DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the characters in any of these chapters. Nintendo, not me, owns all the characters that sound familiar. I am simply using their personalities and their likeness in this story I thought of with these characters. Thank you and enjoy the story.


This tale begins 10 years prior to the grand Nintendo War, a battle where a rebellion force tries to overcome the ruling of an Empire. The greatest battle in history started back when Mario and Luigi confronted Bowser at his own KoopaLand Castle.

How it all began

Bowser sits in his castle reading a blueprint of Peach's Castle. His face expresses deep concentration. Behind him a huge glass dome overlooking the koopa army in the background.

The room he sits in is dark and has black walls. Bowser sits behind a desk and his room is house-hold haven for his collection of dead stuffed animals. also on the walls are an arrangement of past Koopa kings before Bowser. They set in order of they're reign. Bowser sometimes looks up and looks at these pictures when he concentrates on his work.

But then Bowser looses his concentration when someone knocks on the steel door.


Bowser growls with little anger, but he suspects to know whose coming, "Come in!"

The doors open revealing a small koopa in a purple robe and huge glasses. Its Kamek, leader of the Magikoopas and faithful right-hand man to Bowser.

"It's me my lord, I bring you great news!" he says in slimy excitement.

"Lem'me guess, the army is ready?" Bowser replies

"Correct sir, and they await… your command" Kamek comments with a pause and gestures his arm toward the glass behind Bowser.

The koopa king looks over his shelled shoulder to see his army of different classes of Koopa Troopa (KT). Bowser picks up a sheet of paper that labels every class of KT in his Army and they're shell color, they're weapons and a brief description.

"Standard KT (Green): spiked hammer the size of their body. Quick and deadly.

Axe KT(green): dual hammers in each arm. Largest troop and uses pure strength.

Sniper ParaTroopa (red): sniper 'gun', bom-omb. Winged aerial fighters.

Engineer KT (Yellow): fixes broken engines and such.

Magikoopa (Blue robes): magic wands to cast spells on foes.

Captain KT (Spiked/Purple): blue swords. Command any and all Troops.

Koopatrol (Gray): Scythe. Gray knightly armor covers his body."

"Ah yes, they'll all accounted for." Bowser puts his sheet down and looks back upon the army.

"Shall we begin the invasion?" Kamek asks

Bowser looks down at Kamek and smiles the minutes Kamek mentioned 'invasion'.


Outside, in front of the Castle Gate in front of the massive 20-ft gray wall, Bowser finishes a victory speech he prepared earlier for his troops. He and Kamek stand on a wooden stage so they can see all the troops.

"…and today, my soldiers, is the day! We conquer Mushroom Kingdom once and for all!" Bowser delivers the end of his speech with great passion.

All the koopa troops howl and shout in excitement at the end of Bowser's great invasion speech. The screams also sound like they can't wait to invade and destroy.

"Are you ready troops, cuz I'm gonna fight along with you'al. Let me hear it. Are you ready!?" Bowser puts his left hand on his 'ear' as if listening to the crowd.

"YA-OOH, YA-OOH, YA-OOH!" the three hundred koopa troopa scream out at they're lord. Then they howl in pleasure again.

Bowser raises his arms, absorbing all the attention when all the sudden. 'BAM' Kamek is knocked out cold.

Bowser turns around and sees that his faithful friend got hammered by his long time nemeses: The Mario Bros.

The army gasps and growls and hisses at Mario's unexpected arrival. Bowser is enraged and flames come out his nose. "What the hell do you think your doing!" your suppose to be 'protecting' the Princess!?"

"We came-a to stop-a you before you even stepped-a foot in my Kingdom" Mario said in a heroic style with his thick Italian accent. "We-a heard of your plan"

Bowser laughs to himself and grins in delight as he tells Mario "Ah, but you see, your in my neck of the woods now. You're standing off against me and my army. You and your sidekick are in deep sh"-

"Luigi! NOW!" Mario orders Luigi as he whips out fire flower, shooting green flames at the frontline of the army, producing a firewall blocking the Troops from the Marios.

