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Authors' Note:(Penbrydd and Haya Madison) This fic is clearly a sign that we have spent way too much time reading ffrants, over on livejournal. During some late-night conversation or other, we realised that certain bad!fic clich├ęs probably were perfectly possible in the Narutoverse. And so, without further ado, we give you the most wanted jutsu!

This fic takes place (more or less) in the Cut-Glass Heart continuity, during the beginning of the timeskip. The continuity has careened off into an AU in which Hayate (just barely) survived his encounter with Baki.

Warnings: Yaoi, expletives, pure crack. (KoIzu, GenHaya)

Part I
Shizune sighed, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear as she bent over the Hokage's horribly disorganised desk, but it only slipped back out again. Looking entirely frazzled she attempted to blow it away from her face, but with little success. She tried to ignore it instead, now, as she straightened up after Tsunade -- normally she wouldn't be doing this alone, or at all, but she was alone on this office shift today and not everyone could be trusted to pick up after Tsunade. Really, she thought grimly, there were very few who could make any sense out of the disordered mess she called an office and walk out with their sanity intact. It was going to be a long afternoon, she mused as Tonton puttered about the office, quietly snorting to herself. A very long afternoon indeed.

She looked up in mild surprise as the door to the office slid open -- had the Hokage forgotten something? "Ah, Tsunade-sama, was there something you --"

But it wasn't Tsunade; instead, it was two of her dedicated desk magpies, Kotetsu and Izumo, despite the fact that they both had the day off. They were shuffling slowly into the office, elbowing and smacking each other alternately and snickering almost embarrassedly between themselves. Shizune's face creased into a thoughtful frown almost immediately. If they were off duty, then what were they doing back here? Had they come in to help her out with the usual afternoon pickup? Her heart leapt briefly with hope, but it was just as soon brought down by the hissed and snickered remarks between the two of them.

"Go -- go, ask her."

"What? No, fuck you -- you ask her!"

"What? Why me? I thought you were --"

"Man, it was your idea!"

Shizune blinked at them bewilderedly, still frowning. "Ah...is there something you two need?"

Kotetsu stepped up, looking just a little too entertained for Shizune's comfort. "We got into it with Genma last night, and now we're curious about something." He snickered quietly. "So, obviously, it's possible to channel chakra to your dick, but is it possible to --" He looked back at Izumo, who merely flicked his hand in a vaguely threatening gesture. "-- uh, I mean --" The chuunin cackled for a few seconds. "-- is it possible to do healing jutsu like that? I mean the potential for rough sex just goes through the roof, if it can be done." He grinned wickedly and glanced back at Izumo, again, who was watching Shizune expectantly.

She stared at them for a long moment before the look of horror finally spread over her face. "I -- wait, what? That's -- you can't really --" She spluttered helplessly, gesticulating wildly and uselessly with her hands -- the movements looked more like flailing than anything that was supposed to make sense. Were they serious? Had they really come in, on their day off, to ask her -- while she was still on duty -- a question like this? Maybe this was just some elaborate hoax. Kotetsu and Izumo were known for that sort of thing, so...

Izumo stepped forward this time, looking like he was trying to contain his own vast amusement. "I mean, we figured we'd ask you before we tried anything, Shizune-san," he said in a perfectly reasonable and matter-of-fact tone, though it was obvious to Kotetsu that he was just barely holding back the fits of snickers that threatened to spill into his words. "You're a really well-trained medic; you'd know. If it's something dangerous, then we figured we ought to know about it beforehand...but really -- can it be done? We really want to know."

Shizune could only stammer uselessly at them some more. "But that's -- why would you -- that's just --"

"It's a present," Kotetsu improvised, still snickering. "You know, Genma's birthday's coming up. He likes it rough -- have you seen the way he limps before breakfast? -- and Hayate's always so sick -- even more sick, now. I'm kind of surprised he made it. Anyway, it seemed like the perfect thing to get them was a bit of healing cock." He grinned at Shizune. "Can it be done?"

