'. Malfoy had spotted Tonks as they had tried to leave the pub discreetly after about an hour and gave chase, she and Remus had only managed to get away using cover of the storm they happened to find outside. Dumbledore it turned out was happy with their efforts and thanked them as he left Headquarters after lunch. Sirius had then insisted that Tonks stay for the rest of the day, which had not only been awkward for her and Remus but had given Sirius immense joy.

"So, you two shared a room. I want the details!" Sirius exclaimed loudly for what felt like the hundredth time that day. All of them were in the basement kitchen of Grimmauld Place, Remus and Tonks sitting at the hard wooden table staring in opposite directions; while Sirius leaned against the counter with a smug expression. The only thing about this Tonks was thankful for was that he had waited until Kingsley and Mad-Eye had left.

"There are no details Sirius," Remus said politely looking into his empty tea mug. "We went to sleep,"

"Come on Remus, you can't be boring for the rest of your life! Why didn't you do something?" Sirius chuckled

"Would you stop talking about me like I'm not here?" Tonks said through gritted teeth.

"I could ask you the questions if you like?" Sirius teased her

"Enough," Remus said quietly and Sirius face fell, he knew it was over.

"Whatever you say my dear Moony," Sirius shrugged and putting his own cup down on the side. "I need to get rid of this old writing desk it's infested with Doxy's,"

"Why not just get rid of the Doxy's?" Tonks asked

"Because I hate that desk," Sirius scowled "It was my fathers, and this is the perfect excuse to get rid of it." He looked at Remus who was still watching his mug with great interest. "Remus, are you going to help me?"

"Hmm?" He said looking up.

"Did I rouse you from your brilliant thoughts?" Sirius smirked

"Yes you did, but I suppose I could help you," He grinned

"And you my lovely cousin?" He asked turning to Tonks

"No way," Tonks shook her head "I need a shower and my bed; back to work tomorrow,"

All three of them trooped out of the kitchen, up the stairs into the hallway. Sirius carried on up the stairs after saying his goodbyes to Tonks. She swung on her cloak with her back facing Remus, who hadn't moved all the while listening to Sirius footsteps die away as he retreated further into the house. Neither of them had spoken about that morning, they hadn't had the chance all day; Sirius had been constantly in their presence.

Not that he would want to talk about it, Tonks thought before sighing. But she needed to know, they had become close, too close. And now it was two times too many that something had almost happened.

"Remus, about this morning," Tonks said turning around to face him.

Tonks barely registered what was happening to her, Remus grabbed her and pressed his lips against hers; he walked her back, until she was against the door. She was in a state of shock; she had only vaguely felt her back slam against the door, her heart started to beat faster at the tingling sensation that shot through her stomach and settled somewhere around her navel. She reached up and locked her arms around his neck, pulling herself against him properly; his arms encircled her waist and he kissed her harder. To her this was like blissful oblivion.

"Remus!" Sirius bellowed from somewhere upstairs.

Remus pulled away, his arms still around her waist; his body still pressed against hers. His forehead rested against Tonks'.

"I could kill him," Remus muttered

"There wouldn't be so many interruptions if you did," Tonks giggled

His eyes settled on hers for a minute before they both looked down and seemed to come to themselves a little. They let go of each other instantly and looked in opposite directions.

"I should," Remus gestured up the stairs

"Yeah, I should," Tonks said glancing at the door behind her before looking at him once more.

She turned to leave, and was this time disappointed when he didn't stop her. Tonks found herself in the little square before she had realised she had left the house completely; she turned and looked back at the dingy house before turning on the spot.

The fresh air hit her so hard, she felt herself stumble a little before regaining her senses; she had forgotten how fresh the air was here. Tonks hoped over the fence and made her way toward the house that towered above her. She knocked sharply on the back door a few times and waited.

A red haired woman answered, she looked a little frazzled but her expression softened instantly when she saw Tonks'.

"Molly," She sighed

The red haired woman smiled, and stepped aside to let her in.

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