"AHHHHHHH!" all the troops yell out. "Its in my eyes!" one troop yells out.

Mario and Luigi get into a fighting stance and prepare to take on their worst enemy. Bowser laughs to himself and says, "Har Har, you came all this way to fight me. Ha, alright then. Com'on, give me your best shot" he gestures his fingers telling them to come at him.

The Battle Begins…

Destiny will takes its' course

Under the dark red sky, in front of an evil castle, aside a red flaming inferno, a daring battle begins.

Mario and Luigi stand off against the evil Bowser. A fight will soon erupt that will determine the fate of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Bowser roars ferociously at the Italian plumbers. "Com'on Mario Brothers… make my day"

Luigi runs at him, followed by Mario. Luigi jumps forward and throws a right kick at Bowser's stomach. Mario jumps higher into the air and punches down at the right side of Bowser's head. Bowser blocks Luigi using his left arms and then he blocks Mario's punch with his other arm.

The brothers jump off Bowser's arms and step back to prepare fireballs Bowser took advantage and stomped at them with the horns on his head pointing at both of them. Luigi successfully jumps back to dodge, but Bowser was aiming more at Mario. With that, Bowser throws his hand at Mario, catching him unprepared.

Bowser then squeezes and furiously throws him to the side, impaling him with the wall. Mario falls down and tries to catch his breathe.

Luigi comes in for another kick to the face, but Bowser ducks down his entire body and avoids it. Then, as luigi was over him, he lunged his back full of spikes at Luigi.

A spike pinched Luigi's behind and sends him flying in a cartoony manner.

"E-OOOOUCH!"- Echoing into the dark red sky.

Luigi was out of sight.

Mario recovers from the pummel he took to the wall. He's troubled by the absence of his brother, but his determination is unshaken. "Looks like its just-a you and me-a"

"And that's just how it should be-a" Bowser mocks Mario.

Bowser raises his left arm; spreading his five nails and jumps towards Mario, bringing his arm down on him. He only claws the ground as Mario jumped to the right to dodge it. Then Bowser sweeps the floor with the same arm in attempt to cut off Mario's legs and most likely drop his balance.

But Mario simply jumps and avoids it. As he comes back down Mario makes a fist and throws a right hook in the air, behind Bowser's head. It brutally landed and it shook up Bowser.

Mario gets back down and shoots three small fireballs at the Koopa King. It's avoided as Bowser gets his chance to recover from his previous blow and shoots a bigger fireball back at Mario. Mario jumps into the air; clearing the big fireball and produces his trusty hammer out of thin air, lunges at Bowser and impales his face. BAM

Bowser's head bends down under the weight of the hammer, but altogether it didn't affect him at all. "HAR HAR HAR! You dunce, if you wanna knock me out with that hammer you better aim for the skies and hit me with a hundred-foot drop. You stupid plumber Hahaha!"

Mario is shocked to see his trusty hammer not have any effect. "Damn, Luigi come back" he thinks to himself.

Bowser builds up confidence again and tells Mario "Now's when the fun begins, get ready for this" as he taunts Mario, he reaches into his shell and takes out a black rod that is four-feet long and has a purple dotted Mushroom placed on one end of the rod.

"I call this, Mario, the Star rod. It came down from the sky one night. And it talked to me…"

Mario is as confused as Bowser was the night he found the star rod.

"It told me… 'If I build an army, you would stop me, but if I use this thing during our fight. Everything would go as destined to do so'… I guess it's telling me that if I use this now, I'll beat you! Haha" Bowser grins his pointy, teeth and laughs in pleasure thinking of how he will finally defeat Mario. "Now Mario, I'll finally defeat you!"