Shizune looked so mortified, now, that she seemed like she might just crawl under the desk and wait for them to go away. The colour had drained from her face -- because, oh gods, they were serious, absolutely and completely, even if they were laughing. "I don't -- well, I suppose -- it could be possible, but I don't think that --"

"Awesome! That's all we needed to hear." Izumo positively beamed, his wide mouth stretching into a charming grin as he grabbed Kotetsu tightly by the wrist. "Thanks, Shizune-san! See you on Monday! Let's get the fuck out of here, Ko." He immediately began to drag Kotetsu out of the office, quite insistently, leaving a considerably more frazzled Shizune behind. She watched them go, in raggedly stunned silence, before slowly turning back to the desk and trying to return to her work.

A very long afternoon, indeed.

Izumo and Kotetsu were howling with laughter by the time they cleared the front doors of the Hokage's tower, leaning on each other for support as they gasped for breath. Izumo slapped Kotetsu's arm playfully, snickering loudly.

"Oh, man -- giving the gift of the healing cock -- the hell were you thinking? I almost thought she wasn't going to believe you for a second there!"

"I was thinking about the fact that I hadn't seen Genma limping, lately. If he's not limping, then he's probably not getting laid." Kotetsu shrugged, looking a good deal less entertained, now. "I don't know. It just suddenly occurred to me that it might be something to do, if we figure this out. It'll probably never work, but just the same, it's worth a shot." He reached out and slid a finger up the front of Izumo's pants. "Provided you don't manage to kill me with the chakra cock of destruction, first."

Izumo snorted and batted Kotetsu's hand away. "Destruction? No. I learned how to channel healing chakra, Ko. This'll just take a little extra concentration, that's all." The grin slipped from his face slightly as he turned his eyes up toward the sky, considering the rest of what Kotetsu had said. "Do you think they're okay? I mean -- well, maybe Genma's just been fucking Hayate instead, lately, or something. Do you think they're..." He gestured vaguely. "...going downhill, or something?"

"I don't know. The kid's pretty sick. I guess I'm kind of worried about what else Genma might be fucking. Civilians or something, like he used to." Kotetsu shrugged and looked out across the village. "For all that the kid almost got us killed -- and by Genma, no less -- I really don't want to see this go bad. Watching them -- it's like watching us, but with more coughing and less slapping. I look at Hayate, and I worry about you."

Izumo looked slightly uncomfortable for a moment before he reached over and slipped his hand into Kotetsu's. "Hey, don't you worry about me. Where am I gonna go? I'm not a walking deathtrap like that kid is." It was a joke, although a weak one. Hayate wasn't even a kid anymore, but the epithet had stuck so soundly that no one really remembered that. "I'm sure they're fine. Probably just having some tough times or something -- everyone hits their rough patches, you know?" He fell silent for a moment as he looked at Kotetsu. "Hell, maybe you're right. Even if Hayate throws things at us because he thinks we're making fun of him, maybe that is something we can give them. Shit, maybe it'd even help."

"As an added bonus, we get to do all the testing. Lots of testing." Kotetsu grinned, again, and reached out to squeeze Izumo's hip. For once, Izumo didn't slap him away. "We've got the day off. I've got nothing I'd rather be doing."

"You're damn right." The uncomfortable, distressed look slipped slowly off of Izumo's face, replaced with one of calculated desire. With unexpected speed, he reached down and gave Kotetsu's groin a quick, firm squeeze. "But --" He smirked at Kotetsu, a rare, mischievous lust flashing across his face -- a look that only Kotetsu ever got to see -- and he promptly leapt into a nearby tree. "You'll have to catch me first!" The words were still echoing in the air as he darted off quickly in the direction of their apartment, hopping tree branches and rooftops at trained speed.

"Dammit!" Kotetsu followed, moving less gracefully, but just as swiftly as Izumo. Trees and buildings flickered by as he chased his friend across the village. "I hope this is your exhibitionist streak showing, because if it's not, it's about to be." As they passed over a quiet park, Kotetsu sped up, just a bit, and launched himself forward, grabbing at Izumo's ankle. Izumo cursed as Kotetsu's fingers wrapped around his leg, and in some wholly improbable feat of flexibility, he twisted himself midair and managed to kick Kotetsu's hand away. He narrowly scored a landing on a nearby rooftop, skidding to a halt, and immediately clapped his hands together in a seal.

"Suiton: Mizuame nabara!" No sooner had the words left his mouth than were they followed by a stream of viscous, sticky liquid, spraying straight at Kotetsu -- it wouldn't stop him, but being drenched in the syrup sure as hell would slow him down. With a devious smirk, Izumo took off again.

Kotetsu howled in pure frustration as he twisted to avoid falling off the edge of roof, losing forward momentum. Without so much as a glance at the revolting fluid he found himself covered in, he leapt after Izumo, cursing as his feet peeled off the ground -- it might only be a few milliseconds loss, but it was the milliseconds that mattered in a chase like this. Lengthy strings of expletives accompanied every motion as he continued the pursuit, trying to clean one of his hands enough to reach into a pocket without sticking to it. Finally extracting a few shuriken and a coil of ninja wire, Kotetsu got serious. All he needed was a distraction on one side and a few weighted lengths of wire on the other, and just maybe he'd be able to drag Izumo down. "Katon: Goukyaku no jutsu!" He blew the fireball just to Izumo's left and tossed the shuriken along his other side.

Izumo instinctively dodged the fireball, leaning to the right, and his eyes widened as he realized, just a second too late, that it had been a trap. He felt the wire close around his upper body, pinning his arms to his sides -- he couldn't quite tug away; the coil dug into his skin through his clothing, topping him over. He just barely caught himself with some quickly channelled chakra to his feet, managing to stay up on the roof before he fell. He grunted, trying to pull his arms forward underneath the wire. If he could just...

With a shout of absolute glee, Kotetsu caught up, pouncing on Izumo and pulling them both to the rooftop, covered in syrup. "Hello, kitten. Miss me?" He rubbed his cheek against Izumo's, smearing syrup across his friend's face and hair. "I caught you. Does that mean I get to play with you, now?"

"You son of a --" Izumo cursed as the syrup rubbed off on him, tangling his hair. "Fuck! Do you know how long that takes to wash out?" He looked rightly horrified, writhing underneath Kotetsu as his hands finally clasped -- and then another smirk slid into place as his fingers, even smeared in syrup as they were, managed to form a hand seal. "Kawarimi no jutsu!"

There was a cloud of smoke, and then Kotetsu was no longer lying on top of Izumo, but a very sticky bundle of sticks. Izumo's triumphant laughter rang in the air behind him as he took off again, wiping his hands on his pants. Not much longer to their apartment, now...

"Dammit!" Kotetsu snarled, peeling his syrup-covered body off the roof and the sticks. He took off after Izumo, again, wondering how hey were going to get the syrup out of the carpet if they did manage to make it all the way home. The thought was quickly lost in the jumble of things he intended to do to his best friend when he finally caught up. The thought of Izumo, syrup-covered and tied down, pressed up against a wall, spurred him on, and he put on another burst of speed, slowly closing the gap between them.

Chancing a glance over his shoulder, Izumo swore. Kotetsu was catching up, and just a little too quickly for his comfort. Knowing he was burning energy and chakra in a way that would have been unacceptable on the field, he shoved a surge of chakra down to his legs and feet, almost matching Kotetsu's increase in speed, but not quite. As he swung tightly around a corner, nearly snapping a tree branch beneath his feet, he saw their apartment building come into view. Another minute and he'd be diving in through the windows -- fuck doors. There was no time for doors.

Kotetsu felt his fingers slide off the heel of Izumo's sandal as his friend whipped the living room window open and dove through it. He burned enough chakra to turn himself and follow feet first -- just in case Izumo decided to slam the window on him -- and was pleasantly surprised when he actually met the floor. Izumo was already out of the living room by then, though, having leapt immediately into the bathroom. The sound of running water pounding against the tiled floor filled the apartment -- Izumo wanted that junk out of his hair, and fast.

Checking his pockets for paper, Kotetsu followed Izumo's last leap and stepped into the shower, fully dressed. The syrup began to melt off him under the hot water as he pressed Izumo against the wall and kissed him. "Got you."

Izumo grinned wickedly back at him, the hot water seeping into both of their clothes -- he hadn't bothered to get undressed, either, nor had he had time to pull the showerhead from its holding place on the wall. His hair, still partly sticky with syrup, clung to his face and clothed neck, and he licked his lips, rolling his hips against Kotetsu's. "I got tired of running," he purred.