The sky darkens from its usual KoopaLand red, to a stormy, thundercloud blue. The wind picks up and erupts so powerfully, it blows out the flames set in from of the Koopa Troopas. "Now I could see much better" one of them shout. The troops stay watching them, in a trance.

Mario looks into the clouds and is worried of what is about to happen. "Whats-a going on!"

Bowser has the star rod toward the sky. As if the lightning strikes are hitting the rod itself, absorbing the electrical energy. "Now Mario, your time has come!" he shouts.

The thunder stops, the stage gets quiet, the troops look on.

Bowser brings down the rod pointing directly at Mario. In an outburst of energy it gets extremely loud.

A greenish purple energy of liquid-like light flows out from the rod. Engulfing Mario. His eyes turn orange and slowly progress to black as the beam chews on Marios mind. Violent scenes pass through Mario's eyes.

Flashes of events where he gruesomely attacked Bowser or any other enemy in the past. Then he sees flashes of scenes of him arguing with Luigi, then striking him, assaulting a yoshi, kicking a toad, and then slapping princess peach…

A tear drips down his emotionless face, but the tear turns into ice and bursts into flame, disappearing.

Bowser looks at Mario, not knowing what Mario is seeing, and tells himself "Oh this is good, I think it's eating his brain. What an awesome way for me to kill my enemies. Hah"

Back to Mario. Another flash of events passes through. This time, of him receiving awards from the princess and walking down the street of mushroom kingdom and receiving praise from the citizens. His loving fans.

Out of nowhere, up in the sky is a falling man. Bowser is too busy observing Mario's travesty to notice its Luigi falling down a hundred-foot drop with his hammer in hand. Aiming at him.

"Ha Ha Mario I'm so destroying you now hahah-" 'BAM' 'SPLAT' Luigi lands on Bowser's head with tremendous force. Sending the star rod flying from his hand towards Mario's body, which now falls lifelessly to the ground. The magic flashing scenes stop.

The hammer was so powerful it buried Bowser's head underground. It's just a bloody mess under the crushing hammer.

Luigi, wide-eyed, just looks on, in complete disbelief. "… Wow. I didn't expect that… at all…. That was gory. Jesus, this is horrible…wow…" his hands shake in shock.

He looks away "MARIO!" he runs toward Mario. He picks up his lifeless body by lifting him with a hand behind his back. "Are you ok?"

Mario's eyes slowly open and for a spit second were colored yellow. Then return to normal. "Well, sorta-a"

Luigi is relieved. Then his faces turns worried and asks, "What was-a that greenish purple light-a thing I saw around-a your body-e?"

"I… have no clue… it was weird-a, but I'm-a ok" Mario replied

"Well-a Bowser sorta through that stick thingy ov-a there-a"-cutting off Luigi

"Where Is It!" Mario asked violently in a sudden outburst.

"Whoa…umm it's ov-a there" Luigi points at the rod on the ground. Mario quickly gets up to retrieve it.

Luigi looks upon Mario a bit worried after that sudden shout that came out of nowhere. Immediately when Mario picks up the rod his eyes turn green and he grins.

"Are you-a sure your ok? And why do you want-a that? That's-a what got-a you all coocku for a minute-e." Luigi asks worryingly

Mario blinks and his eyes turn back to normal, then he turns to Luigi with Rod in hand "I'm fine.. I just don't want-a this to get in the wrong hands-a. You know?"

"…I guess" Luigi replies

Mario walks up next to Luigi "Good-a, now lets get-a back to the castle-a" they turn to walk home the moment Mario's eyes turn red, unbeknownst to Luigi, and Mario whispers to himself in a cold voice "and let the mayhem begin"

(Author's Note: ok so Bowser is defeated and Mario gets some strange Rod thing. Well, its kinda like the 'One Ring' from Lord of the Rings, except Mario is the only one who wants it... and notice how Mario's voice changes from time to time. These events will set up the rest of the story, enjoy because it just gets better and better; as the reviewers say.)