With a quiet growl, Kotetsu pushed back, grinding his hips against Izumo as his fingers fumbled with the buttons on the other chuunin's jacket. Buttons were bad enough, in his opinion, but once you were dealing with small metal buttons in wet fabric, things just got irritating. "I caught you once -- I could have done it again. The only reason you got away from me is that you drive me to distraction." He pushed his hair out of his face and licked Izumo's lips before returning to the buttons. "All I could think about was how very delicious you looked tied down under me."

Izumo's grin was turning hazy with lust as they both became thoroughly soaked under the shower. He leaned forward slightly, licking at Kotetsu's neck. The other chuunin's skin fostered a lingering sweetness from the syrup. "You want to just tie me up and fuck me?" he murmured breathily into Kotetsu's ear, his voice barely audible over the drum of the shower.

Kotetsu's cock leapt, uncomfortably catching on his pants. "You know I do," he breathed, nipping at Izumo's ear. "You know how much I love watching you squirm and beg for me." The last of the buttons finally surrendered, and he pushed the jacket back off of Izumo's shoulders, tangling it around his sodden friend's wrists. "For all that I only want you, I love it when you show me that you're mine." With a growl, Kotetsu rolled his hips again and pressed his mouth to Izumo's neck, tugging the ever-present cloth down with his teeth and licking and sucking the uncovered flesh.

Izumo's head tipped back against the tiled wall, a low moan trickling from his mouth. "Mm -- all yours, Ko," he breathed. "Wouldn't try crazy shit like this with anyone else." He absent-mindedly tried to tug his hands free from behind his back, but the fabric was heavy with water and stuck tightly to his hands -- Kotetsu had quite effectively bound his wrists.

Drawing a kunai from one pocket, Kotetsu pulled the thin white shirt away from Izumo's chest and touched the blade to it. "I know you have more of these. I've seen your laundry pile." He slit the fabric and pushed the damaged shirt back to join the jacket at Izumo's wrists before tucking the kunai back into his pocket and running both hands over Izumo's smooth, wet chest. "Do you even know how good you look?"

Izumo moaned with deliberate sensuality, arching his hips out to Kotetsu, who caught the front of his pants in one hand. "Only half as good as you look bent over, just for me," he managed to purr, giving his hands another discreet, experimental tug. The fabric only tightened around his wrists. Not that he was planning on breaking away just this moment, but...

Kotetsu opened Izumo's pants and slid them and the accompanying briefs down as he lowered himself to his knees. "Do I really look that good from behind? I always thought this was a better view." He kissed the tip of Izumo's cock before lapping at the head, temptingly, as he grinned lasciviously. Izumo's hips rolled involuntarily, and the brunet shinobi groaned low in his throat for a long, tense moment, quivering as he tried to get control of himself.

"The view's always good," he told Kotetsu, voice husky, but tensed as his best friend looked as though he were going to give Izumo's waiting erection a little more of that much-needed attention. "Wait," he said, voice strained, still tugging hopefully at the jacket tangled around his wrists -- no dice. He clenched his jaw.

Kotetsu stopped licking and looked up, squinting as the water from the shower hammered his face. "Waiting. Do you not want your dick sucked? 'Cause I think that's a first."

"No -- no," Izumo panted, shaking his head. "That's not --" He swallowed, closing his eyes. "Just give me a minute. Just have to..." It was awfully hard to muster up healing chakra, he found, when he was soaked in hot water, painfully hard, and with a waiting and eager Kotetsu at his feet. It wasn't a whole lot easier to push that chakra into his swollen cock, and his knees nearly buckled as he felt the pleasant, prickling, warm-and-cool sensation spread over his delicately sensitive skin. It was a feeling that didn't usually catch his attention when he was using the chakra in his hands for its actual, intended purposes, but apparently his cock was another matter entirely.

"Okay," he gurgled at last, opening his eyes halfway.

Eyeing Izumo curiously, Kotetsu returned to licking, somewhat surprised at the pleasant flow of chakra that met his tongue. "Holy fuck, Izumo. You weren't kidding," he breathed, amazed, before sliding the hot, hard, chakra-flooded cock into his mouth. As he sucked, he noticed that the usual assortment of cracks in his lips were closing, and the spot where he'd burned his tongue on his tea at lunch was no longer noticeable. He made a note to himself to come home and let Izumo fuck his mouth the next time he got punched in the teeth.

Izumo was beginning to shake slightly from the effort of keeping the chakra steady in his cock and the all too pleasurable sensations flitting through him. He struggled to keep himself upright, unable to use his hands to hold on to anything. "Oh, gods, Ko --" His voice shook and his hips bucked against Kotetsu's mouth, a look of unholy pleasure written across his face. "F-fuck..."

Tilting his head back, slightly, Kotetsu licked a final stripe along the bottom of Izumo's cock as he slid his lips off of it. "You're going to fall down and break my neck if I keep doing that, aren't you." He checked his hair for syrup and, finding none, reached over to turn off the shower as he stood. "If you think you can keep that up, I think we should try some other, more interesting things. Chakra-cock of healing and no lube. Do you think you'll be good enough to keep me begging for more?" Reaching behind Izumo, he untangled the jacket and let it and the shirt fall away. Izumo grabbed him almost immediately, pulling him into a brief, crushing kiss, his chakra-charged cock pressing tightly against the bulge in Kotetsu's pants. He was burning chakra fast to keep it like that, but he wasn't sure he'd be able to start it up again if he let go now.

Izumo broke the kiss, panting, only to tug insistently at Kotetsu's soaked pants. "Too many clothes," he breathed, voice almost slipping into a low growl. He opened Kotetsu's pants, pulling them down along with his wet boxer shorts. Kotetsu stepped out of them and kicked them away, and Izumo had to stop for a moment just to catch his breath and adjust his grip on the chakra flowing actively through his body. The moment passed, and he leaned forward to flick his tongue over the head of Kotetsu's cock, inhaling the heady, musky scent of his arousal. "Here?" he panted, starting to slide to his feet. Their bed was only about fifteen feet away, but Izumo wasn't sure he'd make it that far. The chakra thrumming through his cock was like a constant, teasing touch, feather-light and slowly tantalising him into maddening arousal.

"Too many fucking buttons," Kotetsu moaned, pulling at the front of his own jacket as he painstakingly worked his way down he line of them. "Yes, here. Right up against this wall, if you want. Just help me with this damned thing." Another button popped open, and Kotetsu grumbled irritatedly and sniffed as the soaking wet bandage finally began to slide down his face. Izumo groaned tensely in the back of his throat, shoving his hands forward to help Kotetsu with the buttons. He leaned in, tongue flicking over Kotetsu's wet face, and nipped at the bandage to nudge it up back his nose.

"Up against the wall," he breathed in Kotetsu's ear as soon as he'd helped his best friend out of the heavy jacket, sliding around behind him.

Stripping off his shirt, Kotetsu tossed it into the pile of sopping clothing that surrounded them before he folded his arms against the wall and ran his toes up the inside of Izumo's leg. It was an effort of will to keep his hand off his own cock, but he knew that he'd need both arms for balance until Izumo was all the way in, and the healing chakra began to take effect. He was a little bit spooked about what might happen if things went wrong, but he reassured himself that Izumo could probably fix anything he broke.

Barely suppressing a tight groan, Izumo leaned forward and kissed Kotetsu's neck before he sucked on two of his own fingers, lowering them to Kotetsu's backside. He was all fine with no lube on this one, but neither of them were completely certain on the effects of the chakra during actual sex. He didn't want to break Kotetsu -- preparation was in order. Izumo dipped his fingers into Kotetsu, perhaps a little hurriedly, and sucked heatedly on his neck. Izumo held back a shudder as he slowly stretched out the taut ring of muscle, his fingers working in and out of Kotetsu. He was breathing raggedly when he finally pulled his fingers out, positioning the tip of his chakra-charged cock against Kotetsu's ass. He nipped at Kotetsu's ear as he began to push into his best friend, groaning low in his throat.

Kotetsu struggled to stay as relaxed as possible. Sure, Izumo's cock was only about as wide as two fingers, but that was a diameter, not a circumference. He felt his body stretch painfully, flesh tearing slightly at the initial penetration, but the healing chakra caught up fairly quickly, restoring the damage as it was done. The sudden introduction of healing chakra to otherwise unexpected parts of his anatomy had at once a calming effect and an extremely erotic undertone. He gritted his teeth and rolled his hips, snarling. A long, low moan poured from Izumo's mouth as he slowly slid out of Kotetsu, only to push back in -- a little faster this time, to see just how the chakra helped. It seemed to help a little with the lack of lubrication, but not entirely so -- what it did do, however, was make everything feel absolutely fucking wonderful.

"You like that, Ko?" Izumo breathed, nipping Kotetsu's ear again. "Feels good? Feels good to have me fucking you like this?" He was entirely caught up in the moment, in the sensations, as he pulled out and pushed back in again, a little harder each time, gauging Kotetsu's reaction.

"Love it," Kotetsu snarled through clenched teeth, ignoring the spit that leaked out behind his words. Resting his head against the wall, he reached for his own cock. The warm buzz of chakra against the most sensitive point in his entire body was just a bit much, and he could feel the ripples of sensation rebounding from the end of every nerve in his body. Admittedly, if he wasn't careful, he was probably going to do himself some real damage, but that would probably repair itself in a few painful minutes. "You know I love it when you fuck me, Izumo," he panted, jaw still locked. "And if you keep fucking me with that fucking fantastic chakra-cock, I'm going to come so hard, so fast, I may never stand up again."

A moan of pure, liquid eroticism poured from Izumo's mouth directly into Kotetsu's ear, and he thrust inside Kotetsu again, with a fervour that rarely possessed him. "You'd better be able to stand up," Izumo groaned raggedly, gripping at Kotetsu's hips tightly enough to leave red marks behind on the skin. "Because if you can't stand up --" Izumo was thrusting viciously into Kotetsu now, the healing chakra burning hard, "-- then you can't fuck me like I'm fucking you right now." The words were panted, grunted, ground out, twisted by clenched teeth and heady breaths. He released one of Kotetsu's hips from his crushing grip, sliding it around front, and swatted Kotetsu's hand away from his cock. With a low, growling moan, he wrapped his own hand around it, somehow managing to channel a burst of healing chakra to his hand. "Like that, Ko?" He bit at the junction between Kotetsu's neck and shoulder. "Do you want to fuck my hand even more now, Ko? Say it -- tell me, Kotetsu." Even behind the unusually commanding tone, there was a strain of desperation leaking into every word.

A steady drizzle of drool leaked through Kotetsu's clenched teeth as he panted faster, breathing in time to Izumo's thrusts, with the occasional growl-turned-groan. He tried and failed to make words several times, resulting in aborted sounds, filled with desperation and raw lust. Regardless of what he might have wanted to do, he found himself completely unable to thrust into Izumo's grip -- feeling the cradle of his hips flooded with chakra from before and behind, it took all of his willpower and control just to remain standing. Every one of his nerves burned with the luxuriant flood of healing energy and the ensuing relief translated directly to a ravenous desire as the signals returned to his brain -- but he was sure he'd fall if he shifted his weight in the least. "Yes --! Yes, yes, yes!" he moaned. "I love it -- I want it -- I need it--" An unsettled grown became a deep and ravening snarl as he tried to breathe through it. "I want to rub my dick on you. I want to fuck your fist -- I just can't move." His voice shifted into a desperate and slightly frightened whine. "I can't move -- I want you, Izumo, I want to fuck you. I want you to fuck me. Things! You and me! And fucking! And I can't move!"

Sensing the lust-induced panic that had swiftly started to overtake Kotetsu, Izumo swallowed a moan and slowed his thrusting slightly, moving his hand along Kotetsu's dick. "Ssshh," he said, voice husky. "Calm down, Ko -- it's all right." He sucked lightly at Kotetsu's neck, moving his tongue slowly over the heated flesh. "You don't have to move. You just stand right there and let me fuck you, Ko. It'll be so good --" He bit back another groan, trying to rein in the previously unbridled lust. It was hard to keep control now with the way his swollen cock throbbed painfully inside of Kotetsu, demanding further attention. "It'll be good," he panted, voice hoarse, and rubbed his thumb over the head of Kotetsu's cock. "You just stand there. Just let me fuck you, Ko -- it'll be so good." His voice was pleading now, begging Kotetsu to let him continue.

"Fuck -- Izumo -- why are you slowing down?" Kotetsu moaned, pleadingly. "Ohh --! I didn't mean for you to stop!" His teeth ground audibly, and his breathing sounded wet from the saliva slowly drizzling through them. Izumo shuddered against him, sucking harder on the already bruised skin.

"You want me to fuck you harder, Kotetsu?" he panted, drawing himself out of Kotetsu slowly. "You want me to fuck you --" He thrust back in, hard and fast as before. "-- like this, Ko?"

Kotetsu moaned loudly, trailing off into a snarl. "Yes -- oh, gods, yes -- Izumo --!" He snarled and growled with every breath as the chakra tore through his body, burning its way into him and soothing its own passage. "Fuck me! Fuck me like that! Harder --! Faster --! Gods, yes!"

Izumo resumed his pace, picking up speed slightly, and fisted Kotetsu's cock in time with his thrusts. "Gods, Ko --" He shuddered again, burying himself in Kotetsu. "Talk to me," he panted, pleadingly. "Talk to me like that, Ko. Fuck --" For all his commandingly graphic commentary this time around, Izumo was the real sucker for dirty talk, of the two of them.

Kotetsu groaned lustily, rolling his head against the wall. It seemed he could move his neck without too much damage done. "You want me to beg you to fuck me, kitten? You want me to -- ah! -- plead with you to ram your dick into me?" He panted and snarled. "You want me to tell you how fucking incredible this feels? I love it when you fuck me. I love it when you shove it in so hard and so far I can almost taste your dick. And this -- nnnh! -- this chakra thing -- ah! --" He gave up and moaned with desire -- a pleading sound that conveyed what he had no words for. Izumo moaned right back, the sound breaking down into something thin and completely desperate -- no more commands, now.

"Oh, gods, Ko -- f-fuck --" Izumo's body spasmed briefly as he thrust in and out of Kotetsu, trying to keep both the rhythm of his hips and of his hand steady, but not entirely succeeding. His breath was heavy and ragged, his voice hoarse, as Kotetsu's every word and pleading noise burned into him, going straight to his painfully hard cock. It was a struggle now to keep up the active chakra flow in his body, with his climax so close -- he fucked Kotetsu with utter desperation, feeling himself teetering on the edge of self-control.

Kotetsu felt as though his skin might blister from the boiling lust that wracked his body as he spilled over Izumo's fist. His fingers scrabbled at the tile wall as his jaw clenched even tighter. Gasping and snarling, he finally found the strength to writhe, grinding back against Izumo's hips. "Izumo --! Yes -- fuck -- yes!"

Something raw and hoarse tore from Izumo's throat as Kotetsu's body tightened around his swollen cock, and he pushed harder into Kotetsu, body spasming as Kotetsu finally pushed him over the edge. He just barely -- so narrowly it was damn near dangerous -- had the presence of mind to stop channelling the chakra before he lost control entirely. Searing white heat tore through his body mercilessly, wringing every last drop of fierce pleasure from him, and it wasn't until after his body had stopped jerking and spasming did he realise that his fingernails were digging into Kotetsu's side. He stood there for a long moment, panting raggedly against Kotetsu as his body still twitched slightly in the aftermath, before his body gave in completely, and he crumpled to the tiled floor. Without Izumo supporting him, Kotetsu followed, swiftly, sliding down the wall before spilling backward across Izumo's legs.

"Ngh--" It was an abortive sound of protest at the knee digging into his back, but Kotetsu discovered it was easier to use the last of his strength to roll to the side instead of trying to form words. He dropped a hand on Izumo's thigh and squeezed gently, reassuringly. It was the last bit of sense that drizzled into his mind for a good long several minutes as the remnants of excess chakra still flickering through his system slowly began to dissipate. This was bliss -- every part of his body was perfectly relaxed. He hurt in a few places from hitting the floor, but he found he really couldn't be bothered to care. Izumo had finally actually fucked him completely and totally senseless.

Izumo just grunted in exhaustion, but it only came out as a pathetically feeble squeak. His entire body felt leaden -- he couldn't have moved if he'd wanted, and it hurt. He was still riding on the last waves of post-coital satisfaction, the pleasure mingling with the distant pain, so it took him a minute or two to realise -- oh, fuck -- he'd overdone it on the chakra, big time. He still lacked the precision and control to really be able to handle healing chakra for more than a minute or so at a time, and under a pressuring situation like that, he'd burned away his chakra so hard and so fast there was absolutely nothing left in him -- the price he paid for it was the toll taken on his entire body. He couldn't even so much as roll his head to look at Kotetsu. He wasn't going to be getting up for some time, he realised distantly, and the exhaustion began to claim his consciousness, too.